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Chapter 3: I made a Female Friend

TL: Cnine

TLC: Krrizis

Editor: Puissansa, Momielxai


Once a month, there was supposed to be a joint practical class for the entire grade. The original purpose was for it to be carried out as a group exercise, but it was currently still the middle of the first half of the year. The students were still at the level where they were engaged in individual skill training.


So, if one were to ask what were they doing as group exercise during this period, it was training sessions in the form of class elimination tournaments..


Close to the second half of the lesson, those who have already won were still observing the class as it was about to reach the climax.


「The winner, Lutz from Class E!」


Since he stopped hiding his abilities, Lutz was doing well, and winning the tournament.  Kamui and Alto, on the other hand, were quickly eliminated in the first round and could only sit by the side, watching Lutz’s battle.


「Hey, what happened to him?」


The person who came up to talk to Kamui, was the only female student in their group, Selene.


「What do you mean?」


「I mean, he was never this strong till now」


Being in the same group, it was reasonable that she was aware of Lutz’s previous fighting style.  


「That must be the result of his diligent effort; and by coming here, he was able to finally show the results」


「… Are you telling the truth?」


Of course, it wasn’t.  


「And if it isn’t the truth, what of it?」


Nevertheless, Kamui continued to shamelessly feign ignorance.


「You’re lying to me」


Even with Kamui’s facetious attitude, Selene was not deceived by it, giving him a serious look.


「Why would I lie?」


「Ah, so he lied. Or maybe you’re lying too」


Selene’s eyes narrowed meaningfully. I know that you guys have been hiding your abilities, she complained using her eyes.


「I wonder what was I lying about?」


With a sharp gaze and completely unperturbed, Kamui returned the question. .




As she was about to answer Kamui’s question, Selene stopped speaking. If she were to explain, it would be equivalent to admitting that she was also hiding her own abilities. That was what Selene realized.  


「I wonder, what was it?」


This time, it was Selene’s turn to play dumb.


「In that case, let’s drop the conversation」


「You’re right.  It’s awkward」


「It was awkward for me too」




「「What did you just say?」」


Both of them were strangely getting along, despite this being the first time they’ve had a conversation.


「… Please, after you」


「No no, by all means, after you」




「You’re both scary! It seems to be drawing Otto-kun’s attention!」


Alto added a tsukkomi for those two. As for the one called Otto-kun, he is the other student in their group. Like Alto said, Otto was looking at Selene and Kamui with a blank face.  


「You mustn’t frighten your classmates, Selene-san」


「Same with you」


「… This conversation is not going anywhere. How about if we start with you confessing?」


「If you speak first, I’ll talk too」


「I see. Well then, we’ll do it at the same time? 」


「At the same time? That’s fine with me」


「Yosh! Then, let’s. What we’re hiding is, one, two–」




Their voices utterly overlapped at the same time.






Thus, they began to unproductively quarrel with each other again.


「Hey, what have you been talking about since just now? I don’t understand it at all」


Otto-kun had been dumbfounded by the exchange between the two, but after he had finally calmed down, he asked the both of them.


「Otto-kun, this kitsune, oops, excuse me, Selene-san is falsely accusing me」


「No, that’s not the case, Otto-kun. This tanuki, no, Kamui-kun seems to have been deceiving people」


「Isn’t it rude to call me tanuki? Selene-san」


「Same goes for you. I don’t believe there’s anyone who would call someone a kitsune behind her back」


「Stop it, the both of you. Won’t this just end up being a fight?」


Again, Otto-kun intercepted when he saw the both of them becoming agitated.


「Certainly. Selene-san, I apologize for calling you a kitsune. However, I wonder why would a classmate go about investigating a person’s true intention like that?」


「You’re right. Tanuki was an overkill. However, I have a problem with people in the same group who probes others in secret like that」


「… It’s no good. One says something and the other replies.  Selene-san, if you’re like that, you’re never going to be able to find a good husband」


「That’s too bad. Even though I appear like this, there are men wooing me」


「No no, there’s no way she has any」


「Well, Selene-san is beautiful」


Otto said the exact opposite right after Kamui’s denial. .


