Chapter 19 – Asakura-san VS Class Representative


TL: Agni

TLC: Cryarc

Editor: Shirani

First Published on Ainushi





I wonder why…… for some reason the most beautiful girl in school, Asakura-san has been staring at me since a while back…… (Class rep)


This is really unexpected. It can’t be, Andou-kun having a close relationship with another girl besides me…… and that girl is the class rep. (Asakura)


I-I…… Am I doing something wrong? If I make enemies of Asakura-san who is on the top position among other girls, my social life with other women might end! (Class rep)


If things turn out like this, it’s no use even if I’m hesitantly thinking! Girls will crush their targeted enemies! (Asakura)


「Class rep…… can I have a little talk with you, just the two of us?」

「Eh, A-Asakura-san! Yes! I-if you’re alright with me…… 」


Hyaaaa! Why am I being called out by Asakura-san?! My peaceful school life that I’ve spent so far as class representative, is suddenly at a crisis!? (Class rep)


「W-what is it? Asakura-san」

「That…… C-class rep, are you on good terms with Andou-kun?」

「Eh? Andou-kun…… ? I’m not close with him, not at all」


『Not close』!? L-lie…… that’s a lie, right!? Class rep was having a friendly chat with Andou-kun over there, how is that『not close』! After all, at that time, no matter how I could only see you both as close friends! (Asakura) *it’s wrong*


Eh? Asakura-san, why is she suddenly asking about Andou-kun? I’ve only had small chats with Andou-kun at the library and I‘ve nothing like a close relationship with him…… rather than 『friend』 it’s more appropriate to call him 『classmate』? (Class rep)


「Class rep, it’s useless to deceive me! After all, I saw it. At the library, class rep was happily conversing with Andou-kun!」


That’s right! At that time, both of them had a really fun chat! (Asakura) *it’s wrong*


At the library…… yesterday? Aa, Asakura-san saw that. But, why does she care about it? (Class rep)


That time, I noticed…… when class rep was having a friendly talk with Andou-kun, she was 『smiling』! In other words, class rep is in 『love』 with Andou-kun, there’s no doubt about it! (Asakura) *it’s wrong*


Eh…… ? P-perhaps, what Asakura-san care about is Andou-kun!? Haaaa? That’s impossible! How should I put it, I can’t help but associate 『the beauty and the beast』 with 『the beauty and the loner』. Haa~~ I can’t underestimate Andou-kun eh~~ …… huh, hold on! (Class rep)


「……!!」 *Grrrrr*

「……」 *Shiver*


Class rep! I-I won’t lose! (Asakura)


P-perhaps…… I, Asakura-san is suspecting me as a love rivaaaaaaaal!? (Class rep)

Asakura: *Grrrrr*

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