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Chapter 8 – Fumi’s Hero

TL: Januva

Editors: Momielxai & Puissansa


Fumi contracted an illness in Junior High and entered High School a year later than others. Although her health thereafter did not impede her school life, her classmates knew of her circumstances and always kept a distance from her. Hence, Fumi could not fit in with her class.

University was fairly fun for her. She enjoyed helping out at her uncle’s agency and studying at her university, but the days still felt somewhat empty to her.

One day, she met her hero.

A violent drunk was shouting in the cafe opposite the convenience store.

She was afraid so she did not step out from the convenience store, but she witnessed a tall yet weak-looking man subdue the drunk and handed him over to the police.

The residents of this area seemed to know who he was, but unfortunately, Fumi only came to this neighbourhood to see her uncle and so this was not her hometown.

Later, she heard that he only stood up and went to stop the drunk since the drunk man was about to hit a child.

As she brought to mind the sight of that man’s back, he who left the place quickly as if in embarrassment, she felt that she had just seen a hero.

A hero who would definitely come for her when she is suffering from sickness or when she is crying from loneliness.

「Because of my strong mental image, no matter how many good-looking guys I see in the agency, they are no match for the hero in my heart!」

「Hahaha, alright, you got the job. This isn’t a part time job so I will be strict. Prepare yourself.」

「Yes! Boss!」

Fumi took the interview at her uncle’s agency. Despite her identity as his niece, he was not lenient to her and made her go through the proper procedure, making her feel refreshed.

「Sorry for making you wait, Miroku-kun. You brought the contract, right?」


「What’s wrong? Miroku-kun?」

「No…it’s nothing…」

Miroku had his hand over his mouth, and he kept his head down while blushing furiously.

His mind was in confusion right now. Somehow managing to regain control, he handed the contract to Yoichi.

Miroku officially became a model of Yoichi’s agency.

Initially, he only intended to help Yoichi out, but his family discussed it with Yoichi and decided it for him.

Although he has been stepping out of the house for the past several months, they were afraid that the sudden change in environment might be too much for Miroku to handle, so they arranged this, thinking that it would be the best way of easing him into things. They did not let Miroku know of this though, since they felt that he did not need to know.

「Miroku-san, your face is bright red.」

「Ah, no, Fumi-chan, congratulations on getting employed.」

Miroku regained his senses and congratulated Fumi with a smile.

「Thank you!」

Fumi grinned in delight. Her smile was so bright that it was difficult for Miroku to face it directly.

Several months ago, when Miroku had just started going to the sports gym, he bought several volumes of light novels at his favourite bookstore and went to the cafe to read them while enjoying a cup of cafe au lait.

(As expected, even in a reincarnation stories, I don’t really like harem…)

Although Miroku did yearn for romance, he did not think it was possible for him to come into contact with females outside of his family. If he somehow managed to get attached, he is someone who would devote himself to her, as he was a stoic guy.

Finishing his cafe au lait, he intended to finish the rest of the volumes at home and was about to get up, when he heard the sound of glass shattering.

The table near the entrance of the cafe was wet, and a man who seemed drunk was swinging his arms around.

The store assistant who tried to stop him was knocked over by the man’s flailing arms.

「What’s with this shop! You guys have a complaint against meeee!!?」

Miroku remained motionless as he watched the man shout. It could not be helped. If someone were to take action here, he would have to be someone who received special training, someone who was confident in his skills.

At that moment, the man shouted 「Shut up!!」 at a child who was frightened to tears and moved towards the child.

Before he knew it, Miroku had subconsciously moved.

「What are you d-djds*!! 」

(TLN: The author actually used “djds” in english letters in the raw.)

Gnashing his teeth with all his might, he did the low and middle kick that he learned from combat dance. Miroku then grabbed the wrist of the drunk man who staggered in surprise. Miroku turned him around, lifted up his knee and caused him to fall. From there, Miroku used a locking technique on him, a technique that he stole from an old superhero anime.

「Fu…that was easy…」

He had thoroughly turned himself into an anime character.

While he was basking in self-satisfaction, the police had arrived at the scene and he returned home.

The surrounding gazes hurt, especially since he got so into it that he even said the lines of the anime character.

In actual fact, the line 「The hero is here to help!」 was said by the surrounding crowd, and Miroku was merely embarrassed by it. He handed the man over to the police when they arrived and dashed out of the cafe.

Afterwards, when Miroku returned stealthily to pay for the cafe au lait, he was reminded of his embarrassing actions.

Just the thought of it made him feel embarrassed – all the more so when Fumi called him a 「Hero」.

However, since it came from Fumi, while it was still embarrassing, he felt happy as well. It was definitely because watching Fumi say it with a smile moved Miroku’s heart.

「What’s wrong?」

Fumi tilted her head while saying that, causing her soft hair to sway about. Miroku replied 「I’ll be under your care from now on」 and hid what he felt with a smile.

And thus his feelings did not bloom but was instead buried by his ordinary everyday life.

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