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Chapter 11 – Shocking the soul out of the body

TL: Januva

Editors: Puissansa and Momielxai


I have no idea what I did that was so shocking to the point of them both being dumbfounded till now.


Did I say something that weird? If I were to think about it, a mob character is an ordinary person as well, right? Should I have said that I am a commoner? I sank into deep thought.


「Az, you are 13 years old right now?」


I raised my head at Kei-san’s voice to face the two of them.


「Un. I’m 13 now. I will be 14 in half a year’s time.」


The two of them had faces of disbelief.


They scrutinised me from top to toe repeatedly.


Are they astonished by how small I am? But, 156 cm tall is normal for a 13 year old, right? Am I mistaken!? Of course if you compare me to the two of them, I’m tiny. But, I’m still a kid after all! Even if my mind isn’t that of a child, my body is!!


「My bad. I assumed that you were 8 or 9 years old.」


Awkward… This time around, I’m the one who became dumbfounded.


For you to guess that I’m 8 or 9 years old…eeh??


「Yeah, I thought so too. Judging based on your height.」


Estimating my age to be 8 or 9 based on my height of 156cm? I’m getting a bad vibe from this. A premonition!!


「Can I ask you guys something? What’s the average height of 13 year olds?」


At my question, the two of them exchanged glances and nodded. Kei-san answered.


「Around…165cm to 170cm? I think it’s around there.」


Kei-san looked towards Ani-san who nodded in response.


I froze on the spot. Around 165cm to 170cm? Isn’t that weird!?


Ah! The unit of length in this world is the same as my previous world’s. It’s a relief that the measurement of time is roughly the same too.


Thanks, Sanrin-sensei!! (Koihana’s author!)


Yes. I know escaping reality changes nothing. I understand that, but there are times when I don’t want to face reality. Aah- I now understand why everyone treats me so nicely!


The mystery of Ani-san’s treatment has been debunked too. That wasn’t escorting, that was babysitting! What’s with my misunderstanding? How shameless!!


Well, if everyone thought I was 8 or 9 years old, they would naturally treat me nicely. It wasn’t like I went around telling everybody my age after all. If they didn’t ask, I wouldn’t have said it.


Speaking of which, when the guys from Suzuella Company found out my age, they were shocked too. Back then, I thought they were shocked because I was wise beyond my years, but it seems like it was actually due to my outward appearance not matching my age. Aah…


In the first place, it’s because there’s only adults around me so I had no idea how kids my age look like and merely assumed I was normal. Is this the downside of having knowledge of another world!? It might be a little late to say this now, but am I lacking basic common sense? No-no, that can’t be.


Mooks-san didn’t say anything, and everyone I know didn’t say anything either. If they’ve noticed something weird, they’d have told me, right? They’d have pointed it out to me, right!?


Aah…I suddenly feel so uneasy about everything. I need to relearn everything….what do I need to study for this? Common sense? Does that mean I lack common sense?


… First things first, I need to drink milk!! Lots of it! Let’s go with at least 3 cups a day.


「A…Az? You don’t have to feel so down!


You’re just a late bloomer, I’m sure you’ll grow taller. In any case, height isn’t everything. I think you’re fine no matter how you look!! Don’t worry.


And even if you’re short, your skills and knowledge aren’t what 13 year olds usually have. That’s what matters.」


Ani-san earnestly tried to lift my depressed mood. Is he really trying to do that? He’s trying to do that, right? …but it’s not working. Even if you tell me not to worry, how can I not worry!?


「Yeah. You have skills and knowledge unimaginable for a 13 year old. Just where in the world did you pick them up?」


Kei-san’s words made Ani-san pull a surprised face as well.


I wanted to change the topic as soon as possible so I went along with it.


「As I said to Ani-san earlier, and I think I’ve mentioned it to Kei-san as well? I was picked up by the Agency’s chief.


In order to be able to live on my own, I spent time at the agency reading, writing and learning math. As for swordsmanship and unarmed combat, I learned them from the martial artists who visited the agency. My magic is more or less self-taught, though.」


The two of them widened their eyes. Ani-san especially seemed to be at a loss for words.


