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The Treacherous Ye Sanshao

Wang Rui’s hopeful and expectant gaze turned to Cheng Anya, using a “you have to help me” expression when he looked at her. No matter what had happened, they did spend some time together. Anya wouldn’t answer that with refusing rescue.

The corner of Chen Yingying’s mouth curled disdainfully, pouring a torrent of abuse on Wang Rui in her heart. He actually dared to turn to Cheng Anya for help in front of her, isn’t this sweeping away her pride?

Ye Chen coldly looked at the two people’s disgraceful performance, not saying a word, his smile like ice.

What did his secretary have to do with all these men?

Yang Zekun, Wang Rui. . . .

The idiom you can’t judge a book by its cover applies to her perfectly. As for her, he wanted to see. . . what would she say?

Cheng Anya’s expression dropped, and she modestly and favorably stated, “Chairman, Cheng Anya is only a secretary, you’re asking the wrong person for this kind of strategic decision. Additionally, if word got out that the chairman asked a secretary for advice on such a simple case, then the stock price of MBS would destabilize and Anya would become the scapegoat for this.”

Ye Sanshao narrowed his eyes dangerously, sweeping Cheng Anya up and down coldly. This little girl’s ability to insult people indirectly wasn’t weak at all. She actually had the guts to call him muddleheaded.

“As you have said, this is a simple case. Not only that, but as my chief secretary, you couldn’t even provide a minor suggestion. Miss Cheng, are you sure you are qualified to work here?” Ye Sanshao’s tone was even colder than before.

Hearing that he was annoyed, Chen Yingying smirked inwardly, wishing for Ye Sanshao to kick Cheng Anya out of MBS on the spot.

“Since Chairman really wants to know, Anya can only be so bold as to answer. This is my idea.”  Cheng Anya stated, “The Wang family is an old and well-known general store company and really does have a lot of customers. The company’s image is very good and it remains traditional. These are all among the Wang family’s advantages. However, these past few years, Wang Shao frequently misappropriated company funds to bet on the stock market, resulting in deficits again and again, unrepentantly. The quality of the majority of the goods are also not as good as before. To do business, especially for a traditional company, you must have a good steady and serious character in order to seize every opportunity. The risk is too big, I believe that even if MBS supplied funds, it wouldn’t do much to improve the current state of the Wang family. Instead it will be a loss, gone forever.”

Cheng Anya daringly used her treasured son’s high IQ to make a bet. Ye Sanshao, that gloomy man, already had a plan. He just deliberately pushed her to be the scapegoat.

Treacherous and two-faced.


Damn, having this kind of boss, it’s no wonder the subordinates’ hearts are warped.

“Cheng Anya, what lies are you speaking out of that mouth of yours. This is slander!” Wang Rui, humiliated, flew into a rage, leaping up from the sofa and cursing her.

The tip of Ye Chen mouths curled up slightly. This little girl, her poker face is really adorable. Everything about her deadpan expression as she criticized Wang Rui is wrong. Really so cute, not even admitting she was scolding him.

“Chief Ye, don’t listen to Cheng Anya’s nonsense, she’s resentful that Wang Rui dumped her. Pick me, she only wants revenge against Wang Rui. Don’t listen to her idiocy, Chief Ye, she’s jealous of us and can’t even look at us properly.” Chen Yingying glared resentfully at Anya before turning to Ye Chen and enticing him with a pitiful and lovely expression, attempting to regain ground in a losing battle.

Cheng Anya: ⊙﹏⊙! *sweats*

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