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TLC: Juzi

Lunchbox of Love (3rd edit)

Cheng Anya smiled, “Chairman Ye, this is a personal topic, so I won’t answer.”

Ye Sanshao crossed his arms, his enigmatic gaze swept her face twice and unhurriedly shifted to rest on the lunchbox. Today, Ning Ning had made Chicken Wings of Love and two chicken wings had been beautifully placed to form a heart.

Joining the meat was a sautéed asparagus that was extremely green and scattered about it was a bit of chili. Between the Chicken Wings of Love, to display originality, was a very small, red persimmon as decoration.

It really seemed like it was a genuine Lunchbox of Love!

The corner of Ye Sanshao’s mouth curled up a bit in a slight smile, his gaze demonically charming as he looked ridiculing at Cheng Anya. Following his gaze, Cheng Anya’s cheeks actually flushed in embarrassment, her heart bumping around like a frightened dear.

So melodramatic!

Son, you fabricated such a melodramatic play, damn, this pervert is guaranteed to misunderstand!

“The company dining hall’s food isn’t good?”

“I’m used to eating what he makes.”

“He?” Ye Sanshao’s brow wrinkled, his obscure eyes narrowing and his voice monotonous, but also a bit strange, “A man?”

Cheng Anya coughed dryly twice and nodded her head. Why didn’t this pervert just go eat? She looked at her food, smelling the fragrant spices as she drooled. Even if you aren’t hungry, I am!

Ye Sanshao smiled even more coldly. Humph! Yang Zekun could cook for this woman? A couple’s love truly was a miracle. Are you afraid people would know you guys are so intimate?

“It looks delicious.” Ye Sanshao said lightly.

The corner of Cheng Anya’s mouth twitched. What did he mean? Ye Sanshao’s thoughts were just what everybody could guess, but Cheng Anya still mulled over what his words could possibly mean.

Ye Sanshao proved his words with his actions, gracefully stealing the lunchbox and, in one motion, popping a chicken wing into his mouth with a fork.

After the first mouthful, he tried for the asparagus. Delicious. The quality of this food was too good. Although it was home-cooked, the flavor was excellent.

Cheng Anya was flabbergasted to the point that her mind overloaded, and it took her quite a while to react. Fuck! Damn, you even dare to snatch my lunchbox.

“Chairman, what are you doing?”


“That’s my lunchbox.”

Calm, I am calm, impulse is the devil, impulse is the devil. . . .

“I’m hungry!” So good, Yang Zekun, his skills aren’t fake. Fuck, he can even cook, a man this perfect should be careful the heavens don’t strike him down.

Far away in an elementary school, Ning Ning was attending class when he gracefully sneezed.

Ye Sanshao ate and ate before he finally realized that Cheng Anya was glaring at him angrily, her expression seeming to swallow him up. He paused, raising an eyebrow, and took another bite of a chicken wing.

Gracefully, he stood up, clasping the lunchbox, and went into the Chairman’s Office, leaving Cheng Anya outside.

  * (Author’s Note)

A jealous Ye Sanshao is too cute, like a bird! (⊙_⊙) . . . .

Yes, yes, yes, this is my third edit! (*^__^*) Heehee. . . . Everyone please support me, hehe, if I have time tonight, there will be a fourth edit. . . . I am very hardworking, you know (waves my handkerchief). Please bookmark me and recommend~

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