「… Otto-kun, are you okay? Even if there wasn’t a girl in our group, you should call it as it is」


「Hold on, what do you mean by that?! I don’t mean to boast but I consider my appearance reasonably good」


「Isn’t that what people call boasting? However, is that true?」


While saying so, Kamui fixed his eyes on Selene. Her almond shaped, amber colored eyes that seem transparent inside. Transparent white skin with small pink lips. As a matter of fact, Selene was quite a beauty.


「Hey! Stop staring at me like that」


Being stared at by Kamui, she blushed shyly. She is certainly able to charm the hearts of men – she is thoroughly attractive.


Unfortunately the other party was Kamui.


「I guess it’s so-so?」


「… If you say something like that, it’s damaging」


Selene pouted her lips sullenly. Again, her expression was an object that would excite a man’s feelings, but as expected, Kamui was completely unmoved by it.


「Well, Kamui is special」

Alto butted in, unable to remain indifferent with Selene obviously feeling down.  

「What do you mean? Could it be that he has bad taste?」

「I’m sorry Selene-san but that’s not it. If I’ve to say which it is, it’s the opposite.  He has seen a lot of beautiful people. Because of that, his heart’s completely unperturbed by mere beauty. Well, the truth is, I too am considerably immune to it」


「Our masters are abnormal」

「Hey, what does that mean?」

「Let’s see, they are terrifying women that will make even a 10-year old desire them」

The person that answered Selene’s question was Kamui.

「It’s best not to say anything unnecessary」

Alto grumbled at Kamui. In short, it meant that Alto was the one who desired them

「It’s the truth, isn’t it? In the beginning, wasn’t it hard for you and Lutz?」

「True, but this is not the place to talk about it, right?」

「It’s punishment, since you look like you were enjoying yourself」

「That’s cruel」

In reality, Alto was having fun watching the exchange between Kamui and Selene. Till now, he had hardly seen Kamui speaking to female students so it was very interesting.  

「Hee~ Kamui-kun was also like that, huh?」

Though Selene couldn’t have known the details,she nevertheless understood that there were a lot of beautiful women by their side.

「Nope, Kamui is different from me and Lutz」

「Then, what’s the reason?」

「In Kamui’s case, the most beautiful woman in the world is his mother」

「Eh? Kamui-kun, you really love your mother?」

「That’s right. Do you have a problem with that?」

「No, there’s nothing wrong but … What a child」

Since Kamui readily admitted his Oedipus complex, Selene no longer enjoyed teasing him.

「That is because I can’t see my mother. I’ve watched my mother since I was a child, so to me, things like a woman’s appearances isn’t a big deal 」

「You’re saying it to that extent? Hee~, it makes me want to meet her」

「Unfortunately, that’s impossible」

「Is she not in the Imperial Capital?」

「She has passed away」

「Ah … I’m sorry」

Immediately, Selene apologized. Though he had a wicked mouth, she understood that he had a kind heart. Just like that, she knew that Kamui wasn’t a bad person. That’s why they continued arguing like this.  

「It’s fine. It’s been a long time since she’s passed away. I don’t even feel sad now. Still, judging from your reaction, you don’t know anything about me, do you, Selene-san? 」

「What do you mean?」

「If you knew my previous name, I wouldn’t be surprised if you know about mother」

「It’s not my hobby to probe into other people’s history」

「That’s surprising. I thought that you would’ve investigated into several things」


Selene didn’t have a single inkling.

「Like Claudia-san who’s in the same class as us」

「Claudia-san … What about her? 」

Selene didn’t have any knowledge concerning Claudia.  She knew that it was something that she wasn’t aware of, so it piqued her interest.  

「You don’t know?」

「Yeah, I don’t. Why don’t you tell me? 」

「If you treat me to a meal, I’ll think about it」

「What, are you asking me on a date?」

With those words, seeing that she was no longer bothered with the issue of Kamui’s mother, Selene went back to her previous self.

