Chapter 8: Joint Lessons are Meaningless, You Say?

TL: Cnine

TLC: Cryarc & Krrizis

Editors: Puissansa

First published on Ainushi


In the centre of the throng, the red team kept dominating. No matter how one were to look at it, their abilities were unmatched. Overwhelming their opponents in battle one by one, it looked like it was only a matter of time before they broke through the centre.


Although both teams came to that conclusion, the left flank of the white team thrust itself into the middle of the fight. The left flank of the white team stormed through, striking at the red team’s flank.


Due to this intervention, the white team’s centre, that was pressured, revived. Somehow, with the strength of their numbers, they forced their opponents back.




Having assessed the situation, the rear guard of the red team issued a directive. Obeying instructions while the left flank of the white team made their way to the centre, the right flank of the red team abandoned the front altogether and ran past, deliberately storming the white team’s stronghold.  






The entire red team burst forward continuously. They intended to end the battle once and for all.


As the right flank of the red team that went ahead to reach the white team’s stronghold, three people from the white team’s rear guard came rushing out. Their leader was Theresa.  


In the face of an unfavorable situation due to  their numbers, they had to hold back the advance of the red team’s right flank. As one might expect from the exalted sole retainer of the Imperial Princess Claudia, Theresa appeared to be fairly capable.  




The rear guard from the red team issued another command again. While his units were moving, he didn’t forget to observe everything. You can say that this was as expected of the son of the Empire’s knight captain.


The supreme commander of the red team is Oskar from Class C, while the white team was led by Claudia.


Seeing the individual ability of the students and the leadership of the supreme commander, the victory of the red team was imminent from the very beginning. That the white team was able to withstood it hitherto – one could say that they were putting up a good fight.






Despite that both flanks broke through, Oskar didn’t loosen his grip anyway. Taking the lead personally, he leaped towards the enemy students in the centre.


Having lost a number of their superiors, the white team’s centre had nothing left. After easily taking the centre, the entire red team’s units moved towards the stronghold where Claudia was.




The teacher’s voice signalled the end of the battle. When they heard it, the students from the red team, who were on the verge of reaching the stronghold, excitedly stopped.






However, what followed were the words informing them of the white team’s victory. The students on the red team thought that the teacher must have made a mistake, but when they turned around, the red flag –  that should have been raised above the stronghold – was not in sight.


Instead of the two students who were defending the stronghold, there was a student wearing a white string on his waist. Grasped in that person’s hand was the handle of the red flag.




「Alright! Everyone, gather in the middle!」


Following the teacher’s command, the students from both sides stood in formation in the middle of the field. In contrast to the delighted expressions from the students of the white team, the students of the red team were still trying to wrap their heads around what had happened.




「「「Thank you!」」」


After they had bowed, Oskar immediately approached Claudia, who stood before him.


「That was commendable, Claudia-sama」




「Why, you attacked at the right opportunity. The one who took down our flag is from the left flank, wasn’t he?」


「Yes. It seems so」


「Were they the ones who lured us to gather in the centre?」


「Uhhhm …」


「Because of that, our right flank was lured and was held back at the stronghold. Once we saw that, our entire team rushed to the front, which resulted in a short of hands and allowed your  surprise attack to occur. It was our negligence. Nevertheless, that was an excellent tactic」


Oscar was under the impression that, just like him, Claudia was commanding the other students as the supreme commander of the white team. What Oskar didn’t know was although Claudia had certainly attempted to command, the truth was that she was unable to detect the differences in the abilities of her teammates, so she could only watch, unable to give any directions.


「I see」


「But, what I don’t understand is, how was the left flank able to get behind us? Was it when we pushed into the centre with our full numbers?」


「I’m not sure…」


「Oh … that’s it. We’ll still have more of these exercises. You don’t want to reveal your plans, only to have it imitated, eh?」


「No, that wasn’t what I…」


Even though Claudia was honestly confessing to him, Oskar arbritarily misunderstood. He appears to be the type that clings fervently to the slightest assumptions.  


「However, please excuse my indiscretion. For Claudia-sama, who is the Imperial Princess, to have the aptitude of a commander… it was unexpected. I look forward to our next bout」


「No, that–」


「Well then, please excuse me」

In the end, Oskar left Claudia’s side while still misunderstanding her.


