Chapter 22 – Letter

TL: Cryarc

Editor: Shirani

First Published on Ainushi



「The thing is…… Uhm, don’t laugh at me please, but the truth is! A, aaa, Andou-kun, I would like  for us to eat lunch together!」

「Eh…… Asakura-san」

「What is it……」


Come, I’ve prepared my heart! Whatever the answer is, go for it! (Asakura)


「Uhmm―― Why did you say that to the class rep like me?」

「But, inviting Andou-kun is embarrassiiiiiiiiiiing! Class rep, you’ve said that you’d support my love, right?! Nee, I beg you! Let’s think together on how should I invite Andou-kun for lunch, pleaseeeeeee~!」


Ahーー I get it. I finally understand why  Asakura-san suddenly called me over to the library. (Class Rep)


「Hmーmm, how should I put it….. Wouldn’t it be fine if the line which Asakura-san said earlier to me was said to Andou-kun instead, right?」

「If I can say it I wouldn’t be troubled, you knowーー!」




Uwah, so annoying~~ (Class Rep)


「We-well then…… How about writing a letter then handing it over?」

「That’s it!」


Kin ko-n ka-n kan ko-n♪


Fufufu…… Andou-kun. Today for sure, together with me we will eat lunch and talk about light novels while making the flowers bloom! Fortunately my seat is right beside Andou-kun’s! Before that, I need to write the letter like this. (Asakura)


「Well, this formula will appear in the next test. Then, truth to be told, the question number ③ from the text book will be appearing as is in the test. Those who wanted at least some score please firmly note this――」


Well then, let’s pass this letter over to Andou-kun! (Asakura)


「Andou-kun…… Andou-kun.」

「Eh, Asakura-san?」


「This is…… a letter?」

「Right.」 *nod* *nod*


Hurray! Andou-kun accepted my letter! With this―― (Asakura)


What is this? A letter from Asakura-san……? Since I’m a 『loner』 I have never sent a letter around in the class like this, but for the time being should I hand this over to the guy in front of me? (Andou)


Eh, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh! Aaa, Andou-kun, why are you handing the letter you’ve got over  to the person in front of your seat?! It seems the person who got that letter is also confused…… It’s steadily being passed around the whole classssssss! Sthoppー!If that letter is being read by other people than Andou-kun I’ll be so embarrassed that I will dieeeeee-! (Asakura)




For some reason the letter Asakura-san wrote for Andou-kun has been passed around the class until arriving at me, the class rep…… I’ve been looking at the situation from the side, but since only 『From Asakura』 has been written on the surface of Asakura-san’s letter, nobody knows whom this letter is addressed to so they can’t open the letter, then it keeps getting passed around. Obviously, if someone wrongly opened the letter from Asakura-san, it’ll become awkward, it’s not like I can’t understand why a letter which can’t be opened is being passed around…… By the way, as expected of Andou-kun, please notice that it’s addressed to yourself. (Class Rep)


「By the way, what kind of letter did Asakura-san write……」 *rip*


『Dear, Andou-sama.

Please excuse me for this sudden letter.

Thank you for always exchanging greetings with me. Only by hearing your voice my heart is pounding fast like a bell and my chest feels hot.

Well, actually from today at the school cafeteria it seems they’re adding a new menu which uses plenty of spring cabbages.

If Andou-sama’s schedule is suitable, would you please enjoy the menu with me on this occasion?

I’m looking forward for a good reply from you.



………….. The first half, isn’t this a love letter? (Class Rep)


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