「Self-taught? That magic was self-taught? Sorcery? Ha. I really can’t believe it.


In the first place, only nobles can learn magic, and it’s not something you can self-study.


From what I know, magic on the level that you use is limited to this country’s Magic Knights Division Commander…or Corps Commander- no it can even be said to be on the level of Court Mages.」


Kei-san was surprised by Ani-san’s words.


「Recovery magic is certainly rare, but just having support magic doesn’t mean he’s on the level of Court Mages or Division Commanders, right?」


「Ani-ue, after you lost consciousness, I saw it.


Right after you lost consciousness, he created a barrier to protect us, easily casted recovery magic, and followed up with light magic to blind the pursuers. While escaping, he could keep up with me and help me support you, despite our difference in physique. Even then, his footsteps were still light. I suspect that he used wind magic and physical enhancement magic too.


I didn’t confirm it with him, but with this much capability, I’m sure he is able to use offense magic as well.」


Ani-san’s words put Kei-san into a contemplative mood.


「He possesses at least  2 elements; light and wind. He can also use barrier magic and support magic. Furthermore, he has enemy detection magic.


Not only that, he can use more than 2 types of magic at the same time and they are of high rank, possibly even special rank.


Although I wasn’t going to say this initially since I lacked proof, but if he were to possess offense magic as well, wouldn’t he at least be on the level of Division Commander?… Considering the fact that he’s still 13, that’s pretty amazing…」


The two of them got up and sandwiched me in between them while they spoke, dropping me into the listener’s role. It’s probably better if I don’t interject unnecessarily. I don’t want to stir up more trouble for myself. I don’t mean to boast, but when it comes to things like this, I will definitely say something unnecessary and cause more harm than good!!


However, compared to sitting here and listening to what they say before replying, wouldn’t it be better if I make my escape? No, there’s no point to running away from my room. But, I still feel like escaping. After all, what was that about Division Commander, Corps Commander and Court Mage? Me being on the same level as them? That’s just scary!! I don’t want to hear about such things…


I looked into the distance in an attempt to escape reality.


「Eeh- well, considering the fact that he’s a 13 year old child, it’s rather strange.


This is just based my own judgement, but I think that the magic that Az uses is not an existing magic. Even if we overlook that, his abilities in the usage of magic is above high rank. It’s probably more accurate to consider it special rank.」


Kei-san narrowed his eyes….That’s scary, you know? With just that, the air seemed to change. Is it fine if I run away??


「Not an existing magic? What makes you think so?」


「His barrier. I have seen and used countless barriers so far, but I have never seen anything like his barrier, much less be able to use it.


Back then, the enemy attacked with their swords instead of magic… That’s right, it was a physical attack. And yet, Az’s barrier repelled it. The attack came from an assassin as well, so it wasn’t some half-assed attack.」


Kei-san was rendered speechless. I’m probably the same? I wasn’t in deep thought though…


This world’s Barrier Magic can only defend against magic-based attacks. To defend against physical attacks, you’d have to use a shield. If you wanted to defend against them using magic, you would have to use Elemental Constructs instead of Barrier Magic. You can also call it a protective wall. For example, for earth element there’s the Earth Wall magic, for wind element there’s the Pressurised Air Wall magic, and for water element there’s the Pressurised Water Wall magic or the higher ranked Ice Wall magic. As for fire element, there’s the Fire Column magic but…whether or not it can actually defend is a mystery.


I first found out about it when I tagged along with a group of knights and magicians to subjugate magic beasts. I remember feeling really disappointed at that time. After all, I expected Barrier Magic to be able to block all attacks, including physical attacks. This is the reason why Mages in this world train their body rigorously as well. My mental image of a frail mage, fighting on his own, crumpled in the blink of an eye.


While I was still trying to escape reality, I heard Ani-san say 「Also…」 and raised my head. There’s still more!?


I can feel my face cramping.


「The reason I think his magic is special rank is because of how he uses magic power.


