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Ye Sanshao’s Interference

Ye Chen’s gaze swept over Wang Rui and Cheng Anya’s linked hands, narrowing his eyes slightly. His chilly gaze carried a bit of anger and Cheng Anya rapidly disengaged her hand from Wang Rui’s without batting an eye.

A few secretaries trembled in fear. The Chairman’s complexion really looked terrifying.

Seeing Ye Cheng, Chen Yingying’s eyes shone with desire, resembling a starving wolf that had caught sight of some delicious food, and she brought out her most beautiful aspect: her charming gaze that was like silk.

Fuck it!

If anything is handsome you’d flirt!

“Chairman, Wang Shao has arrived!”

“Wang Shao, if you came to take liberties with my secretary, I ask you to go back. Additionally, you, Cheng Anya, are working. Please be a bit professional and stop flirting around!” Ye Chen calmly and collectedly entered the Chairman’s Office.

Cheng Anya trembled. It’s your ability to attract the opposite sex, ok?

Chen Ying Ying mockingly looked at Cheng Anya who looked like she had received a scolding. Taking a step, she shamelessly and arrogantly went in.

Senseless woman!

If Ye Chen could fall for this kind of trash, she would seriously call into question his eyesight when it came to appearances.

Preparing three cups of coffee, Anya carried them in and was about to leave, when Ye Chen coldly stated, “Miss Cheng, stay and listen!”

The perfect secretary, wouldn’t question their superior’s orders.

“Yes!” Even though Cheng Anya didn’t understand his purpose, she still quietly stood to the side. This man was cold, ruthless, and incomprehensible. She was skilled, but it was still better to exercise restraint in order to avoid running into a bullet.

What did Ye Chen make Cheng Anya stay behind for?

For a while, Wang Rui could not make out what their relationship was exactly. Ye Chen, this kind of incomprehensible man, definitely wasn’t someone other people could understand thoroughly, and yet Anya had a poker face, constantly maintaining that mask of an appropriately sweet smile. He couldn’t even make a guess.

At first, Chen Yingying had been continuously throwing Ye Chen flirtatious glances, hoping for him to notice her, but when she saw that Cheng Anya was staying, her face filled with jealousy.

Damned woman, she was always interfering in her pleasant affairs.

Ye Chen was worth millions, he was handsome without rival, and he had great status. This kind of man was the kind Chen Yingying aimed. If Ye Chen noticed her, she had the confidence she could steal his heart. Then, Cheng Anya, this irritating woman, would be swept out the door like garbage.

With a single glance, at her resentful gaze, Cheng Anya knew what she was thinking. Silently, she smiled awkwardly. This woman should hurry up and go to the supermarket to buy a bed, wash up, and lie in it so that her fantasy would hurry up and end!

The Wang family’s company was City A’s oldest general store company and its scope wasn’t small. This year, there was a financial crisis, and the Wang family’s company had suffered from the impact. Wang Rui’s stock market deficiency was quite a lot, and the company’s funds were having issues with cash flow. They had no choice but to look to MBS for money, hoping to make it through this crisis.

“Chief Ye, we have many large factories, faithful customers, and the company has also developed to be extremely large. The Wang family just needs provisional funding to fix the issue with cash flow. If Chief Ye gave us funds, I have confidence that we could return the Wang family to normal operations. This is something insignificant and there won’t be any losses for you. What do you say?” Wang Rui flatteringly promoted his campaign to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen’s mood was hidden in the depths of his eyes as he looked at the Wang family’s achievements for this year and at their plan for the next. His slender fingers on the desk were tapping it neither quickly or slowly, the sound of the steady rhythm seemed to be in time with Wang Rui’s violently jumping heart. He swallowed, nervously looking at Ye Chen with all of his attention.

In a word, he could determine the Wang family’s life or death.

“Chief Ye, think about it, the Wang family’s existence really is advantageous, with money, everyone makes a profit.” Cheng Yingying coyly persuaded.

Her seductive voice made Cheng Anya tremble a bit. Damn, do you want people to agree or not?

(⊙_⊙) . . . . [1]

She tilted her head to look at her own arm, a whole flock of goosebumps were rising like magic.

“Miss Cheng, do you have a suggestion?” Ye Chen lifted his head and surprisingly asked Cheng Anya.

[1] This emote means “Could you stop creeping people out”, apparently xD

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