Chapter 9 – At that time, Andou thought


TL: Agni

TLC: Cryarc, Kriz

Editor: Puissansa, Shirani


「Then, please wait here Andou-kun. I’ll go and get something to drink. 」

「O, ok.」


So said Asakura-san as she left her room.

…Or better said, why am I suddenly in the house of the girl who confessed to me…?


「No, seriously, why am I in Asakura-san’s house!?」


Wait wait wait, while I wait…… at a time like this, let’s count prime numbers to calm myself down. 1,2,3……What’s a prime number? No, that’s not it!

First of all, let me recall what happened to me while Asakura-san is in the kitchen getting a drink.

If I remember it right—


L….let’s state what happened as is!!

When I gave Asakura-san a light novel as a present, she confessed to me.

In that moment I thought, ‘W-what are you saying, I don’t get it’. I didn’t even understand what had happened……

I thought perhaps I was going crazy……

Maybe because I’ve been a loner for far too long, or maybe it’s due to my virgin delusion, but it’s certainly not these kind of sloppy things. I’ve tasted a portion of something more terrifying than that……


Hmm, even the situation that I’m recalling again is ambiguous……So, after that Asakura-san also—


『……Fue! I–I–I–I, what did I just—–wait! It’s wrong! Just now I didn’t say it right, or rather I didn’t have enough practice……noooooooooo! What have I blurted ouuuuuuuut!』

『A, Asakura-san……in other words, that was a verbal slip-up? It, it’s okay! I–I–I, I’m a loner, therefore I won’t have any strange misunderstandings? T—To begin with, it’s impossible for that Asakura-san to like a loner like me! Well–well then! I’ll leave first—』

『Wa—wait please, wait!』


『Andou-kun……come to my house right now. It’s okay, my house is around here……therefore, how about we talk over there??』


—Then, just like that, Asakura-san led me into her room.

……Eh, was I seriously being confessed to!?


「I’ve made you wait.」

Asakura-san returned to the room hereupon with two juices in her hand. She put down the juice glass in front of me with a 『bang!』 and then glared at me saying,


「So, how about we talk……」


Oh, it’s different. This isn’t the sweet air of a confession. I’m certain I’m going to be killed here.


That ghastly look on her face led me to think so.

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