「What should I do? He completely misunderstood」


「Isn’t that good? Oskar-dono looked like he really admires you. With someone amongst the chivalric order paying Claudia-sama the highest respects, this may be a good thing in the future」


「But I didn’t do anything」


「The victory of the battle is the achievement of the supreme commander. Since Claudia-sama is the supreme commander of the white team, this victory is your victory」


Though they were words spoken casually, there was nothing wrong with what Theresa had said. The honor of a victory is bestowed upon the supreme commander.  


「But actually, the white team’s victory belongs to…」


「Well, how about this?  As the supreme commander, how about praising those who worked hard? It is the duty of a supreme commander to confer honours to his officers. If you do something like that, there’ll be nothing strange about it」


「Eh? But–」


「Kamui Kreutz!」


Claudia was hesitating, but Theresa called out Kamui’s name without minding her. Though Kamui was talking to his group of friends, he turned around as soon as he heard his name being called.  


「Come here! Claudia-sama has something to say! 」


When he heard that, Kamui slowly walked up to Claudia and Theresa. As soon as he was before Claudia, he placed his right hand on his chest, kneeled down on one knee and bowed. It was flawless etiquette, in accordance with a retainer’s position.


「Did you summon me?」


「Yes. As you performed admirably in the exercise earlier, Claudia-sama would like to bestow her admiration」


Although Kamui had saluted completely out of spite, Theresa didn’t realize it. On the contrary, she was delighted to see that Kamui was perfectly behaving himself.


「If it’s about that matter, then it’s unnecessary. What I had done just worked out by chance」


「Was that so?」


「Yes. It seemed like they were going to break through our centre, so I moved closer to it. Their centre made a mistake the moment they moved to the front, leaving only two people in the enemy’s stronghold. That being the case, it was sink or swim when I broke into their stronghold. That was all I did」
「I see. Even so, it is undeniable that your actions resulted in our victory. That is, nonetheless, praiseworthy. Claudia-sama」

In a good mood, Theresa praised him – even though it was Kamui.


「… Um, please rise」


Claudia was not as simple minded as Theresa. She felt uneasy at Kamui’s behavior.


「Wouldn’t that be rude?」


「No, not at all. We are at the Academy」


「… Then」


Though Kamui obediently stood up, he did not look directly at Claudia.


He was looking at her feet. This was also another form of courtesy towards royalty.  


「Erm, thank you」


「I’m unworthy of such words」


「… Won’t you speak to me like how you used to?」


「The fact that Claudia-sama is royalty has been made public. Therefore the people around us will view it differently. Being impolite to the imperial family will not just be my problem alone but it will cause trouble for my family, allowing others to talk about us behind our backs」


「But I don’t mind it」


「Even if you don’t, others do. Claudia-sama, it’d be best if you were a little bit more aware of how it affects your situation if word gets around of my discourtesy towards you. There is an appropriate demeanor towards royalty. If we were to dispense of those, it is not Claudia-sama, but us as your retainers who will be in trouble」


Literally, it meant  “Even if we are only heeding your whims, if our rude behavior is called into question, we are the only ones who will be punished“.


「… I see. I’ll make sure to pay more attention after this」


「May I be excused?」


「Yes.  My apologies for summoning you」


Immediately, Kamui withdrew two steps backwards, turning completely to the right before taking his leave.


「…That guy knows proper etiquette, huh?」


As ever, Theresa was only admiring his conduct.


「That is because Kamui-san was originally raised in a marquis household. So wouldn’t that be instilled in him?」


「The Hohenfrieds?」


「Yes, that’s right」


「But it seems like the entire Hohenfried family had committed suicide」




Claudia’s eyes opened wide in surprise when she was suddenly informed of that unsettling news.


「Yes. It was decided that their peerage will be revoked. You can say that it was because they felt ashamed by it. They seem like people who only take value in their pride」


「…I see. Then, Kamui-san…」


「When he was with them, he led a painful life. I feel a bit sympathetic towards him」


「I see」


Though Claudia and Theresa were abritarily sympathizing with him, Kamui was unaware of it as he returned to his friends, letting out a huge sigh.


「Haa~ I’m worn out」


「What was that all about just now?」


It was a first for Alto to see Kamui display those gestures. Naturally, for Alto who was an orphan, even if he was a noble’s student, he only comprehended a fraction of it.


「That’s the etiquette for when you’re being received by the imperial family」


「You’re well-versed in it」


「More or less. I was also born a noble. Further, it even a household that cared nothing but such courtesies」


Kamui was aware of such courtesies because he was brought up by the Hohenfrieds, a marquis household. Although just being noble did not mean that they had met all the requirements to be able to have an audience with royalty.


