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Chapter 12 – It’s hard to explain it. There’s no way I can say it after all!

TL: Januva

Editors: Puissansa and Momielxai


Kei-san and Ani-san returned to their seats. The delicate situation remained. Kei-san broke the silence first.

「I fully understand that Az is incredible. As for the details…. right now I don’t care.

I’ve thought about what Ani said, and I have a proposal for you, okay?」

I nodded solemnly and Kei-san began speaking with a serious look.

What does he mean by proposal?

「I want to take over guardianship of Az.」

…guardianship? I was instantly stunned.

Ani-san seemed overjoyed for some reason and said 「Good idea!」. Although I say overjoyed, it’s only that had an extremely bright smile on his face and he spoke in a lively manner. However, compared to his expressionless face when I first met him, he could probably be said to be overjoyed right now.

When I finally managed to process the meaning of his words, I asked while remaining seated.

「Sorry, I don’t understand what you mean….no I should say, I understand but can I hear the reason?

If it’s because of my ability as a magician then I will politely decline.」

Even if that wasn’t the case, I would still refuse. Definitely. This is really bad after all!

In koihana, my character was bought by the stalking horse from the slums because of his magical capabilities and my character became his subordinate. In this situation however, it’s a noble that I’ve met in the slums, and not the stalking horse; nonetheless, being bought for my magical capabilities…

Isn’t it just a difference in appearance? It’s essentially the same thing!! It’s a little early too, but it’s close.

….Don’t tell me – this is force majeure? No matter what I do, nothing will change?? A shiver went down my spine. I unintentionally clenched my teeth.

I got lost in thought after saying that. Kei-san stood up in a panic, causing the table to rattle loudly, which startled me.

I glanced up at him in surprise. I saw that his face was deep red and his breathing was rough. But because his face was beautiful, I wasn’t bothered by it.

「No! It’s not because of any despicable reasons like that!! It can’t be helped that you think that way, with the timing that I said it, but that really isn’t the case. I feel ashamed to have made you think that way.

I swear in the name of Riestinne, the pride of this nation, that that wasn’t my intention. That’s why, would you believe me? I don’t want to see you making that face. Please don’t worry about it.」


Ani-san was at a lost for words as he watched Kei-san sorrowfully furrow his eyebrows into the shape ハ.

“In the name of Riestinne, the pride of this nation” huh. I’ve heard of people swearing in the name of god, with their own name and pride or with their family name, but I’ve never heard of anyone swearing with the “pride of this nation”. Is he swearing in the name of the country? As expected of nobles (assumed)! What a grand oath. Although it sounded a little flimsy because of how grand it is, the one swearing it was Kei-san. Kei-san isn’t someone who would make a shallow oath. He was truly swearing with the pride of the nation at stake. I feel like I can trust Kei-san’s words because of that.

If that’s the case, I should reply. Before that, I took a deep breath and faced Kei-san.

「I’m sorry too, for making you feel sad.

The way you two said it just now was kind of scary. Just thinking back on it still makes me feel scared.」

Kei-san looked relieved. Gohon I coughed. Our relations went back to how it was.

Ani-san looked relieved as well.

「So, if it’s not because of my abilities, why do you want to be my guardian?」

I tilted my head as I looked at Kei-san.

「It’s true that your ability is not the reason, but in a sense, it is related to it…」


Eeh? It hasn’t even been a minute and he’s broken his oath!? That’s fast!

「No no, that’s not it! Let me explain!!」

Kei-san explained in a panic when he saw my expression.

To put it simply, they had been fighting and escaping from people who seemed to be assassins. They must have remembered their enemies’ faces and characteristics. That mastermind is definitely involved in the incident this time. It seems that I got involved in this mess when I passed by and decisively took action. The two of them seemed to know who the mastermind is, as they went 「If it’s that bastard…」 with a vein popping out on their forehead. Scary! Either way, it doesn’t change the fact that I’m in danger and so Kei-san wishes to become my guardian.

