Chapter 7 – Date

TL: Agni

TLC: Jaon, Krrizis

Editor: Jaon


「Asakura-san, I was thinking of taking a look at the light novel corner first, if that’s alright?」

「Ye, yes……I don’t mind」

「Then, the light novel corner is over there so let’s go!」


Why am I with Andou-kun, coming to this large bookstore after school together? Maybe I’m dreaming again! No, even if this doesn’t feel real, this is reality……ah! Is this what they call a 『Date』!? Kyaa! To be going on a date together with a boy I’m not even going out with yet! No way no way, if I think too deeply about this my face will turn all red and I won’t be able to properly look at Andou-kun.. (Asakura)


Asakura-san seems down. As expected, is she still mad because of the Ribbon Gremlin Sketch incident? Well, I guess it can’t be helped……because after that, the angry Asakura-san hit me hard in the head with the portrait she drew of me as a wastefully handsome guy while saying 『Andou-kun you idiot!』……Well, she might not even want to be come to a bookstore with a loner like me. But this isn’t something like 『Date』 really, just my way to apologize for the Gremlin incident— (Andou)


Some time ago.






「I’m sorry Asakura-san!」

「It’s okay……I’m the one at fault for hitting you with the portrait after all……and, my face must have been similar to a Gremlin then too huh」


Certainly at that time, Asakura-san was sort of resembling the Gremlin in Majimon*……But if I leave this be, Asakura-san mood won’t become any better, And I just might have been killed by all the boys in the school. (Andou)


「Oh yeah! Asakura-san is often reading light novels right?」

「……eh, you know about that?」

「Ah, yes. Sorry……to be honest, during the break, I often see you reading novel on 『Narou』」






And, that’s how I invited Asakura-san to the bookstore I frequent on my way home but, was it a bad idea after all? (Andou)





Tha, that’s right. I remember now! I think, Andou-kun said 『Tell me which light novel you like……, whatever title it is, I’ll buy one to bestow upon you』 or some line that sounded like it came from Shenlong*, and either due to my joy in having him talk to me or my embarrassment from having him know that I liked light novels, I ended up giving a weird  response in my excitement…… or really, when I realised Andou-kun was aware that I liked light novels, inside my mind I spontaneously shouted 『So he did notice that I was reading Narooooou! with all my might. What? Doesn’t that mean, up until now not only was he was aware that I liked light novels, he was completely disregarding the fact that this most beautiful girl in school has similar hobby as him. What is with that! Jeez, that’s beyond cruel! (Asakura)


However. Right now by pure circumstance I’m together with Asakura-san, thus even if she’s a disappointing beauty of a hundred faces she’s still the number one beauty of the school so…… not a girl a loner at the bottom of the school hierarchy like me can casually talk to right……Alright, I’ll immediately give her the light novel present by tomorrow, then I’ll make sure to not come into contact with her ever again! Otherwise my virgin loner self will end up having some strange misunderstanding! (Andou)


「Asakura-san, which light novel do you want?」

「Oh, oh right! I wonder which one I should get~」


Alright! If I get through this shopping, from tomorrow onwards I can go back to being just an ordinary classmate! (Andou)


W, with this opportunity, it would be good if I’ll be able to talk more with Andou-kun from tomorrow onwards……ufufu (Asakura)


To be continued

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TL Notes:

  1. Majimon or Maji-monster: a japanese game for smartphone.
  2. Shenlong: dragon at Dragon Ball that could grant wish
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