Chapter 9 – Watering a bud that won’t bloom with Mihachi

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「That’s unusual, for Yoichi-san to invite only me.」

「It’s probably because Miroku-kun goes to the same gym.」

Yoichi-san and Miroku’s elder sister, Mihachi, go to the same gym. On their way back from the gym, they usually drag Miroku along to go for a meal together.

While Mihachi does not particularly mind him, Yoichi did his utmost to avoid being alone with her. However, Mihachi was invited out by him with 「On the way back, let’s go for tea or something…」.

Although Yoichi used to be fat, he currently possesses an appearance that can turn the heads of women on the streets. While he may have lost weight in order to facilitate business negotiations, he ended up taking a liking to muscle training. Recently, he was even troubled by his physique which causes him to be unable to fit into his suit.

The fact that Mihachi had her guard up when she received his invitation, could be said to be inevitable.

Mihachi took a sip of her cafe au lait after adding sugar.

Yoichi felt that it was cute of her to only be able to drink sweet coffee, but as he excelled at avoiding danger, he knew what would happen to him if he were to say it out loud. As one would expect of a shrewd manager.

「Is this work related? How was the facial lotion?」

「Aah- that was great! Although I’m a little concerned that it’s making me stand out. Our models are interested in it too, so I was thinking of making a contract with you.」

「Ufufu, with pleasure. ….does this mean that it’s not about work? Is it about Miroku then?」

「Un. We’ve talked about it previously – the matter of him subduing a violent drunk at the cafe.」

「Aah, that matter. It shocked me; seeing the police come over all of sudden to express their gratitude. Miroku was so embarrassed that he refused to step out of his room….Well, according to him, his full-blown chuunibyou was exposed and he felt so ashamed that he wanted to die….

…..What about it?」

Her eyes held a sharp glint. She would not forgive anyone who harmed Miroku, and to her, it does not matter what happens to people outside of her family.

As a matter of fact, when she found out what happened to Miroku in the past, their parents had to desperately persuade her to leave it be. What would have happened had she not been stopped….What he heard from her family was that Mihachi was the last person you’d want to anger.

「Calm down. Our Fumi saw him back then, and described him as the 『Ideal Hero』, although it seems that she has yet to realise it was Miroku-kun.」

「Where did she see him?」

「The convenience store opposite the cafe.」

「The Miroku of back then?」

「Yeah. Back when I had practically only just met him myself.」


Mihachi softened her gaze, and gave a smile that seemed out of place considering her previous demeanor, a smile befitting a saint. A smile that Yoichi could not tear his eyes away from.

He looked into her eyes unexpectedly and swung his head in a panic to avert his gaze.

「Miroku-kun was there when Fumi spoke about it and his face was bright red. At that time, I didn’t know, but I suddenly recalled what you said.」

「Yeah, and?」

「That’s all. Although I meant it as a joke, I previously asked Miroku 『Fumi is currently looking for a boyfriend, how about you?』. His reply was 『That doesn’t concern an ossan like me』.」


Mihachi sank into thought.

Before he became a hikikomori- no, from the time when he started getting bullied, Miroku had never been in love. Just living was all he could manage; even now he is fighting to survive.

He has been stepping out of the house more frequently than he did in the past. He has been speaking more. Even so, his heart was still not whole. His heart was like clay that had dried up and developed cracks, where the slightest pressure applied to it could cause it to crumble into dust.

He wanted to interact with others, he wanted to believe in others, but above all else, he was afraid of others.

Even so, he still wanted to be kind to others. I wonder if he should be considered weak or strong?

But, if that were to be the case…if I think about it that way…

Fumi’s words made him turn red. While it might be a pretty small reaction, it was probably a pretty big change for him.

His interactions with others was slowly increasing. To make something in his heart bud, we wanted to water his withered heart.

「Yoichi-san, I have a request that might sound a little strange…」

「It’s fine, I wanted to do things that way too. Fumi will definitely have a positive effect on Miroku-kun. Since I’m her uncle, I shouldn’t be the one saying this, but she is a good judge of character.」

「Thank you, Yoichi-san.」

The two of them faced each other and unintentionally started laughing simultaneously.

They were both thinking for the sake of Miroku who was both a good friend and family.

While it was slightly embarrassing, it was not a bad feeling.

Yoichi asked for a second cup of coffee and cafe au lait. From here on, they settled down and chatted and stuck around for three more cups before leaving the shop.



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