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Chapter 2 – Bye-bye (part 1)

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Editors: Puissansa & Momielxai


Her silver hair reflected the dazzling sun and swayed gently in the sea breeze.

With the wind blowing, the girl’s hair became messy but she did not mind it. She was focused on the spectacle before her, enjoying the view with her eyes sparkling.

With a blue deeper than the sky, the horizon seemed to stretch on endlessly.

The roar of the waves, crashing against the sandy shore creating white foams, and the cries of the seagulls, brought a sense of calm to her heart.

「This is…. the sea, isn’t it?」

The sea looked magnificent and beautiful, especially since it was the first time she laid her eyes on it.

Amidst this scenery, she felt her resolve strengthening.

She nodded vigorously, un, and gathered her silver hair that extended down to her knees.

Closing her eyes, she lined a small knife to her hair.


I pictured the smile of the person who loved me.

But, I…

Sayonara, my love

Rifirudeidoa….your Fria will be left behind here.

Kiri….kiri, kiririri…

Gradually, little by little.

The hair that Kaa-sama tenderly combed for me.

The hair that that person praised as beautiful.

The last of it was cut off with a shrill putsun sound. The glittering strands of hair scattered in all directions.

I wonder how many strands gently soared to heaven along with the sea breeze.

O’wind, o’wind

Please let my feelings reach that person.


She prayed….then the girl opened her eyes.

From the moment she opened her eyes, she was no longer a girl but a mother.

The girl….no, 『She』 caressed her stomach with a motherly gaze before looking ahead with eyes brimming with determination.

She would no longer look back.


After all,

「I’m Ria. Just Ria. I’m the mother of this child. Nothing more, nothing less. I’m just Ria…」

The girl that the King adored, Fria, has vanished. The single mother who will be praised as the Holy Mother in the future was born today.


《Biography of Holy Mother Ria》




I’ve been in this shaky carriage for a month.

I’ve travelled to the port city that faces the inland sea, Eludy, which borders the Hero Kingdom Makugaia, the Freedom City State and the Holy Kingdom Carina.

I’ve been going ge-ge-, vomiting many times over this past month due to the shaking of the carriage, but my abdomen still started swelling anyway.

My morning sickness is much better than before. I wonder if that means it’s going to end? As that thought came to mind, the carriage arrived at the final destination, the port city.

Both the inland sea and the open ocean could be accessed from this port city. Travelling via the inland sea and heading to the opposite bank would bring us to Holy Kingdom Carina. Heading east would bring us to Freedom City State. This place is the center of commerce for Makugaia.

It could also be called Makugaia’s front door.

I put strength into my legs that became weak from the long carriage ride and slowly alighted.

Seeing the concerned looks of my fellow passengers, I smiled to assure them that I was fine. Since the body did not belong to only me now, I descended the steps cautiously.

But, when I came to the last step, I made a small leap.

I could hear the surroundings shrieking 「Hih!?」, but I’m not going to mind it.

I am, after all, currently 11 years old….no, I’m going to be 12 soon I think?

In any case, I’m just a child called Ria.

It’s natural for a child to be a little reckless.

….Un. It’s definitely not because I accumulated stress while cooped up in the carriage.

That said, everyone is way too worried.

Or at least that’s what I was thinking, but….

「Ria-chan, your body doesn’t belong to just you, you know? What are you going to do if something happened to the child in you? A pregnant mother should never voluntarily do something dangerous!」

The one who roared wasn’t the usual kind obaa-san but a middle-aged sister-san who joined us in the middle of the trip. It’s true that I might have been rash, so I reflected on it slightly.

Well, they might seem overprotective, but if I look at things objectively, it’s natural for them to be worried since I’m 11 years old and pregnant.

That’s why,


I meekly apologised.

Speaking of which, is there no option of abortion in this world? Or does everyone think that it’s natural for the 11 year old me to give birth to this child?

Well, it’s fine.

I intended to give birth to this child from the start, and I don’t want to be told to do so by others either.

Aah – come to think of it, hasn’t it been…

4 months.

This child has already been developing in me for 4 months.

I think that it’s been about a month since I found out that I’m pregnant?

Gradually, I’ve been feeling the reality of the situation – that I have to undergo child birth.

I’m honestly kind of afraid.

Of course, I’m not thinking of aborting this child.


….No. I’ll be frank.

Right now, the fact that this thought came to mind is proof that I did think of abortion, doesn’t it?

But, more so than this, I’m looking forward to it.

I’m anticipating it.

Anticipating the birth of this child that saved me.

I looked up.

The first thing to meet my eyes was emerald-emerald-emerald…

While feeling overwhelmed by incomprehensible emotions, I narrowed my eyes at the majestic sight before me.

The emerald sea that extended endlessly.

The white sandy beach that looks as though stars descended upon it.

The calm roaring of sea waves that entertained the ears.

This is the first time in this life that I’m by the sea.

I missed everything about it. But, that’s why I really know nothing about it.

In my previous life, I was raised in a town by the sea.

The sea spread out before me right now – how can it possibly be the southern sea!? It doesn’t feel like it. Instead of emerald, that sea was navy blue or possibly black, the colour of the deep ocean.

The sandy beach was dark and cold, not even a speck of warmth could be felt. It gave off a desolate feeling.

The stingingly cold sea breeze and the excessively noisy seagulls.

Near to the harbour, an old, wrinkly woman was busy working with her back bent, with a styrofoam box full of fish in her hands.

Nearby was a cat, waiting for an opportunity to steal the fish being sold.

The fishermen chased it away by throwing stones at it. Perhaps for the sake of relaxing after a exhausting day of fishing, they pointed at various bars as they walked down the street.

It was a scene lacking in hopes and dreams, filled only with the sights of a simple everyday life.

This is the sea I know, a typical port city of the knowledge from my past life.

I, Rifirudeidoa… or rather Ria-chan.

Only know of the emerald green of wide shallow beaches from television programmes, but this excessive cloying smell of the beach is nostalgic.


Truly, really….

This smell of the beach is,








It’s a fatal blow to me right now with my terrible morning sickness.


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