Chapter 15 – Self-awareness


TL: Agni

TLC: Cryarc

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Andou-kun is inside my room. Umm, Why? (Asakura)


「A, Asakura-san?」


Is it a dream? This is bad. It’s painful when I pinched my cheek. That’s mean this is…… Reality? Eh, reality!? (Asakura)



「Eh! Mo…… Come again? What’s wrong Asakura-san!」


Asakura-san, she suddenly froze up, then soon after let out a strange voice, as expected is her condition still bad? (Andou)


「It, it, it, it’s nothing! I’m simply surprised to see Andou-kun! More importantly, why is Andou-kun here!」

「Eh, aa, that’s right. Sorry I came so suddenly. In truth, I came to give this school’s handout and while I’m at it, I’m taking this opportunity to visit you」

「Fue…… Andou-kun is visiting me?」

「Ye, yeah」


As expected, even if I came to visit her it was a bad move to go up to her room—… But at the entrance, Asakura-san’s mother was 『ara……ara ara ara ara ara araaaaaaa~~』 and while relentlessly saying that 『ara ara』, she said 『might as well let you meet her,  it will be more interesting that way—-I mean, that girl will be delighted~』, that’s why I went up but…… (Andou)


That Andou-kun is coming to visit me!? Alone? Moreover, he did it like it was a matter of course! Aa, I know…… Most likely, I’m dying. (Asakura)


「Then, my illness is so severe I don’t have much time left…… Or else there is no reason for a 『loner』 like Andou-kun to come and give me a visit」

「No, Asakura-san. Even someone like me can properly visit a sick person though?」


……It seems like Andou-kun really came to visit me…… That’s unbelievable. Wow, is this something like ‘the power of a sick person’? (Asakura)


How should I put it, Asakura-san was nonchalantly dissing me by calling me a 『loner』? (Andou)


「Come to think of it Asakura-san, that pink bear pattern…… It’s unexpected for you to wear such a cute pajamas」

「He…… Kyaaaaaaaaaa! I’m still in my pajamas! Noooooooo! Don’t look at me, Andou-kun! 」


Uwa! Now that Asakura-san finally realised she is still wearing pajamas, she concealed herself inside her bed. Does she have to be that shy? After all, it’s only me seeing her. (Andou)


No way, no way, no way! Just what kind of appearance have I shown to Andou-kun! If it was a different classmate then I wouldn’t be this shy, but…… it’s none other than Andou-kun! I hate this! Only in front of him, I always maintain my perfect beautiful girl image…… Eh, why did I have to appear like that only for Andou-kun! That’s not particularly…… Ah! That’s because if Andou-kun, as my one and only light novel comrade, became disappointed thus won’t talk about light novels with me again, then that would suck! (Asakura)


A-Asakura-san, she is poking her head out of the bed (Andou)


「Tha, that……I’m sorry for losing control」

「Ye, yes」

「For visiting me today…… Thank you」

「Yeah, how is your condition? Is it good?」

「Eh, with this condition I think I’ll able to go to school tomorrow」

「Is that so. Then, that’s great. Actually today, I want to give this to Asakura-san」

「That is…… A light novel? Moreover, two books at that」

「Nn, you see…… Last time at the bookstore, didn’t I say I was going to give you a light novel as a present? But in the end that thing kinda unsettled so…… 」


Uu…… That’s right. That time, not only did I say strange things but I also dragged him to my house, thus I couldn’t get the light novel gift from Andou-kun…… Eh, don’t tell me this is—— (Asakura)


「Yeah, this is the present for Asakura-san which I couldn’t buy back then. At that time, Asakura-san said that you wanted to read the light novels I like, so I picked my favorite and brought it here」

The isekai genre is a safety measure as she loved it, but I also chose the non-isekai genre for preparation since there is a possibility she already read the other one. (Andou)


Sho haphyyyyyyyyyyyyyy– Woohooooooooooo! Andou-kun earnestly remembered that promise! Moreover, he also gave me two books! I’m happy! I’m happy! I’m really really happy! (Asakura)


「W-well! I’m grateful to have this!」

「Nn, I’m also glad I could give it to you」

「Hm, which light novel is it? Let me see 『e!?  :Aho kara hajimeru isekai seikatsu』* ……?」


Oh! That reaction, most likely Asakura-san hasn’t read it yet! (Andou)


「Yes! This is the ‘transfer to another world’ genre at 『Narou』 that I recommend above anything else. The protagonist obtained the ability called 『Return from the Death』 that is 『when he dies, time is rewound』, but every time that ability is used, the protagonist turns into an 『idiot』. Even if the protagonist experienced the horror of slowly becoming an 『idiot』, he keeps dying and turning into an idiot for the sake of saving the heroine!」
「He~ I see…… So it’s a dilemma-type series in which the character is being forced to use a powerful ability with severe repercussion. Indeed this is to my liking. And then, the other one is…… 『Sonata no Shinzou wo Tabetai』*? Eh, isn’t this a literature work?」

