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TLC: Juzi

Seeing Your Former Boyfriend After Seven Years

Seeing her former boyfriend from seven years ago, Wang Rui, and Chen Yingying once again, Cheng Anya stared blankly.

“Anya, why are you here?” Seeing Anya, Wang Rui cried out in surprise, losing any semblance of calm he had had. By his side, Chen Yingying was astonished and then her face filled with jealousy, a malevolent look flashing through her eyes.

“Wang Shao, I am Chairman Ye’s secretary.” Anya smiled.

“Anya, I didn’t expect to see you here.” Wang Rui excitedly came over, stopping by her side and grasping one of her hands, both of his eyes calculating. The Wang family’s company was saved, this was his chance! He had to snatch this talent!

Before he had already heard that Ye Chen had an extremely capable secretary, but he didn’t expect that person to be Anya.

Anya was so young, looking just like a university student. What ability did she have to become Ye Chen’s secretary? It was definitely just because Anya was pretty. These two people had an unclear and indistinct relationship, and Anya had managed to get this job.

Wang Rui’s heart felt sour. He and Anya dated for a year, and they hadn’t even kissed, but other people had done so. He couldn’t help but feel jealous.

However, currently the most important thing was saving the Wang family’s company. As for Anya, he really didn’t expect that she had changed a lot these past seven years. She still seemed fresh, pure, and single; however, she was no longer the young, inexperienced, plain, and simple girl of the past and actually seemed a lot prettier.

Wasn’t this moving? She could sleep with Ye Chen, but when it came to him there was a problem?

Currently only his request for her help was genuine, but anything after that. . . .

“Did you think of me? These six years, I kept thinking about you, always asking for news. Where did you go?”Cheng Anya was speechless, her eyes lowering slightly to look at Wang Rui who was excitedly grasping her hand. Were they this familiar?

Anyway, you’re really screwed, my friend.

It’s been seven years, not six, ok?

Could you at least rehearse before you put on a show? It’s too easy for me to see through this, you know?


Who the fuck do you think you are? She had known that Wang Rui was coming here, but really, she hadn’t even remembered his face. She had only remembered who he was when she saw him. In her memory, this guy was nonexistent.

“Wang Shao, the Chairman is waiting for you inside.” Anya smiled indifferently.

“What secretary, I’m afraid she’s just a bed warmer.” Chen Yingying sharply mocked. After all, Ye Chen was famous for being playboy. It was normal for him to go after someone who wasn’t good enough for him. Anyway, there was also the fact that Chen Yingying had hated Anya back when they were studying.

For the purpose of getting close to Wang Rui, she insincerely became familiar with her, acting as her good friend, then taking the opportunity to steal away Wang Rui. She didn’t even feel the slightest bit of guilt, since that fresh, pure, and innocent face was a façade she put on to cheat people.

“As long as they aren’t married, if any man and woman have an unclear relationship, it can only be only be called “bed-warming”. Miss Chen, how many beds have you slept in in a single day?” At Yingying’s question, Cheng Anya’s smiling expression became ridiculing. Who didn’t do it?! Girl, if I opened my mouth, I could poison you to death!

“Cheng Anya, you. . . .” Chen Yingying was so angry that her face turned white.

“What are you doing?” A chilly voice floated over angrily, the entire floor’s temperature becoming that of a day in the middle of winter.

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