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Chapter 11 – The consequences of the video and Fumi’s maturity

TL: Januva

Editors: Puissansa & Momielxai


As the work he did as assistant model steadily increased, Miroku became able to do the average model’s work after a month.


Even then, he still went to the sports gym 3 times a week and went to Karaoke weekly, never deviating from his usual schedule.


「Good morning!」


「Morning! I’ll be counting on your kira kira* smile again today!」


(TL note: bright/sparkling smile)


「Ah, today’s spotlight is Miroku-kun. Lucky~」


「About the cosmetics Onee-chan introduced, where is it sold?」


「Seems like you can bring home today’s outfit if you like it. I’ll pass it to you later!」


Miroku smiled in response to the voices calling out to him. As someone who has 3 years of working experience, and in the line of business at that, he had confidence in his ability to remember people’s faces. He could respond to each and everyone who called out to him and continue the conversation they previously had.


The person in charge of his make-up and hair styling praised the perm at the ends of his slightly long hair. Talk of wanting to scout his younger sister had been going around this place recently. Despite looking black and heavy, the hairstyle had a mysterious airy look. It was Nina’s original special technique.


Although the staff is not the same every round, they have worked with Miroku at least once. Just working with him once is enough to give them the thought 「I’ll do it more like this next time」. He changed the atmosphere of the workplace the moment he entered.


The one who benefitted the most from this is the cameraman. He could just take the shot 「as it is」, in the best condition. Of course it did not mean that his job was easy, but compared to working in a bad atmosphere, the pressure was greatly reduced, and above all else, he had fun.


「When I heard that today’s model is Miroku-san, I honestly thanked god, despite being a freethinker.」


The youth working as the cameraman’s assistant brought Miroku a drink and spoke to him.


「Thanks, I was getting thirsty. What, why god? Did I do something?」


「When working with Miroku-san, sensei is highly likely to be in a good mood. He gets angry less often and I’m less nervous because of that, so I can focus on my work. I can do things like bringing drinks to the model-san.」


「Being an assistant sounds tough.」


「This is the path I chose for myself though… by the way, are you really in your 30s?」


「That’s right, the agency made it public too. Why?」


「On the video site, there’s an ikemen video that is still popular to this day. That person looks a lot like you.」


「Ah- that. It’s embarrassing, but that is me. I uploaded it by accident. Why did it turn out like that…」




Everyone on site looked at Miroku in shock. Their reaction surprised him.


「Yoichi-san….the director knows, so I thought there wasn’t any problems…」


When he was signing the contract, Yoichi who found out about the video burst out in laughter, while Fumi sung high praises of his singing and dancing, and looked at Miroku with eyes of respect.


Incidentally, the song he sang was the theme song of a late night kantai anime so Fumi’s gaze simply bored a hole into his heart.


He wrote an apology in the comments section and removed the video, but the video is still circulating on the web and would turn up when searched for.


It’s a frightening aspect of the internet.


「The heavens gift people with an endless amount of things –  is that how the saying goes? But I feel that it’s limited to just Miroku-san.」


「Now that you say it, it does seem to be that case. If his image was a little wilder, he could pass for a high-schooler too….」


「That Kirekkire* dance….seriously?」


(TL note: fast and vibrant dance)


Miroku made a dry laugh when he saw the unexpected reactions of the surroundings. Fumi ran over restlessly and glanced at him 「What’s wrong?」, to which he replied 「later」 by shaking his head with a smile.


「Well then, let’s begin-」 the cameraman announced and resolved the situation.


「Is it about that video?」


On the way back by car, Fumi, who was concerned with what happened earlier, asked Miroku. When he replied that it was not important, she said that it was her job as his manager, and made him give her the details.


「Un, well, although Yoichi-san… the director didn’t have the intention of concealing it, it seems that he intended to use it to help you become more famous. That’s why practically everyone was surprised when you said it so lightly.」


「They did it without your consent too. I’ll make a complaint against them for this, so don’t worry.」


「Eh- I don’t wish to trouble you.」


「What are you talking about? You are a member of our agency. There’s no point in being a member of an agency if the agency doesn’t protect its models!」


Miroku smiled spontaneously at Fumi’s words that were overflowing with chivalry. He liked this side of her. Somehow, her thoughts seemed more mature than his own, which made him respect her.


How was he like when he was in his 20s? Could he have thought of such a thing?


During the several years that he was a hikikomori, his memory was vague.


He did not even know what his family was doing during that period.


「What’s wrong? Is there something on your mind?」


「Un, well. I’m thinking that I have to get my act together. I’m older than Fumi-chan after all.」






Because of the unexpectedly strong reaction, Miroku reflexively looked at Fumi through the rearview mirror. She turned red before his eyes, causing him to ask 「Are you okay!?」 in a panic.


「Ah- th- that’s not it. Your pureness is a distinctive trait, you don’t have to change it for no reason….you’d lose your charm….」


「Really? I was thinking that I should do it to improve as a person though.」


「It’s fine!!」


「Y- yes.」


Miroku absentmindedly looked at Fumi who spoke in an unusually strong tone.


(This strong side of her gives off a mismatched feeling but it’s good…not. I have to work harder! Un! I’ll do my best!)


He did not know just what it was that he needed to work hard on though. The two of them returned to the agency with a somewhat awkward atmosphere.

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