「So that’s what it was. I had completely forgotten that you were from a noble family, Kamui」


「Am I not from one now, too?」


「Well, that’s true, but you don’t mind the Kreutz household. To be honest, he don’t really feel like a noble」


「Well, he is a feudal lord」


Kamui’s foster father, Viscount Kreutz was halfhearted about etiquette.There was also the consideration that it was Nordend, so it was not something to be fussed over.  


「And? Why did you especially go out of your way to do it?」


「Out of kindness. I thought I should show that I understood where I stand」




「Her status is already in the open. If that’s the case, shouldn’t I act appropriately?」


「How is that appropriate?」


「Like using her imperial status to subdue her surroundings. She isn’t resolved. She wishes to make friends with others, despite having the status of Imperial Princess. Aren’t her demands troublesome?」


「Well, no one’s going to say, “Let’s be friends with the Imperial Princess”」


「Yeah.  For a small noble, it would be a huge burden on them. If she’s seeking a friend, she’ll have to at least get the person she’s chosen to accept it. Well, as far as I know, there’s no one here that I can consider would be a suitable companion though」


When it came to having an audience with the imperial family, their rank must be no less than an Earl. The exception would be the Captain of the Knights and leaders from various organizations. In school, the people in her grade whose families were of such statuses were – with the exception of Diefried and the others of the Golden Generation – only one or two people.


「Ah, well! Nevertheless, even getting close to a suitable companion would be a problem」


「Yeah. If handled poorly, they will probably be envied by the other princes and princesses. If so, what was her purpose of coming to the Academy?」


「Isn’t it because she had made up her mind? Well, certainly there is that」


To gain something, sometimes you have to throw something away. Nothing can be accomplished if one is worried about their reputation or what other people think.


「Aren’t you being somewhat harsh? Don’t you know how to be nice?」


Selene butted into Kamui and Alto’s conversation.


「If I have to say it, perhaps I’m harsh. If I wasn’t, then trouble will come knocking on my door」


「Why would it?」


「The Imperial Princess-sama is using something like friendship as an excuse. She’s only after a free attendant. That isn’t my duty, is it? That’s what she’s after, so what would you do, Sele?」


「Even if you ask me what would I do…」


To begin with, Selene didn’t have any feelings of friendship towards her. She didn’t care to do anything for her.


「There’s nothing I would do. Whatever she wants, I would cowardly feign ignorance」


「Because if she wants something from people, it would be an order?」


「Exactly. As expected, you catch on fast」


「I’m not happy even if you praise me. Frankly, it doesn’t matter to me. Putting that aside, there’s something that’s bothering me about the exercise earlier」




「Why did we win?」


Selene was aware that Kamui was concealing his abilities. She thought that it was strange for them to behave conspicuously like this.


「That? I just wanted to confirm something. It’s just a coincidence that we won」


「What did you want to confirm?」


「I was wondering whether this exercise holds any meaning. Since the difference in war potential was known from the very beginning. Won’t the result be a fixed matter?」


「Even so, didn’t Kamui’s group reverse it?」


「That’s also strange. Being able to reverse the situation in that condition. It’s proof that this exercise is meaningless」


「…What do you mean?」


Selene asked out of curiosity, but Kamui’s explanation didn’t  have concrete basis, so she was completely unable to comprehend the answer.


「The reason why we won, huh. What do you think the biggest reason is?」


「…Because we circled around our opponent」


「Wrong! You’re downright wrong. Not even close. NOT AT ALL」


「…Somehow this is irritating. Well, what’s the reason then?」


「It’s because we are fast runners」


「Excuse me?」


The correct answer was truly unexpected to Selene.


「Because we’re fast runners, we arrived first in their stronghold. Just that. That’s all of it. What if they thought of defending from that?」


「They won’t move from the stronghold… Perhaps?」


「Correct! Since the red team’s individual strength is formidable, it would be okay if they just waited normally in their stronghold.  The way to win is by not moving. Instead of doing that, they deliberately moved around in units as if it’s a war, so they ended up with openings」


「But… then that means, the exercise… I see」


It was an excercise of making use of troops. If they were to just stay back in their stronghold, it won’t be a proper exercise.. Moreover, since the valid strategy to win was itself a method which prevents it from being a proper exercise, the exercise became inconsistent.


「That’s why I thought that this exercise is probably meaningless. The red team might be holding back. If they were being serious, with just their central vanguard, they would have gotten our flag. For the sake of fulfilling the exercise, they deliberately created some openings by moving their other units. Is there any meaning in an exercise in which they have to hold back?」


As Kamui said, there are a lot of junior knights in Oscar’s class, and originally, there is a gap in actual competency. In addition to that, even if excluding Kamui’s group, there is still a great number of students from Class E who hid their true skills. The way it was formed into an exercise was strange.