So, before I even meet the stalking horse, my life will be targeted by the assassins and the mastermind instead? Would it be better to stay on the side of the stalking horse? No no no, I hate both options. Somehow I feel…tired.

But, well it should be fine in this case! After all, I…

「Thanks for worrying about me and thinking for my sake! But, you don’t have to take up guardianship of me.

I think Ani-san remembers, I wore a hood to cover my face so I couldn’t have been recognised, and I don’t have any distinctive features as well. Furthermore, I’m thinking of moving to Tournons Kingdom in the near future..!?」

Tournons is that trading country that I’ve been planning to move to.

But, now is not the time for that! Right as I finished my sentence, Ani-san grabbed my shoulders, as though he was trying to pin me to the chair. Ani-san’s own chair fell over from his excessive forcefulness. Currently, he was as expressionless as when we first met. No, it’s slightly different. He’s absolutely mad? Why!?

Kei-san as well, stood up seemingly unintentionally and looked really stern.

「Tournons Kingdom? Why?

In any case, all citizens of this country who can use magic have to enroll in the academy. Having been officially registered, you can’t leave the country. Az, you are registered, right?」

That’s how it would be, normally. At 10, those who are found to be able to use magic will be registered on the spot. This does not affect their life in any way, but they have one restriction. They are unable to leave the country.

They are not allowed to do so until they enroll in the academy and learn the right way of using magic. Even then, I heard that they still have to acquire a permit before they can leave the country.

My shoulders hurt slightly and his expressionless face is scary! Isn’t it good that if I go, his troubles will lessen? Not being able to meet would make me feel lonely though.

「I didn’t register though?」

They were first dumbfounded by my words, and then their faces turned deep red.

「That can’t be possible! You can use magic to that extent. Did you not go through the inspection!?」

He put in more strength into the hands grabbing my shoulders.

「No way. When I was 10, Mooks-san properly took me there for the inspection.

It’s just that I was unique or something and the magic probing stone didn’t react no matter how many times I touched it.

Even though I can actually use magic. That’s why I was treated as though I can’t use magic.」

「This kind of… something like this – I’ve never heard of it.」

Kei-san muttered as he seemed to be overcome with shock.

「If you don’t believe me, you can ask Mook-san. I can even do the inspection again. There won’t be a response after all.

That’s why no one knows I can use magic. Before today, I’ve never used it in front of others. As proof, back when Kei-san was in a bad state, I didn’t even use recovery magic, remember?」

「Aah… That’s true. But, you didn’t know that it’s illegal to use magic, right? Even then, you didn’t use magic? You’ve received various requests from the agency and completed them, haven’t you? Did you not use magic even when hunting wild beasts and magic beasts? If I remember correctly, didn’t you even defeat a magic beast? Aah but I heard that there’s an unspoken agreement that in such situations, you can use magic even without a permit. You used magic when you faced magic beasts, didn’t you?」

There’s an unspoken agreement? Is that fine!? They are working for the sake of the country, though. Eeh? There was such a thing!? No, that’s not the issue right now. Their faces right now are scary.

「No, I never used it. I work hard towards being able to kill wild beasts and magic beasts with a single slash! But as expected, magic beasts are difficult to kill so I prepared a trap as well.」

Kei-san looked at me as though he had just seen something unbelievable. Uu… but it’s true.

I had been looking at Kei-san to speak to him but Ani-san clasped my shoulders harder suddenly and so I looked up at him. What greeted me was his usual expressionless face.

Uu- I hear a giri sound from my shoulders…what!?

「Why must you go to Tournons? And not just that, you are migrating there?」

Super scary. From where and how should I explain this!?

No, I can’t tell them the truth, can I? “I still remember my past life. I’m a supporting mob character now and I don’t want to meet the stalking horse or the main character so I’m going to the trading country!” How can I say thaaaaattt!!

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