「For three people’s portions」

「… Again, I’m a little hurt. Am I really that unattractive? 」

Since Kamui didn’t look at her as a woman, Selene was seriously considerably crushed. Facing Alto and Otto, she asked the question with a grave expression.

「Something like that … I don’t feel that way」

Otto at least possessed normal standards towards a woman’s beauty .  

「Thank you, Otto-kun. You are my only ally」

「What’s with that? Shouldn’t the problem be that you’re forcing me on a date for the sake of information?」

Kamui was dissatisfied with the way Selene spoke.  

「That’s true indeed, but it hurts me as a girl that you don’t have any interest in me」

「So bothersome」

「Geez, anything is fine, whether it’s food or not, so tell me. Ah, but if the information isn’t worth the the meal, I won’t treat you」

「… Petty」

「Speak already」

Till the end, Kamui wouldn’t stop teasing her.  

「Good grief… Then, I’ll say it.  Claudia-san is the Imperial Princess of the Empire. She’s the second daughter of the Crown Prince’s official consort」


Not just Selene, even Otto who was listening on the side cried out in surprise.   

「It’s true, I think. There’s probably proof to back it up. If you were to investigate into it a bit, you will immediately know whether it’s the truth or not. By the way, Theresa-san is the daughter of the household that attends to the official consort. She’s the second daughter of the Hannover family. When she was very young, Theresa Hannover would visit the Imperial Court with her mother. This is what we discovered right away. Is she the princess’s foster sister? Something like that would be reasonable, wouldn’t it?」

Even if it was difficult to investigate Claudia, it was relatively easier to conduct an investigation on Theresa.   

「Yeah, I get it. Even if a child was born, it doesn’t mean that they’re personally raised by the women with high social statuses. It is common for the ladies who gave birth to employ a wet nurse from amongst her relatives 」

「But how can that be? I have never heard any talk about Claudia-sama being the Imperial Princess in the Academy, you know」

Otto interrupted Kamui’s story with a question.  

「It seems like it was concealed. There’s probably some reason for that」

「Will you tell me the reason?」

「Three meals」

Was the demanded reward for the supply of the information.  

「Hey. You are a noble, right? Why are you so greedy?」


「Well, it’s not like I really want to talk about it」

That was a lie. Kamui wanted to talk about it no matter what. Selene had successfully taken the bait he scattered. He seriously had no intention of letting this chance slip.   

「Otto-kun, we’re splitting the bill, okay?」

Without even realizing Kamui’s true motives, Selene’s strategy had failed.  However, Selene was not yet defeated. She devised for Otto to bear the burden too.    

「Eh? Me? 」

「I mean, don’t you want to know about it too?」

「Well, that’s true but….」

「Uwaa, are you leaving it to a commoner?」

Disregarding Selene’s presence, Kamui complained openly, relieving Otto who hesitated. Rather than helping Otto, his main purpose was to mock Selene.

「Ara, Otto-kun’s household is much richer than mine, you know」

「Oh, really?」

「You didn’t know, did you? Otto-kun’s household is among the top three wealthiest merchant households in the Empire」

「Otto-kun, you and I are buddies, aren’t we? You’re treating us this time」


A friendship openly aiming at his cash. It was impossible for him to acknowledge it.  


Even Selene looked like she wanted to complain.  

「I’m kidding. I won’t do something like sponging off with nothing to offer.  All the more if it’s a friend」

「Then, don’t sponge off me too」

「You’re not my friend~」

「Ah, that reminds me. …Hey, can I ask you a question? 」

「If I can answer it」

「Why did you tell us that information?」

This was a question that Selene was trying to get her head around. As expected, the only reason that came to her mind was voiced out next.    

「I thought that it’d be better if you were aware of it, Selene-san. There is a person in our class with ties to the Empire. Isn’t this a serious matter? 」

「Indeed. Have you told this to anyone else?  」

Selene was not the only person to think this was a serious matter. There were many students like that in Class E.

