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Bastard (Third Edit)

This district was where the rich lived, with fashionable villas in great numbers. English-styled villas, German-styled villas, Gothic Renaissance-styled villas, and many others were all present. Located halfway up the mountain, they were a luxurious and magnificent sight to those who passed by.

The silver Rolls-Royce stopped in front of a European style villa and Ye Chen got out. As he gracefully entered the villa, he seemed even colder than usual, yet not as overbearing as when he was in the business world. It was almost as if he was bearing many things patiently.

“Ye Sanshao, you came back. Mr. Ye is waiting for you!” The senior butler respectfully invited Ye Chen to come in.

The villa was decorated extremely luxuriously. Using a great teacher’s words, it was almost luxurious to the point of extravagance. The excessive display of wealth almost blinded Ye Chen.

Ye Chen’s gaze contained a barely noticeable sneer.

He felt only coldness for this villa, a coldness so severe that it cut.

Ye Zhen’s imposing face as he sat in the host’s seat was unaffected by the greying hairs of his temples or the walking stick that supported him. This elderly man had been an all-powerful figure at the pinnacle of the business world all his life. He was extremely dignified, his already muddied eyes still possessing a keen gaze.

His third wife, Ruan Cuiyu, who still hadn’t reached 30 years old, was sitting at his side, sneering. In contrast, her eight-year-old son, Ye Yutong, was sitting quietly with a shy expression that provoked feelings of tender affection.

His second brother Ye Yutang was also present, his upright face unable to conceal the greed in his eyes.

“Father, I have returned!” Ye Chen announced indifferently, his mood unchanging. His father had established a rule that once a week, he’d have to return for a single meal.

“Our busy bee has finally returned. How arrogant of you to make us all wait for your arrival.” Ruan Cuiyu coldly said.

“He’s the chairman of MBS, it’s only natural to have such arrogance, hmph!” Ye Yutang snorted sourly.

Ye Chen’s face was expressionless, “Father, recently there has been a lot of work at the company. My apologies.”

Despite his words s, his tone wasn’t at all apologetic, but cold and detached instead.

“Let’s eat!” Mr. Ye’s sharp gaze swept over everyone as he spit out those two words, silencing them all.

In his heart, Ye Chen sneered.

Ye Yutong shyly called out to his third brother and Ye Chen glanced at him, nodding his head. Ye Yutong smiled and Ruan Cuiyu pulled at her son’s clothes, causing him to hang his head shyly again.

“Ye Chen, Yutang wants to open a jewelry store. Give him some funds to help him establish connections more easily.” Mr. Ye’s tone was imposing as he gave his command.

“Yes, Father!”

Every time he set foot here, it was like an icebox—so cold it was stifling. In Mr. Ye’s eyes, he was nothing more than a tool. This man had been all-powerful throughout his life and was used to being in control of everything.

The true master of the Ye family was Mr. Ye. The real successor was Ye Yutang, and Mr. Ye’s most treasured son was Ye Yutong. As for him. . . .

He was only a distinguished and outstanding outsider, the carelessly leaked seed.

A scandalous bastard child.

A mistake that conveniently killed off his most beloved son’s assassins.

In his heart, Ye Chen coldly laughed. Inevitably there would be a day when he would show Mr. Ye. . . .

Just how a man would fight back against this cold tyranny!

* (Author’s Note)

Third time editing, ha (*^__^*) Heehee. . . Actually the tale of Ye San’s childhood is also that of a bitter and pitiful child. There’s a reason why he’s so moody and brooding, so don’t doubt that he has a history of psychological problems, hehe.

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