At least based what I’ve observed, Az did not use any incantations. Typically, even for chantless magic, the final spell word is necessary. But, he didn’t even use that. I thought he might have used a spell circle instead, but I couldn’t find one no matter what method I used.


The spell he previously used in this room was chantless and a spell circle floated up beneath his feet. That was likely a new magic.」


Hii! You were observing me even in that chaotic situation where you and Kei-san were worn out? You had that much composure at that time? It didn’t seem like the danger was staged though…eeeeh.


But in any case, incantation! Chantless magic! Spell circle! Uhaa~ fantasy components banzai!! This is definitely not the right time for this though.


「To self-learn that much knowledge and skill…That can’t be possible. There are no textbooks for a commoner to be able to self-learn magic. At most, there are introductory books.


In the case where you were to learn from others… most probably, you can only go find sorcerers. But even if you beg them to teach you, it’s illegal for them to teach incantations and spells to others without a permit. Similarly, it’s illegal to use spells and sorcery without a permit. That’s why it’s hard to come into contact with magic.」


…eh? I understand the first half but the not the second half! I didn’t know that!!


「Does that mean…using magic can get me arrested??」


I asked timidly. It’s important after all. It’d be embarrassing if I used it in the spur of the moment and got myself arrested.


「Yeah, it’s prohibited by the law. What? Don’t tell me you’ve using magic all this while without knowing that?」


Ani-san looked somewhat amazed when I nodded vigorously.


In my defense, I didn’t have anyone teaching me magic since I was judged to be incapable of using magic. Even though I studied various things regarding this world, I didn’t study anything related to law.


「This country has strict laws when it comes to the usage of magic. Especially since magic is a great power for us humans.


It can be used to make our lives more convenient, but it can also bring about calamity.」


Ani-san lightly struck me on my head and explained. Now that I think about it, that makes sense. It’s good that I avoided using it in front of others, in more ways than one.


「By the way, Az, the fact that you can use magic means you have a magic stone, right? Can I have a look?」


I froze for a moment at Ani-san’s words before pulling up my left sleeve. I removed the red bracelet on my wrist and passed it to Ani-san. When I did that, Kei-san and Ani-san exchanged glances and started inspecting the bracelet.


「I thought there’d be some kind of trick in the magic stone, but there doesn’t seem to be anything special.」


「Yeah, it seems so. It’s just a normal magic stone.」


Thank you! Mooks-sa~n!! I thanked Mooks-san who wasn’t present.


That bracelet is the present I received from Mooks-san on my 10th birthday.


Mooks-san thought I was depressed because the magic probing stone didn’t react, so he bought it with the intention of making me feel as though I can use magic even if I couldn’t? I ended up treating it as a good luck charm since the colour compliments my hair well.


I didn’t expect it to be of use in such a manner! If I didn’t have this, I’d be in trouble now, wouldn’t I? Even as it is, I have to explain my usage of non-existing magic.


It seems like they’ve finished their inspection of the bracelet as they handed it back to me. The situation is a little delicate now though. If they were to ask me to use magic right now, it’d be the end for me. Although I possess a magic stone, I can’t manipulate magic power….what should I do?


「Ano ne, I don’t know about stuff like being on the level of Court Mages, but physical attacks can be blocked using water and wind elemental magic. Since magic attacks would be troubling, I also used Barrier Magic. And on the exterior, I applied an ice wall and strengthened it with pressurised air.


With this, it can withstand 1 or 2 hits.」


I couldn’t stand this situation anymore. After I spoke, Kei-san sighed while Ani-san looked a little doubtful. Why!? I can understand that Ani-san couldn’t quite accept my explanation from his reaction, but what’s with Kei-san’s sigh?


While I was thinking about it, Kei-san softly murmured.


「You can even use water element? And a high rank version of it too? So you can use at least 3 elements?」


As I thought, I shouldn’t have spoken!! Aah…


I should have said I used pressurised water instead. But, it’s too late for that now.
I somehow received so many shocks in this short period of time that my soul has left my body. I urgently need Mooks-san to return home. Please get rid of this delicate situation!


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