Translator: Mandarin

TLC: Juzi

Ye Sanshao’s Twisted Mind

Cheng Anya (⊙o⊙)?

Staring at the Chairman’s Office, she took a deep breath and made a fist, raging internally. Fuck! Ye Chen, for this you will die, pervert! Black-hearted! Beast! Do you think this lady is decoration?!

Not only did he steal her lunchbox, he even ran away in front of her. She glared resentfully at the door, was he even going to eat it all?

Damn, when she met him he was shameless, but not this shameless.

Chairman Mao said you must conduct yourself with integrity and not be lowly like this. Be careful that the Heavens don’t strike you down!!!

She was just thinking about charging in when Ye Sanshao again came out, clasping her lunchbox, and passed a red item to her.

Cheng Anya subconsciously reached out to take it.

Master Kang’s Simmer-fried Beef Noodles?

From the advertisement?

(⊙o⊙). . . Pervert Ye, you’re so rich, how can you eat this common brand of instant noodles? At least prepare bear heart, leopard guts, and so on. Things that correspond with your upstart social status.

“Miss Cheng, go eat these instant noodles!” Ye Sanshao said calmly, without any change in expression. When that voice sounded in Cheng Anya’s ear, she wished to throw herself at him and cut him into little pieces.

That expression looks like you’re saying, “These instant noodles are your reward!”

“Chief Ye, you stole my lunchbox.”

“As a qualified secretary, you should take your boss’ stomach into account.” Ye Sanshao said confidently and self-righteously as he attacked the second chicken wing. Craving the wings, Cheng Anya drooled.

“A normal boss would not steal their subordinate’s lunchbox.” Cheng Anya smiled amiably, but in her heart, she had turned into Popeye the Sailorman, thrown Ye Sanshao on the ground, and was trampling him.

In other words, you’re weird!

“Woah, you didn’t know I was strange?” Ye Sanshao countered, unperturbed, an eyebrow raising and his eyes demonically charming as the corner of his mouth slyly curved up, “I have a medical history of mental problems, want me to let you see it as confirmation?”

Ye Sanshao’s shamelessness made Cheng Anya choke.

Damn, eventually there will be a day when I step on you until you die!

Since the situation was out of her control, she had no choice but to bow her head and give in. Immediately, Cheng Anya turned and walked away. It was just instant noodles, not like she hadn’t had them before.

“Miss Cheng, you should look at the date to make sure it hasn’t expired.”

Cheng Anya’s footsteps stopped. Fuck, this damned two-faced man, he was doing this on purpose! On purpose!!!

If one day she made a mistake and killed someone, it absolutely served them right! The judge should not charge her as guilty.

Cheng Anya clenched the Master Kang noodles in her hands, distortedly calm.

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