「Even so, Kamui brought us victory」


「It’s not a big deal. The opponent lacked manpower. We just broke through using speed as our weapon. Moreover, we’re at bind if their response was to not move at all. If the opponent doesn’t move, we wouldn’t have been able to move as well. In that case, both sides wouldn’t have been able to make their move」


「In that case, both sides won’t do anything and just glare at each other, right」


「Actually the red team was strong. They might have been able to win if they charged forward with all their power from the very beginning without giving us any space to make our move. In short, in this exercise, the stronger side can win without scheming any tactics – by just using brute strength and everything will be over. Well, what do we learn then?」


Kamui explained  the contradictions in the lesson even further. After explaining that much, even Selene had no choice but to accept it. But there’s still one doubt remaining.


「…If that’s so, then why is there such meaningless training in the Academy?」


「Who knows?」


Kamui just lightly shrugged his shoulders. Training is just a trifling matter. Kamui didn’t plan to ponder too deeply about such things.


「Well, is it finally my turn now?」


At this moment, a voice came from Diefried. It seems that he’d approaching unnoticed, as usual.


「So you’re here again…」


「Well. I’m not alone this time. It’s not like I called for them, though」




Aside from Diefried, another student approached Kamui’s group.Kamui couldn’t recall who that person is, though.


「It’s been a while. I wonder if you still remember me?」




Kamui’s face instantly clouded at the unexpected guest. Matthias’ face showed a wry smile when he saw that.


「Please stop with that kind of unpleasant face. Well I’m okay with it, but…」


「It’s been a while」




Appearing from behind Matthias was Hildegard. At that unexpected situation, Kamui unintentionally revealed his honest feelings.


「… Isn’t that expression a bit impolite towards a woman?」


「… Excuse me. I never expected that Hildegard-san will come. May I ask what business do you have with me?」


Even though he felt relieved after complaining lightly, Kamui replied Hildegard.


「You, didn’t notice me? You were speaking very loudly on the way here, you know」


「Excuse me? …Uhm, how much have you heard, by the way? 」


「Starting from when you said “Wrong”」


「Ah, from then, huh」


Kamui showed a relieved face after hearing Hildegard’s reply. As could be expected, it would be distasteful if their talk about Claudia was overheard by someone. There’s a possibility of being accused of disrespect.


「It’s too early for you to feel relieved. It seems that the teachers also heard Kamui-kun’ words」


「Uhhhm …」


After hearing Diefried’s words, Kamui slowly turned to look behind him. There, the teacher in charge glared at Kamui with a stern face. Seeing that, Kamui quickly turned his head back.


「He’s angry, right?」


「If you say that sensei taught useless lessons, they’ll be angry, right?」


「I’ve done it. … It’s because Sele’s asking needless things」


Kamui attempted to shift his responsibility to Selene. He was not serious it’s not like he was actually handing over his responsibility to Selene. He was just trying to calm his spirit by provoking, then quarrelling with Selene. It was a petty attempt to escape from reality.


「You’re trying to put the blame on me again. You’re not manly at all」


「I don’t think that I want to be manly at all. I’d prefer a calm and peaceful Academy life more than something like that」


「That kind of thinking is unreasonable. After all, Kamui has a constitution that drags in trouble」


「What do you mean by “constitution that drags in trouble“?」


「Even when you did nothing, your surroundings will raised some kind of disturbance. Or you’ll be dragged into something that has nothing to do with you, before you are even aware of it」


「… Don’t say such an unpleasant thing」


It’s something Kamui knew too well. Today’s quarrel ended with Selene’s victory.


「As expected of Selene, you really know Kamui-kun the best right?」


「It’s nothing like that…」


Diefried asked Selene with admiration. Selene hung her head in embarrassment.


「Somehow, your attitude is completely different towards me」


Kamui complained when he saw Selene’s state.


「It’s natural isn’t it? There’s a wide GAP between Kamui and Diefried-san’s charm as a man」


「Hee, so Sele’s preference in men is someone like Diefried-san huh? Well, he certainly looks good.」


「We’re not talking about that, are we?」


「Puh, you’re being shy」


「Shut up!」


A new battle was raging, with Kamui having the upper hand.