「If it’s someone I deem indispensable」

「You are really a shrewd guy」

「You too. Oh I see. Selene-san, you seem to have many ‘friends’. In fact, the kind that probably also share secrets with you」

「Wha–! 」

Kamui grinned from ear to ear at an astounded Selene. This was the sort of tactic that Kamui really liked.  

「I don’t want you to remain guarded towards me so I’m letting you know, I’m also a child from a household that owns a border territory. And I don’t have any intentions to meddle needlessly with other people’s affairs. I wonder if it would be better to say that I have no time for it?」

「… Can I trust those words? 」

「It’s up to you whether you believe it or not」

「I see …」

「Hey, are you guys talking about another story that I don’t know about again?」

The meaning of their conversation was incomprehensible  to a commoner like Otto.  

「Otto-kun, there are stories that’s better left unknown. Well, whether I tell you or not after this, depends on how mentally prepared you are」

「Mentally prepared?」

「Yes. Whenever Otto-kun decides to only chase after profits as a merchant, I’ll probably come by and talk about it with you. That’s all I can tell you for now」

「Profits as a merchant…. Hey, Kamui-kun, do you trust merchants?」

Even if he didn’t understand the conversation with Selene, this kind of topic was something that Otto was able to understand immediately.

「No, what I trust is their feelings of prioritizing profits. As long as there is a common interest, I trust them. If our mutual interests conflicts, I won’t put my faith in them. It is easy to understand in that sense. Of course, if I make a mistake when ascertaining their interest, I’m fully aware that I will suffer from it」


Though Otto murmured that, he still had the same kindhearted smile he had on before, but there was a light deep within his eyes for the first time. Otto too, had reasons for enrolling only in the Imperial Academy.   

「Oh, it appears that Otto-kun is also a tanuki. Your appearance and attitude is different – is there something you’re holding onto?」

That was what Kamui perceived with his sensitivity. The intuition to read the feelings behind a person’s face was something that Kamui had mastered before he was aware of it. Underneath the pretence of kindness and sympathy, there was malice. When he was bullied, Kamui had experience the pain of betrayal countless times so he had grown accustomed to it.

「There is that and at the same, I’m scared. If possible, I wish to profit from it」

「Me too」

「What? Am I the odd one out this time?」

Cutting into their conversation, Selene was slightly sulking.

「Well, it’s something like that」

「And that’s why this isn’t going to end」

「I disagree. Selene-san, there are some matters that only other guys can understand」

「Ah, you’re finally treating me like a woman」

「Yosh, let me explain it to you so you can understand」


Selene and Kamui’s quarrel had yet to cease.

「You both seem to be enjoying yourselves」

Shortly after, they were suddenly interrupted by another voice.  The teacher in charge of swordsmanship was looking directly at Kamui.  

「No, it’s not enjoyable. I’m bothered that Selene-san picked a fight with me」

「That’s my line!」

「Weren’t you the one that started it first!? 」

「Wasn’t that because you wouldn’t answer my question honestly? 」


The teacher yelled at Selene and Kamui when they began to quarrel again.

「Yes, I’m sorry」「My apologies」

「Step forward. Go in front and have a session」

「Er, sensei. I’ve lost already. It would only be a bother if someone like me interrupts the others」

「It has already ended a while ago」

As the teacher in charge said, no one was in the middle of the field.  While they weren’t paying attention, it seems it wrapped up a while ago.   

「Oh? And, the overall winner is? 」

「This is a class. There’s no need to go till the bitter end. The winners advancing to the next rounds are… look, they’re lined up over there」


 Actually, class just ended. With the last session wrapped up, the students were once again gathered in one location.


 Lutz was amongst them too. There were sixteen students that remained. Although he didn’t know what would be the final outcome,they had worked really hard to remain standing, at least .


「… Even though it’s over, we are to have a session?」


「Yeah, there’s still some time left. And, you guys seem to have some excess energy in you」


「And who do you mean by you guys?」


「You and the female student beside you」


「Ah, I knew it was Selene-san’s fault」


 Kamui purposely looked up at the sky and sighed.


