Chapter 23 – Jealousy


TL: Agni

TLC: Cryarc

Editor: Shirani, Kriz

First Published on Ainushi



「Nn, what is it, Asakura-san?」


Now is the third period’s break time. It won’t be long till lunch break! Since Andou-kun will be off somewhere as soon as it’s lunch break…… I have to invite him right now! (Asakura)



「Sa–ku~ra! Hey, listen!」

「Kyaa!! Eh, Momo!?」


When I was wondering who was suddenly clinging on to me…… why, isn’t it Momo! Good grief! Now is the crucial moment for me to invite Andou-kun, so don’t disturb me! (Asakura)


Ah, isn’t she the second most beautiful girl in the school, Momoi-san? If Asakura-san is more like the slender, cool beauty type of a beautiful girl, Momoi-san is the lively, sporty with ponytail type of beautiful girl. But, she is pretty tall for a girl and her chest also big…… (Andou)


「The class just now! Nakanishi-sensei’s wig was about to fall off, isn’t that super hilarious?

「Yes, yes, that’s hilarious. So, could you leave now?」

「What–you’re being so co~~ld, what’s wrong? Sakura…… was it the conversation with Andou-kun? Come to think of it, recently both of you often chat with each other…… Hey, what do you talk about?」

「N-nothing, it’s just the usual (light novel) chat! Nothing special!」

「Fu—-n, so you won’t tell me eh…… if that’s the case!」



「I’ll personally ask Andou-kun!」




Uwaaaaaa! Momoi-san suddenly came and hugged meeeeee! Eh, what is this! What kind of situation is this! Her breast! I can feel Momoi-san’s breast pressed against my right arm! Am I perhaps going to die today!? (Andou)

Gyaaaaaaaah! Hold on, Momo, what are you doing to my Andou-kun! Get off him, you ‘thieving cat’! Grrrrrrrrrr!! (Asakura)


「Nee, nee, Andou-kun. What kind of conversation did you have with Sakura?」

「U-ummm…… 」

「Wait, Momo!」


H-how should I answer it!? I better not say we talk about light novels right? But how should I put it, her breast is huge…… Let’s see, umm…… I can’t do books! And, the sensation of her chest is dangerous! Beside that…… (Andou)


Andou-kun! The fact that I like light novels is only a secret between me and Andou-kun! Don’t tell her! But how should I put it, since some time ago Andou-kun’s gaze has been right on Momo’s chest? As expected, Andou-kun also like huge breast! Gross! Andou-kun is gross! (Asakura)


「W-we talked about the toilet…… something like that?」

「He…… t-toilet? Pupuahhaha ! What’s with that, Andou-kun is amusi~~ng!」

「Eh, i-is that so…… ?」



I don’t find it amusing at all! (Asakura)


「Ahahaha~! Haa—, Andou-kun is surprisingly fun to talk to eh! Well–I understand a little why Sakura often talks with Andou-kun during break recently~ Then, I’ll return to my seat since lesson is about to start. Andou-kun, let’s talk again, shall we?」

「Eh, ah, yes…… 」


Momoi-san is a person who’s like a storm…… (Andou)


「Oh! Asakura-san, what did you want to say——」

「It’s nothing」

「Eh…… but——」

「It’s nothing!」


「Nothing, it’s nothing!」

「…… okay, if you say so then it must be right!」


What’s with that!? I didn’t say anything about light novels, and yet, why is Asakura-san getting angry!? (Andou)


Huh! I don’t care anymore about things like Andou-kun!! *Angry* (Asakura)




What should I do, I wonder? That couple…… (Class rep)


「Class representative, what are you doing? Class is about to start」

「Ah, yes, I’ll prepare the blackboard」


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