Chapter 16 – Extra Edition – Valentine

TL: Cryarc

Editor: Shirani




「Andou-kun, good morning.」

「Good morning, Asakura-san」




Valentine. (Asakura & Andou)


Today is what we call valentine’s day! For this day I’ve brought handmade chocolate for Andou-kun, but now that I’m about to give it to him I’m nervous…… uhm, what should I say when I give him this……Not good. I’ve been too engrossed in making the chocolate, I didn’t consider how to present it at all! (Asakura)


Today is valentine’s day…… Yeah, it’s the day for a fucked up event livening those bunch infesting the earth known as 『Riajuu』. Haah…… At least, if only chocolates in this school disappear. (Andou)


A-alright! When it comes to this, I’m not the one presenting it if I make Andou-kun say 『Aah~, because today is valentine, I really want chocolate~』, 『It can’t be helped! Then, I’ll give you this handmade chocolate I made by chance yesterday!』 let’s aim for this kind of flow! (Asakura)


「A-Andou-kun! To, today…… Did you know what day is it?」

「Asakura-san, today is  February 13th! It’s 32:30* now. There’s nothing more nor less!」

「……Ah, yes.」


This is not good! For some reason today, Andou-kun’s mood is awfully bad! W-what’s wrong, Andou-kun? Where has your usual loner aura gone to!? (Asakura)


This is bad…… No way, even that Asakura-san is being infected by this crazy event! But, why did Asakura-san ask me that…… Maybe, chocolate for me―― oi, nay, nay! Stop it, me!  Abandon such wishful thinking! If I’m being infected with valentine’s expectations, I will eventually spend the night in sorrow since I won’t get any chocolate until the end of day, won’t I?! Until now, how many years this feeling has kept going on…… (Andou)


Kuh! Making Andou-kun saying that today is 『Valentine』 as it is is hard…… By the way Andou-kun is the only 『Loner』 in the class so it might be normal for him to hold negative sentiment towards events like 『Valentine』…… Nn? Then, wouldn’t it be fine to use that as pretext?

First, let’s make Andou-kun admit that today is 『Valentine.』 And then, when Andou-kun’s spirit is weakened, the most beautiful girl in the school will give him chocolate. He will behold me as if I’m an angel…… Finally, Andou-kun surely will fall for me! Alright, this is it! I will go with this strategy! (Asakura)


First period break.


「A, Andou-kun. What kind of day today is, it’s actually――」

「That’s right, Asakura-san! Today is the thirteenth day of February which is the release date for CA Bunkou*!」


Second period break.


「Andou-kun! Don’t you have any favorite sweets? I’m ch――」

「Chalk, right! Yep, as the lime crumbles, the crispy taste spreading on the mouth is delicious!」


Third period break.


「Andou-kun, can you list 5 foods that used cacao?!」

「『Butter』『Jam』『Sake』『Tea』『Mole sauce*』over, QED*!」


Fourth period break.


「Andou-kun! Dark, sweet, and some have a deep bitter taste, what kind of food is it?」



Lunch break.


Haa…… In the end, I couldn’t make Andou-kun admit the existence of 『Valentine』 until lunch break. If this keep going on, the school will end before I can hand this chocolate over! (Asakura)


Ee–eh……? Why does Asakura-san keeps bringing up the topic of 『Chocolate』 to me? Since it’s impossible for the most beautiful girl in school like that Asakura-san to give a chocolate to me…… Rather, she requested me to? Nay, nay, nobody will aim for a 『Loner』 like me―― oi, maybe it’s ‘that’?! (Andou)

「A, Asakura-san……」

「Eh! Andou-kun? W-what is it?」

「This is…… Present.」

「He? This is……Tirol* chocolate? W-why Andou-kun, a chocolate for me!?」

「W-why is…… earlier, when it’s break time Asakura-san said――


『Somehow in previous years, female juniors gave me valentine’s chocolates…… Occasionally being on different circumstances seems nice~.  But there’s no partner huh~ I wonder if there’s somebody out there that’s craving for chocolateー?』 *peek!* *peek!*


―― something like this, right? So I thought, ‘perhaps Asakura-san wanted a chocolate from a boy?’…… Am I wrong?」

「…………」*smile* *smile*


That’s wroooooooooong! Instead, why did it turn out like this!? (Asakura)


That smile…… As expected I’ve read it right! Not from female juniors but someone 『with different circumstances』―― Right, for example a boy which is 『somebody out there that’s craving for chocolate』, doesn’t this mean I should give Asakura-san one? That’s the meaning of the previous airs. I seeー Asakura-san likes 『chocolate』 that much, huh. That’s why she appealed for 『craving for chocolate』 desperately. Fuh, I’m glad. Luckily I have a chocolate that I bought for me at a convenient store this morning in my pocket. (Andou)

Geez! Andou-kun didn’t understand how I felt…… This, this kind of cheap looking chocolate――……B-but, even if Andou-kun only gave me something like a Tirol, most importantly I got chocolate! Ufufu, what should I do! Even though it’s just a tiny chocolate…… E-even though it’s just a Tirol! Just by getting something from him, my face is…… Mortifying~! But, I’m grinning! *grin* *grin* (Asakura)


Oh! Asakura-san. Even though it’s just a Tyrol chocolate she’s been grinning in delight…… It’s a little bit repulsive though, liking chocolate to that extent. (Andou)

「A, Andou-kun!」

「E, ah, yes! What’s up, Asakura-san!」

「For you who gave me chocolate, I’ll give you this!」

「This is…… Eh! Cho, chocolate!?」

「Ah! D-don’t take me wrong! It’s not like, I made this because I want to give it to you today, it’s because I made chocolate and by chance there’s some leftover!」

「Eh…… Y-yeah.」


N-no! With this, won’t it look like that I said that I made this for Andou-kun, right?! W-what should I do…… Andou-kun, will he realize my feelings? (Asakura)


I get it…… This means, Asakura-san made this chocolate for herself, right! Even then, for a supposed to be palm-sized heart-shaped chocolate, this is quite big….. ‘Heart-shaped chocolate for herself, how strong  is her narcissism?’- I can’t say I didn’t think this way, but as expected even Asakura-san is embarrassed to eat this so she exchanged her chocolate with mine, isn’t it? (Andou)

「Asakura-san, thanks……」



Even if what I get is leftover chocolate…..This is the first time in my life I got a chocolate from a girl! Let’s eat this slowly at home. (Andou)


Yeay! That Andou-kun is taking my chocolate! Kyahho-ii!! (Asakura)



That day, why is the first valentine chocolate I eat in my life―― salty……………………Really, why? (Andou)



TL Notes:

  1. This chapter was released at Valentine’s day as an extra chapter. It’s not related to the timeline from the main series.
  2. It’s actually written in raws as 32:30, most likely Andou-kun said it wrongly and Asakura-san just letting it slide.  A comment from spotmarkedx explained the joke clearly: “I think the 32:20 is Andou implying that February 13th is 48 hours long. So it is actually February 14th @ 8:30 in the morning. Sort of like a stereotyped woman saying that she is 29 years and 12 months old to keep from admitting that she just turned 30.” Thank you for the heads up!
  3. CA Bunkou, a parody for GA Bunkou, you can visit their official site here.
  4. Moole sauce, a type of Mexican cuisine, though it seems it’s not using any cacao.
  5. QED from latin phrase Quod Erat Demonstrandum, meaning “what was to be demonstrated”, or, less formally, “thus it has been demonstrated”.
  6. Tirol chocolates, a type of popular and cheap chocolate in Japan. Something like this:
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