「Isn’t it your fault?」


 Stirred by that provocation, Selene answered him against her better judgement.   


「Shifting the responsibility towards others isn’t nice. It’s not manly, you know」




 Even though they were just yelled at some time ago, in the end, those two began quarrelling again.




 And thus, it was natural for them to be furiously yelled at now.




 Only their replies were lively, their actions didn’t reflect that. Compared to Selene who quickly took action, Kamui moved slowly, resisting till the bitter end.


「… Isn’t it almost time?」


「No, there’s still ten minutes left」


「I see…」


 Persistantly, Kamui continued to resist.


「Oi, someone fetch the swords」


 The teacher issued an order, hindering Kamui’s resistance.


「No, I can go grab it myself」




「… Yes」


 His excuse for stalling was disposed of by the teacher. Even so, Kamui walked slowly and leisurely while swinging his hands.  


「Listen, I think stalling for time is pointless」


「I know that. I’m just making time to think」


「Time to think?」


「…I wonder if five moves is enough?Let’s settle it with that」


 If his opponent was like Lutz and Alto, there’s no need for him to exchange blows with them. Even with the other students, he didn’t need to pay any attention to them and managed it somehow. However, he couldn’t do that right now.  


「So, that’s it.Then, wouldn’t it be agreeable if I lost?」


「I’ll be the one losing」


「Hey, I’m a girl?」


「People from the elementary division know that I’m weak. It’ll be strange if I were to win, wouldn’t it?」


 Many of the students who knew Kamui from the elementary division are in the same grade as Kamui. Indeed, almost all of the students from the elementary division entered the middle school division.




「I think that I can do fairly well if magic wasn’t involved. You’ve already forgotten that, haven’t you?」


 Until magic lessons commenced, Kamui’s swordsmanship was the best in the grade.  But, if his opponent was able to use magic, he wouldn’t be able to make up the differences with his swordsmanship skills alone. Before long, Kamui’s marks in swordsmanship also dropped to the lowest in the grade.


「What’s the plan?」


「… There’s no time to come up with one. Match my moves.  I’ll make two attacks with the first strike. The rest is up to you」


「Oh, so you’ll be matching my moves?」


 Selene meant that even if she were to swing her sword randomly, Kamui would match it – which was possible due to his skills.


「Who do you think I am? Losing is one of my forte」


「…Oh, really」


 However, Kamui would never admit those words from his lips.


「Hey, take this」


 A man suddenly appeared, interrupting their conversation and handed out the swords.


「Ah, thank you」




 After receiving the sword from that man, both of them stood facing each other.  Kamui swung the sword several times, checking the feel of it.


 However, his eyes were on Selene. Match this speed that I’m going with. Kamui’s intentions was grasped perfectly by Selene.


「Get ready!」


 The voice of the teacher in charge rang. Selene started chanting at the signal of his voice. Naturally, Kamui did nothing.


「Protect (Protection), Accelerator (Speed Boost)」


 In an instant, a magical light enveloped Selene.


「There’s still a bit of time」


「Are you ready?」


「I, can’t use magic」


「… Geez, fine」


 Though it’s not completely a lie, Selene didn’t trust it.


「Then, here I come!」


「Go ahead!」


 Stepping with light gait, Kamui closed the distance while swinging the sword that he had positioned in advance from above.  


 Having slanted her sword, Selene repelled Kamui’s downward swing. Unconcerned, Kamui changed his angle slightly, swinging the sword down.  


 Facing against it, this time Selene raised her sword slightly from below, crossing swords with him.


 His sword greatly repelled, Kamui moved several steps back.


「Mm? 」


 Feeling uncomfortable with his sword, Kamui slightly grimaced. Taking that as a sign,  Selene turned to the offensive and immediately moved to close in the distance to Kamui.


 Kamui swung his sword sideways, repelling the first strike and at the same time jumped to the back to create a distance and yelled at Selene.