「Yup! This is 『Narou』’s general literature work that very unusual in 『Narou』!」

「Eh! It is the first time I ever heard there is such a general literature work at 『Narou』!」

「As for this, the protagonist is a naive, dull loner highschool boy who is falling in love with the most beautiful girl in school, it has that kind of story」


Eh…… 『Dull loner highschool boy』? 『most beautiful girl in school』? Isn’t something like that similar to our setting right now? (Asakura)


「But in truth, that beautiful girl’s true nature is a vampire, going with that fact the protagonist is—」


Then, that means…… Even the 『protagonist falling in love with the heroine』 part is—– ….!

P-p-p-perhaps, Andou-kun! By giving this novel which has similar setting to us…… He intended to casually show off that he has feelings for me! It can’t be?! No, but, it’s the only thing…… Wh-wh-what should I do! I-I’m being proposed by a boy right now! (Asakura)


Well~~ This novel is my favourite among other works that I’ve recently read! Since Asakura-san said she wanted to read my favorite series too, and then once she read it, surely we can exchange our own impressions about the work! Even so, this story’s setting, why do I feel like I have read it before…… ? (Andou)


「I-I-I-…… I’m grateful for having it」



What should I do…… Would it be better to answer? But if it’s wrong then I’ll repeat the same mistake as I recently did at the bookstore—- for now, let’s answer it safely! (Asakura)


「Andou-kun, thank you so much for visiting me today. To be honest, I was feeling down as I feel a little lonely. But, thanks to Andou-kun…… I’ve cheered up」



That’s right. Asakura-san has a cold. And yet rather than worry about her, I…… (Andou)


「I’m sorry…… What I’ve said, that I came to visit because I was worried about Asakura-san, is a lie」


「Asakura-san said 『I’ll be happy if someone worried about me and comes to visit, whoever it might be』 right…… 」



Ah, as expected this is a dream. I’m sure after this he will say something like 『to be honest I came because teacher told me so』 and wake me up. I’m sure this is my usual 『dream』, I’m not mistaking it. Therefore, don’t cry, me! (Asakura)


「I, to be honest, today I came to Asakura-san’s house with different purpose in mind」

「Different…… Purpose? Ah, that is, you came to give me the light novels!」

「…… No」


Eh…… D-don’t tell me, he won’t say something like 『I came to meet Asakura-san’s mother!』 right…… ? No, stop it! I’m truly about to cry!  (Asakura)


「Then…… what is your purpose?」



Just say it! I’ll earnestly apologise to Asakura-san! If not, then it will impolite to Asakura-san who is lying down due to a cold! (Andou)


「I, the truth is—— 『not being able to see Asakura-san made me lonely』, for my own sake I came to see Asakura-san!」


Here it comees, as expected this is a dream——eh (Asakura)


「………………Hae」 *zukyuuuuuuun!* ← the sound of something pierced into Asakura-san’s heart


「I’m truly sorry! Asakura-san is sick but I thought nothing but myself and came to see you…… Even though Asakura-san is lying down from cold, I’ve been a bother, right?」


Hoeeeeeeee! Wait a second! Wait wait wait! It’s a lie right?! What is this, this warm feeling inside my chest? Aa no good! Those words made me so happy that I can’t stop myself from grinning! (Asakura)


Asakura-san, in the end she concealed even her face inside the bed. Well that’s right…… If the person you think came to visit out of kindness frankly told you that he came with the petty reason of 『only wanting to see you』, and you have to wake up because of it, it’s normal to be angry. (Andou)


「I’m sorry, then I’ll go home」


Andou-kun, he has gone home……  (Asakura)


『Not being able to see Asakura-san made me lonely』


To be honest, I’d come to understand. But, I’m scared to admit 『that』 and continuously covered that feeling under the pretext of 『pride』 on my own. However, just now, that cover was perfectly blown up by Andou-kun words. Then, finally I’m being aware of my own feelings. (Asakura)


「What should I do…… I’m falling in love with Andou-kun」


TN Notes:

  1. 『e!?  :Aho kara hajimeru isekai seikatsu』 which can be translated into 『e!?: Starting Life from Idiocy in Another World』, is a parody for: Re: Zero kara hajimeru isekai seikatsu
  2. 『Sonata no Shinzou wo Tabetai』 which can be translated into 『I Want to Eat Your Heart』, is a parody for: Kimi no Suizou wo Tabetai.
  3. I almost die from diabetes when translating this chapter. RIP translator…
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