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Masochistic Tendencies

At a certain apartment building, Cheng Anya froze as soon as she returned home. Today her baby hadn’t come back, she frowned.

Eh, shouldn’t Ning Ning be cooking around now?

She was already used to coming home to the fragrant aroma of food.

However, she was only worried for a second before she numbly collapsed on the couch. Her son was a completely purebred genius, it was impossible for him to just happen to wander off by mistake.

Her mind at ease, she laid down to wait for her son to come back to cook and wait upon her.

After not eating Ning Ning’s food for a day, she felt uneasy. In the afternoon, she had received a serious admonishment from Ye Sanshao and had had to schedule a last minute travel arrangement. She was so tired she couldn’t even lift a finger.

Unconsciously she thought again of Ye Sanshao standing in front of the window, his entire body upright and exuding loneliness as if the entire world had abandoned him.

Her understanding of Ye Sanshao was of a cold, graceful, two-faced, and mentally gloomy person. . . . But, could sorrow ever be associated with this person?

What had happened to him? Fuck. Getting up from the couch like a carp leaping out of the water[1], Cheng Anya patted her forehead, “Cheng Anya, did you become a masochist because of that harsh scolding?”

Since she had the time, wouldn’t it be better for her to think of her precious son’s face instead of Ye Sanshao’s?Switching over, she realized that the difference between Ye Sanshao and Ning Ning was only that of adult and child. Cheng Anya calmed down! o(╯□╰)o

“Mommy, it’s not that you’re a masochist, but that your darling is one.” A child’s uniquely young and tender voice floated in as Ning Ning shut and locked the door. Carrying a bag of groceries as he came in, he shot her a disdainful glance.

“Ning Ning, you finally came back! Mommy’s belly is starving!” Without the least bit of shame, Cheng Anya turned to her son and complained that he hadn’t promptly fed her.

Ning Ning took off his schoolbag and tossed it to her as he smiled, “Mommy, eat something first to pad your stomach, I’ll start cooking immediately.”

Ning Ning was a genius and attended class, but, since he rarely listened to the lesson, his bag was always light as a feather. Today, it was unexpectedly heavy, so Cheng Anya inquisitively pulled it open, and there was a crashing sound as a pile of snacks fell out.

Chocolate, cream puffs, candy. . . apples, cherries. . . bread?

So many things that they filled a large schoolbag. Cheng Anya’s first reaction was, “Ning Ning, when you pick up money, you should bring it and give it to Mommy instead of wasting it on a bunch of random things!”

[1] Here,鲤鱼打挺 have some pictures and an explanation in CN : )
(it’s literally just how she got up off the couch. . . so all you need is the pictures if you’re confused. xD )

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