「Wait a minute!」


 But Selene did not cease her pursuit. Closing the gap that Kamui made with a jump, she swung her sword down from high up. She thought that Kamui was putting a performance.




 Kamui instantly raised his sword. The moment both their swords intersected, a high-pitched metallic sound rang at the same time and Kamui saw that both of their swords broke.


 During the interval as the broken tips of the swords rotated, both of them fell down.


 Perceiving that Selene wasn’t able to react in time, Kamui took Selene’s hand, forcibly pulling her downwards, and fell on top of her.




「Sorry. That failed. I should have hopped behind you」


「Kamui!」「Are you alright!? 」


 Lutz and Alto shouted from afar. Selene glanced at the two as she saw them rushing over with an altered expression.






 Kamui answered Selene’s question.


「Are you hurt?」


「A little」


「Whatever, move!」


「I can’t move」




 Exasperated that Kamui wouldn’t move no matter how much time had passed, Selene forcefully slipped out from below him.


 That’s when it was visible to Selene’s eyes. Kamui’s back was pierced by the fractured tip of the sword.


「Hey! What the?」


「Don’t touch it!」


「Don’t touch it? If we don’t remove it quickly–」


「In that case, don’t touch it with your bare hands. Hold it with a cloth or something」


 Kamui was unable to move due to the spreading sense of numbness throughout his whole body. It’s impossible for this to happen if it was just an ordinary wound. Which means something was added to the swords. Those were Kamui’s thoughts.


「What’s going on?」


「Listen, just do as I say! Lutz, for the time being, don’t let anyone approach!」


「Yeah, got it!」


「Alto. Take a good look at the sword. Was there something applied to it?」


「… Hold on for a moment. I’ll check on it right away」


 Alto instantly guessed the meaning of Kamui’s inquiry.


「Hey, what just happened?」


「Hey! Is everything alright?」


 It was a sudden situation. The teacher in charge was unable to comprehend what had happened and approached Kamui’s group.


「Don’t come any closer!」


 Alto’s voice commanded the teacher in charge.


「What do you mean by telling me to stay away?!」


 The teacher who didn’t understand the situation, naturally, couldn’t accept it.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      


「Never mind that!  Go catch the guy who handed this sword over to Kamui. This isn’t a training sword, it’s a real sword! 」


「What?! There must be some mistake! 」


「There isn’t! There’s poison smeared on the sword」




「Surely, there’s no way it was smeared with poison by mistake. If you get it now, go catch the criminal right away! 」


「Got it … Wait, what about his wound?」


「In that case, summon a doctor! Seriously, what a helpful bastard, you are 」


 Having lost his patience against the thickheaded teacher, the tone of Alto’s voice too became increasingly harsh.


「You bastard… No, this isn’t the time for this. Oi! Oi! Someone, go and call the sensei in the infirmary! 」


 The area became noisy when they heard the teacher’s instruction. Many of the students finally noticed that Kamui was injured.


「Oi, are you alright?」


 At last when the teacher was driven away, Alto began to question Kamui.  


「You don’t know what the poison is, do you?」


「Sorry, that’s as much as I can ascertain from my knowledge」


「I see. Well, I’m glad that it’s not an instant death. Is there anyone around us?」


「Yeah, currently they just looking from a distance」


 None of the students made a move as it was an inconceivable situation. Even if it was not, Lutz was restraining them so they couldn’t get closer.


「Okay. Pretend that you’re treating it」




「I see… Selene-san, how’s your water magic?」


「It’s usable」


「Alright then, Alto will be cutting my back right now, please use your water magic after that. To give the impression that you’re washing away the blood, it’s sufficient to use basic magic」


「Wait! Explain what are you’re doing」


「Am I not explaining it now? It’s medical treatment. We’ll start once you’re ready. The rest is up to you, Alto」


 Although, Selene had yet to understand the situation, Kamui ignored it and issued an orderto Alto to begin the treatment.


