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TLC: Juzi

To Hit the Nail on the Head (2nd edit)

*Faints*, if it weren’t for you guys coming to beg Ye Chen and for them running into each other at the office, she would have forgotten even Wang Rui’s and Chen Yingying’s appearances.


Are you fucking kidding me?

You two, from head to toe, inside and out, what do you guys have that’s worthy of making others jealous?

Ye Chen’s eyebrow raised. Abandoned? They were previously lovers? Ye Sanshao’s eyes narrowed and his lip curled up ridiculingly, “Miss Cheng, you’ve really had a wide variety of relationships.”

Cheng Anya humbly bowed her head as she smiled brightly, “Don’t mention it, Chairman’s has been much more diverse. As your subordinate, if I were to fall behind, I’d be laughed at.”

In other words, Master you’re so valiant, how could this slave dare to fall behind?

The glare Ye Chen sent at Cheng Anya from the corner of his eyes could have killed. Why did she use such a bright and beautiful smile to such vicious words?

She had hit the nail on the head!

“It was like her face was paralyzed. She was all smiles, but the words she spat out of her mouth would make one erupt in anger. Even so, she was smiling so sweetly and speaking the truth, so even if you wanted to get angry, you wouldn’t know where to start.”

“Wang Shao, look, even my secretary knows that administered funds are gone forever. You can only look to us next time for a collaboration, Miss Cheng, see our visitors out!”

Wang Rui and Chen Yingying were unwilling to back out and wanted to persuade him further, but as Ye Shen swept a frigid glance at them, the entire room filled with a terrible intimidating aura, leaving them petrified.

This was the coldness possessed by someone who worked in the shadows!

Just like that he sat there, unmoving, his handsome face graceful and indifferent, his gaze chilly. This could be called a ruler’s domineering strength that made all others feeling suppressed.

Calm on the outside, but evil on the inside like Cheng Anya. Both of them felt that this really was abnormally frightening!

This man was so formidable it frightened people.

It was such a waste of a handsome face. If he smiled more, it’d be charming. Maybe she’d even be smitten and immediately carry her son over to him hurriedly.

“Wang Shao, Miss Chen, please!” Cheng Anya courteously asked them to leave.

“Anya, I’m disappointed in you!” Wang Rui angrily glared at her as if her not helping him speak just a moment ago was a terrible crime.

Cheng Anya gracefully remained silent!

During that time, what had she liked about him? As expected, you weren’t young unless you were naïve!

Noon, Rest Hour.

“Anya, we’re going to eat lunch~!”

“I’m not going, you guys go ahead. I brought a lunchbox.” Cheng Anya raised her hands in which she held a lunchbox. Her face was happy, her son had made her a lunchbox full of love that was equal to a five-star hotel’s.

“Really, everyday your boyfriend makes you a lunchbox. You’re so blessed, it makes us jealous.”

“Ok, I’m really hungry, let’s go eat!”

. . . .

Cheng Anya waved goodbye as they left. It wasn’t until then that she took out Ning Ning’s handmade lunchbox.

“Your boyfriend made you a lunchbox?” A chilly voice floated over and a cold shiver ran down Cheng Anya’s back, her heart suddenly jumping a few times. ⊙﹏⊙b *sweats* Pervert Ye, could you not appear so suddenly? You’ll scare people to death.

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