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1-5: The「Royal Maid」is Dispatched To The Magician’s House

TL: Krrizis

Editors: Momielxai and Puissansa


   Is Sid it’s name? When I gazed at it whilst I pondered, the cat wagged its tail in response.   


   … Come to think about it, it said “Master” earlier. I’m sure it’s not just an ordinary cat.


「Um, Sid-san?」


   When I timidly called out to him, the cat looked up at me and opened its mouth.


「What’s up, jou-chan?」


Uwah, it spoke in human language, as expected! It called Leonard-sama “Master”; does that mean it’s a familiar? By the way, a familiar is a magical beast or an animal that is contracted to a magician, bound in a master and servant relationship.   


「Er, excuse me, I’m Lily. This kid is Jill. We’ll be under Leonard-sama’s care from this day forth, so nice to meet you」

「Oh! Nice to meet you」


   Grinning, it smiled like an ikemen. No way, why is this cat so cool!


「So, as a person who finds it bothersome to socialize, and dreads it, why did Master invite this little one and pretty lady over to the house?」

「I’m not little one, I’m Jill!」

「If you wish to be called that, you’ll have to grow bigger, little one」


   Buu, even the cat’s figure that handled Jill with its puffed cheeks was cool. Or rather, it’s embarrassing to be called a pretty lady. …No not really, mm.  


「Leonard-sama, why did you summon Sid?」


  When I asked Leonard-sama, Sid-san raised its head towards Leonard-sama too and added.


「Oh, that’s right! What’s the task?」


Leonard-sama, who was silently watching us until then, slowly pointed his finger at me … Hnn? Me?




Ah, I see, We’ll get Sid-san to go shopping instead of me or Leonard-sama … Eh, isn’t it a cat? Even if it speaks, it’s a cat. Seeing how bewildered I was, Sid-san came back to me with a question.


「What’s wrong?」

「Uhm …」

「Ah, it’ll be difficult to rely on me in this form. Just a moment」


   With a pon sound, Sid-san changed his appearance. … Yeah, who are you?


Now standing in the spot where the white cat was a young man with silky silver hair who possesses the same gold colored eyes as Leonard-sama. Good-looking, he seems to be an amiable man and an ikemen. … To an ordinary person like myself, he was too blinding for me. It’s strange! What’s with this beauty ratio?  


「What’s wrong, jou-chan?」

「No …I’m fine. I just felt like wanting to curse God for a moment」


I do understand that it is tough to be beautiful. But for those who have mediocre looks, it feels unfair


When I thought of that, Sid-san said “It’s alright” and brushed my head gently. This handsome’s skills are so high that I think I’ll dying from cuteness.  


Er, yeah, since I’m at fault, please quietly pardon me, seriously!


「Are you okay?」

「Yes, I’m fine. Sorry to worry you, Jill」


Looking at me worriedly, I brushed Jill’s head and limply smiled.  


No way, what’s with this kid that’s bursting with moe. Why do I want to give this kid a hug immediately? Too adorable!


My expression loosened up when Sid-san pulled on the cuffs of my clothes.


「So, what is the errand?」

「Ah, yes. I’ll like you to get me some eggs and meat, but …」

「Mm~, would buying three days’ worth be enough for now?」

「Yes. Thanks for helping me」

「Mm, you don’t have to be so formal with me. Well then, I’m off, Master」


   While fluttering and waving his hands, Sid-san laughed sarcastically and left to go shopping.


Hmm, I never thought familiars could be so human-like. I don’t know the details, but familiars are supposedly unable to adopt human form. In the first place, I heard that they’re unable to speak even if they are able to understand the human language and  they can only understand the person they’re contracted with through telepathy.


As I was brooding over it, Leonard-sama finished eating his apples and left the plate on the table and began to walk.


「Come here, both of you. I’ll guide you」
   「Ah, yes」


We followed Leonard-sama quickly. First, he lead us to my room. It was two doors from the kitchen. Usually, a maid’s room is in the attic though.


Inside the room was a comfortable looking bed and closet, and though it was small, it was furnished with a desk and chair. There was also a jug and wash basin on top of the rack. Alongside the wall is a tiny stove that I could use to warm myself. Furthermore, it is an item that was constructed to heat up using a magic stone, not firewood. This must have been expensive.  


If it’s this room, then I don’t need to buy any additional furniture for the time being. It was a room that had me thinking: Is it alright to provide me with such an agreeable compensation package?


「Do you like it?」

「Yes. Is it alright for me to have such a lovely room?」



Pleased, Leonard-sama nodded his head and pressed on, leaving the room for the time being. Just like that, we checked the other rooms on the first floor. Besides the kitchen, there was the bathroom, living room, the toilets, the storage room and the parlour. I’m sure Leonard-sama and Jill’s room must be on the second floor.   


Hmm, will it be alright to let Jill sleep alone by themselves right now




We were at the second floor when Leonard stopped in front of a room, beckoning Jill. Nervously, Jill got closer to the room and slowly opened the door.  



「I tried my best」


Leonard-sama seemed somewhat proud after Jill’s delighted shout. Popping in quickly, I saw that he had led us to simple tiny room.  


It was a refreshing nursery with light pea green and white undertone. The room had the same furniture as mine but they were designed for a child, even the colors were adorable. Yup, frankly speaking, he has good taste.


Jill also seems to like it, the child’s eyes were sparkling. Leonard-sama looked delighted as well. It’s a pleasant feeling.


Speaking of which, Leonard-sama said he had tried his best earlier but if I take the interior into consideration, don’t tell me it was all done by Leonard-sama?


「But the clothes aren’t done yet」

「Oh, you haven’t prepared the clothes?」

「Mm… I didn’t know the size」

「Well, children do grow rather quickly. It might be difficult to have those prepared in advance」


   I looked at Jill. Most of the child’s clothes had became dirty and was needed to be changed. However, because I don’t have money to spend on clothes, I can’t even go out to buy clothes … Should I take this chance to show off my skills?  


「Leonard-sama, I can make them if it’s simple clothes and pajamas」


「Yes. However, I need cloth…」


Is there any good cloth I can use to make something? Before I could even ask, a massive amount of cloth were handed over to me before my very eyes with a thud… Handed over? Why is he using magic to make each and every single one of them…


「Eh, umm, this?」

「You can use it」


Uh– EHHHH!? I don’t know where he pulled these out from but all of these massive amounts of cloth were of outrageously good quality.


Although I felt awkward, it was a waste of him to go through such lengths to show me such kindness. For now, I chose a light blue cloth which was soft and felt good. If I use this, the child’s skin wouldn’t be hurt by it.


Carrying the cloth I selected, I headed towards the living room on the first floor. Then, I called Jill over.


「Come here for a moment, Jill」

「What~is it?」


While I quickly took Jill’s measurements, I smiled at Jill who obediently came up to me and quietly looked at me, puzzled. This time, I’m going to make a simple and comfortable outfit, so this much should suffice.  


「How long will it take?」


Since Leonard-sama, who sat beside me, asked the question, I worked my hands while I answered him.

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