Chapter 4 – Greetings

TL: Cryarc

Editor: Shirani


Haa, in the end, yesterday I only conversed about the toilet and failed to talk about light novels with Andou-kun. But I’ll prove today that I can talk with him!

Because Andou-kun’s shoes are in the shoe rack, he must be inside the classroom. Open the door then greet him, after that start a chat with a light mood!

Hence, it can’t be helped that I have to be more intimate with Andou-kun, right? Yes, for example, I need to at least be able to chat comfortably about light novels during the break time… I wonder what should I do?

Haah, Andou-kun is always on his own in class so I don’t know how to strike a conversation with him… Um, rather than that, it seems he’s avoiding me. I wonder why?

Umm, no matter how it is I have to make Andou-kun looks at me! Should I try acting more cute? Or maybe with a lovely look? Or perhaps casually showing my breast for a sexy――……Eh, with this kind of flow, why does it look like I’m trying to seduce a loner like him !

Isn’t this weird!? People said I’m the most beautiful girl in school! Yet, why is someone like me acting like I’m falling in love with a loner like him! It’s not like this feeling is that sort of embarrassing “love” stuff, it’s just a longing for a conversation partner with the same hobby, it’s a “desire for a comrade”!

In the first place, normally it should be Andou-kun who wants to talk to me! For that sake I’ve been trying to appeal to him countless times. I’ve been deliberately showing him my smartphone when I opened Narou pages, asking about the light novel he reads, thinking and worrying a lot of things about him every day in bed before sleeping, sometimes spacing out while imagining his figure when we talked about light novels… See! Even though I’ve been thinking about him like this, he only considers my existence as nothing more than a random Student A!

Aah, enough! Thinking about it only makes me irritated! Hmmph, I’ll just bluntly go inside the classroom like this and greet him while emphasizing that “I’m angry”! (Asakura)




Uoo! I wondered who it was, it’s Asakura-san. Eh, why is she glaring at me with an extremely displeased look, what have I done? (Andou)

「… Andou-kun, GOOD MORNING.

「Ah, yeah. Good morning… Asakura-san.」

A, Andou-kun replied to my greetings! Ehehe~~ what should I do, I can’t stop grinning! (Asakura)

Uwaah, this time she’s suddenly grinning… even though Asakura-san is a beauty, she’s weird. (Andou)


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