Chapter 6 – Model

TL: Cryarc

TLC: Krrizis

Editor: Shirani


「For today’s art class, you’ll be paired into groups of two and you will sketch a portrait of each other. Now then, it’s sudden but please start pairing up.」



Yes, it’s hereeee—! The most frightening thing for a loner! “Then, please form a pairing-“ yes, teacher! What should a loner who doesn’t have anyone to form a pairing do?!

It’s rather abrupt, but I have a quiz.

There are 30 students in this class. The question is, what will happen if we form pairs of two students here?

…… The answer is I will be left out.

Ehh-? Even though the number of students  is even, why am I still left out! It’s because for some reason, at a time like this there is a group of three formed by the riajuus*! As a result I always formed a pairing with the teacher– (Andou)


「Uh, uhm…… Andou-kun!」

「Hmm? Eh, Asakura-san. What happened?」

「Uh, uhmm—If! If you don’t mind… H-h-how about we form a pair together?」



Heeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Why is the most beautiful girl in the school like Asakura-san trying to form a pair with a loner like me!? (Andou)

A-a-a-alriiight! At last I’ve invited Andou-kun into forming a pairing! Up until now I’ve only watched him being left out every time and pairing up with the teacher instead, but today I’m different!

Although I had a dream this morning, there’s no mistake it’s a prophetic dream! The me in that dream said that the most important thing is to gather my “courage”.  So with all the courage I can muster, I will talk to him! (Asakura)


「A, Asakura-san. Are you sure you want to form a pairing with someone like me?」

「S-so, that’s what I said, right! It’s not like I called out for Andou-kun who got left out alone because it looks so pitiful! D-don’t get me wrong!」


Eek, I’m a fooollll! I’m so ashamed, what have I blurted out just now! I said those lines as if I’m a stereotypical tsundere heroine from light novels… This means, about Andou-kun… ah, uhmm.. It looks like I li-li-like Andou-kun, doesn’t it! (Asakura)

……….. I see! In other words, Asakura-san feels pitiful to the loner me, so she’s inviting me to form up a pairing! A, Asakura-san is actually a nice person! Somehow, she’s always grinning from the next seat, squirming while relentlessly making various expressions, I thought she was a weird and disappointing beauty, I’m very sorry! (Andou)


「Ah… If you don’t mind with me, please do so.」

「Y-yeah… Then, let’s start immediately!」


But, drawing is…… I’m not very good at drawing portraits. I’m fine if it’s moe drawings, but if I draw the most beautiful girl in the school like Asakura-san in a moe style every student in this school will be angry at me and in that day my school life will be over…  As expected, I have to draw her normally. (Andou)

Ah, huh? What’s happening…  When I tried to draw Andou-kun it turned into a prince that usually appears in shoujo light novel illustrations…

Impossible! Why did it become such a cool picture like this! Asakura Yuka! Please properly draw the Andou-kun that’s reflected in your very own eyes! Come on, look at him properly! He doesn’t have such a handsome face, right? He’s a loner! Nevertheless, when I draw his face like this I can’t see him in any other way than very cool, whyyyy! (Asakura)

Woah! Crap… I drew the eyes a little bit too far apart*. Rather, what kind of picture is this? G-gremlin? Why, even though I should’ve been drawing the most beautiful girl in the school, the picture in front of my eyes is a drawing of a gremlin? It’s because unless I’m drawing in moe style, my skill is catastrophically poor. (Andou)

I-it can’t be helped….. I’ve already drawn it, so let’s stick with it and I’ll draw roses or something in the background. Let’s draw a really cool picture with all my heart! And then, if I vigorously claim “My, it seems my artistic sense is on fire” will he get fooled? (Asakura)

C-can’t be helped…. It’s drawn anyway, it’s alright to stick with this gremlin here. Then, to hide this gremlin-ness a little bit, I’ll draw a cute ribbon on her head… Yeah! A gremlin with an additional ribbon is complete! (Andou)


「A-Andou-kun… How? Have you finished drawing?」

「Yeah! I’ve done it perfectly! Asakura-san have you finished too?」

「I see, actually I need a little bit more time to finish it. Perhaps, we unexpectedly have a good pairing affinity, right. J-just kidding…」

「H-huh? Pairing affinity……?」

「N-n-nothing! Then! With the same timing, let’s show the results to each other?」

「Yeah, you’re right!」

「「One, two, three!」」


After that, it goes without saying that it’s the first time we saw Asakura-san become extremely angry like that. (Andou)



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TL Notes:

  1. Riajuu 「リア充」 is a common otaku term for someone who is interested in real things and has a successful social life.
  2. Andou-kun’s final drawing probably looks like this… :

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