「Right, it’ll be painful so make sure to endure it」


「I’m getting accustomed to it」


「I see」


 Having to fetch a dagger from somewhere, Alto held it with one hand and began to cut Kamui’s clothes. Furthermore, he cut the visible skin from the wound where the tip of the sword had been. As such, the amount of blood that oozed out increased even further.


「Hold on!」


「Quickly use your magic」


「… I got it. O magic that blesses all creation, manifest thee power. Water


 In the blink of an eye, water accumulated on both Selene’s hands after she finished her magic incantation.


「Pour that. I want you to keep doing that for a while. It’s to wash away the poison」


「I know」


O magic …」


The power of blessing, the power of healing. Bestow the power of purification upon me. Anti Poison


 Selene continued chanting in accordance to his instructions as Kamui’s voice overlapped hers.




 A small amount of light enveloped Kamui’s body, but it was instantaneous.That light immediately vanished.


「How is it?」


「… Coming from me, it was perfect. The rest can be handled by the doctor」


 Kamui contently replied to Alto’s question.


「Kamui-kun, you…」

 As expected, even Selene was aware that Kamui had done something.


「This is a secret. Selene-san, could you please continue using your magic for a bit longer?  … But, who the hell did it?」


「Who knows. To begin with, we don’t even know who they were aiming for」


「Do you know of anyone who may be aiming at you, Selene-san?」


「… No」


 After pondering over it for a bit, Selene gave her reply. There are people who would cause harm to her, but she didn’t think there are any who would kill.


「Oh! Then it’s me. Though there wasn’t any plans to do something to that extent?」


 It was the same for Kamui, even he didn’t have a clue.


「It could possibly have been Dierk but …」


 Alto considered the slums as a possibility. It’s a normal occurrence for a rascal from the slums to plot murder without batting an eye.


「The possibility is considerably low. They haven’t gone to the extent of making such moves yet; in the first place, I don’t think they’ll send someone to academy. But let’s pay attention to that concern. Send Lutz to Dierk’s place.」


 Even if he thought it was alright, as long as there was a possibility, they can’t be negligent in guarding against it. That is the motto of Kamui and his friends.


「Would it be alright for him to go alone?」


「Get Aule to accompany him」


「Then, I’m relieved. Lutz!」


「What’s up?」


 Lutz answered Alto’s call.




「… Understood! I’ll head over! 」


 He had only heard Dierk’s name but Lutz understood what Alto wanted to say. He started running with all his might, heading out.   


「Hey, are you okay?」


 Judging that the exchange between Kamui and the others had ended, Selene called out to him with a worried voice.


「I always have this much injuries so I’m alright」


「Sorry. If it wasn’t because you protected me …」


「Didn’t I say it was my blunder. I should have kicked you away, Selene-san, and then leaped to the back to avoid it」


「… Kicked me away?」


 Selene reacted quite sensitively to Kamui’s words.


「Yes, if I did that, don’t you think I would have certainly avoided it?」


 However, Kamui failed to notice his slip. He didn’t think it was a verbal slip either.


「I see. You were going to kick me」


「Why are you getting angry? Did I make a mistake?」


「Are you saying that you think it’s alright to kick a girl? 」


「Haa? Wasn’t it to save you?」


 Kamui wasn’t able to grasp the reason for Selene’s anger.


「Oh, I wonder who said “It’s my fault” earlier?」


 Selene further attacked Kamui.


「… Right, the girl who isn’t cute」


「Even if I’m not, there are at least men that call me beautiful」


「I wonder if they have strange preferences. What about you is beautiful?」


「I won’t tell you!」


「It’s just you, isn’t it!」


 Both of them by now had completely lost their cool. Forgetting their surroundings, they began to quarrel loudly again.  












「Sorry to interrupt while you’re enjoying yourselves but can I heal you now?」


 As they were in a heated argument they hadn’t noticed a man in a white robe who appeared by their side. He had on an astounded face as he interrupted them.   




「Unexpectedly, the both of you may be similar」


「「WE AREN’T!」」


 With the same stunned expression as the doctor, Alto muttered, “the two of you are denying it wholeheartedly”.

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