Chapter 20 – Chapter 20 – Class Rep’s Misfortune


TL: Cryarc

Editor: Shirani

First Published on Ainushi




「Well then, I’m sorry that we had to move from the corridor to the library.」

「Y-yes…… I’m fine with it.」


Certainly we can’t have a calm conversation in the corridor, but unexpectedly she chose the library…… I get it, she’s using her home as advantage in the fight! (Asakura)


Uwaah~~ Why is a class rep character like me being targeted by the female’s top class Asakura-san~~?! Since I didn’t want the crime scene being seen by the other girls I’ve been leading Asakura-san into the library, but it seems she’s having some weird misunderstanding, isn’t she? (Class Rep)


「A, Asakura-san! It’s a misunderstanding! Wait, it’s just that Andou-kun came to the library and since I’m the library committee member we had a conversation!」


Don’t joke with me! Andou-kun is not even my type, being hated by Asakura-san for that worthless reason, a mere class rep character like me will be getting the cold shoulder from all the girls in school, won’t I?! Even if, Asakura-san herself didn’t mean to sink me, in the world of women if the one on top is considering a particular person as an enemy, then it will be the consensus of all the other girls! (Class Rep)


「In conclusion, Andou-kun and me are not in any relationship!」

「That means…… During lunch break you’re doing tryst……」


Wroooooooooong! (Class Rep)


「Asakura-san, calm down! To begin with, it’s just light conversations as though it’s with the boys from the class as 『usual』!

「Gufu~!」 Bakyu~n!


U-usual…… ‘it’s just light conversations as though it’s with the boys from the class as 『usual』’ she said……!? Then, did she just say the whole of my  effort in trying to talk with Andou-kun until now is just the 『usual』 thing for her……? (Asakura)


「Moreover, Andou-kun and me only talked about books, nothing else!」


「Ah, when meeting with Andou-kun at the library, rather than talking about books…… we were only talking about 『light novels』 and nothing else, I think?」



W-what the heck…… this lass, the things I’ve been desperately trying to grasp until now, she’s taking it so lightly…… (Asakura)


「Alright, I understand. Class rep! You’re my enemy!」



Hi-iiiiiiii! T-the thing I’m afraid of becoming reality! (Class Rep)


「Asakura-san, hold on! Seriously, I beg you. Listen to what I’m saying, please! A, Asakura-san……『likes』 Andou-kun, right?」

「Hau~! W, w-w-w, what are you talking about~~?」


Uwaa~ Asakura-san is so easy to read, she’s flustered…… This person sucks at lying. (Class Rep)


Hauuu~! W-w-w, why class rep found out about my feeling! Even though I’ve yet to reveal this feelings to anybody! (Asakura)


「D-don’t get me wrong! It’s not like, I like Andou-kun…… It’s just, I want to have a relationship in which we can happily talk  during lunch break, you know!」

「He, Hee~~……」


Moreover, what’s with this easy to understand tsundere……But, with this reaction if I can skillfully guide Asakura-san, it’s unlikely I’ll be turned into her enemy. (Class Rep)


「It’s all right, Asakura-san. Calm down, since I don’t have any interest in Andou-kun who is comparable to water fleas, instead, as the class rep I’m actually rooting for Asakura-san and Andou-kun’s relationship!」

「Fue…… Class rep, is that true?」

「Of course! Even before this I thought about what if Andou-kun had a cheerful person like Asakura-san as a friend! That’s why, I wanted to cooperate with Asakura-san to get along with Andou-kun!」



「Class rep is…… for my relationship with Andou-kun?」

「Un, un!」

「But, class rep didn’t mind me getting along with Andou-kun?」

「Of course! Ah, I’ll say this no matter how many times, Andou-kun is not my type! My type for a man is someone like 『Red Butler』!」

「Retto batoraー?」

「A, Asakura-san, didn’t know…… Umm, he’s a character from my favorite novel.」


To sum it up, class rep is in fact not aiming for Andou-kun…… On the contrary, she will grant me her cooperation….. (Asakura)


「Class rep! You’re a really nice person! I’m sorry for doubting you!」

「I don’t mind. Look, we’re classmates, right!」


I’m safeeeeeeee! Alright! On the contrary, by supporting Asakura-san’s love, I can also be intimate with the female’s top class Asakura-san and while at it my status between the female classmates will be firmer, I can get by with this calculation! For that Asakura-san to be having a crush on Andou-kun is outside of my expectations, but for the number one in school like Asakura-san just by flirting a little bit, a loner like Andou-kun will be easy for her. (Class Rep)


「Well then, class rep! What should I do so I won’t be nervous when I’m talking with Andou-kun?」


「T-the thing is…… To be honest I fell in love with Andou-kun just recently….. But now that I understand that this feeling is 『love』, I can’t look at Andou-kun’s face properly so I can’t talk with him……」


What the, from that partーー?! Eeeeh, that Asakura-san is at this level? (Class Rep)


「Uhmm, then, you’ll be fine if you think of Andou-kun’s face as potato, right?」

「If I could do that I wouln’t be troubled like this! Geez!」


Uwah, troublesomeeeee~…… Eh, maybe, I accepted a peskier consultation than I had expected? (Class Rep)


「Uhmm…… Asakura-san, class will be starting soon so can’t we continue this at another time?」

「A-Ah, you’re right! Class rep, I’m sorry for taking your time, see you later! I’m expecting it!」

「Ah, un. YES.」


Fuh…… Finally Asakura-san left. (Class Rep)


「Oh, it’s class rep.」

「A, Andou-kun.」


What if a rumour is spreading. By the way, what’s his business coming at this late hour. (Class Rep)


「Just now, when I was passing by Asakura-san over there, I heard it. Class rep seems to be on good terms with Asakura-san, huh.」

「Ahahaha…… O-oh well~~」


Whose fault do you think it is, asshole! (Class Rep)



TL Notes:

Thus, the stand-in tsukkomi character for the readers are born.

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