「With that way of speaking, you will be hated by Diefried-san you know? Learn a bit from Hildegard-san.  A woman like Hildegard-san overflows with elegance. Nee, don’t you think so, Hildegard-san? 」


「Eh, A~h, yes. No, that’s not it. I’m not that…」


Suddenly being praised by Kamui, Hildegard became flustered.


「No, no, Hildegard-san is like that. The always dignified you is so lovely. It’s only natural for you to be yearned for by everyone in the Academy」


「… That’s not true」


Hildegard’s face turned red from Kamui’s continued praise. A wry smile appeared on Matthias’ face on seeing her like that.


「You’re being too humble, but that is also part of Hildegard-san’s charm. I like the well-behaved Hildegard-san which is not extravagant」




Hildegard’s white skin dyed red to her neck due to her embarassment.


「Kamui. What are you saying to Hildegard-san?」


Selene interjected in place of of Hildegard, who went silent.


「… Hmm? Ah, just now I felt like it was Selene that I was talking to… Did I hurt your feelings?」


After  Selene pointed it out, Kamui finally noticed that he said something outrageous.


「…No, I’m fine. It’s not unpleasant at all」


「That’s good then.  But, your face is a bit red. It’s because I said strange things, right? My apologies」


「I’m fine. I’m just a bit embarrassed since I heard words that I’m not used to hearing」


「Not used to hearing? Aah, since everyone considers Hildegard-san as an unattainable flower, no one would speak of  their true feelings, right? Even so, if they saw Hildegard-san’s blushing face like right now,  showing a different kind of loveliness than the usual, they will probably act differently, won’t they? 」




Though Kamui’s planned to gloss over his blunder, the words that came out of  his mouth made the situation more awkward.


「Yes. I think Hildegard-san is truly lovely」


「Thank you…」


With her entire face dyed red, Hildegard was unable to raise her face. In fact, Hildegard never received such words, like what Kamui said right in front of her, from the opposite sex before.


Hildegard really was an unattainable flower, whether it’s her appearance, ability, and pedigree. There were no male students who would say these kind of words in such straightforward manner.


「Hmm? Did I say something strange again? Pardon me, let’s stop talking about this. Uhm, what was the topic?」


「We were talking about the exercise」


Diefried replied while enjoying himself watching Kamui who made Hildegard blush. The truth is, he wanted to tease Kamui for behaving like a womanizer, but as expected, he couldn’t say that in front of Hildegard.


「So that’s it. And so?」


「For whatever reason, this exercise is still part of the Academy’s lessons, right? Somehow, though it feels a little bit too late, but I do still want to hear the reason?」


「Yes, if there’s a reason for it at all」


「More or less, there’s a reason. Did you know that the lowest mobilized unit of the Empire’s troops is composed of 5 people?」


「I didn’t know」


「Right. 5 people in one unit is the lowest mobilization unit of the troops. A 100 people group is formed by a collection of that unit, and a 1000 people group is by collecting those units even more. As for the leaders of each group, they are commanders called “100 people commander” or “1000 people commander“. By gathering even more, it will become an army led by a general」


「I’ve heard about the 100 people commander and beyond that. But, with regards to current topic, those who get mobilized in 5 people groups are common soldiers, right? 」


「That’s right」


「The Academy is… In order to let us understand the common soldier’s feelings, is that it?」


The students of the Academy are mostly composed of young nobles. Nobody would be working as a common soldier.


「That’s about right. After graduation, no matter how low the status they’ve earned, they will  at least become commanders of 100 soldiers. Furthermore, in case of knight or nobles with high peerages, they will suddenly become commander of 1000 soldiers. There’s also those who own and command territory troops, comprising of 10,000 soldiers. Even so, as someone standing above the others, they have to understand the feelings of the people below them, without fail. That’s why the mobilization of 5 people in one group became the basis of the Academy」


That seems to be the reason. But even after hearing Diefried’s explanation, Kamui remained dissatisfied.


「As I expected, it really is meaningless. The purpose of mobilizing 5 people in one group is to let common soldiers, who don’t have particular strengths, help each other fight, right? If the Academy students, who sticks out individually, learns that way – on the contrary, won’t they only learn how to fight in a group of five instead?」




Even Diefried who explained it didn’t have full comprehension of it as well.


「Also, as a commander they will surely be in command though with that kind of training, there won’t be any further attempt to find for new ideas」


「So, Kamui-kun, what would you think is the best exercise?」


Everybody could do it if it was just criticizing a problem. Diefried requested a solution from Kamui.


「I want a war situation that’s bit more complex . For example…」


「For example?」


「One on one on one, one on one on one, that kind of exercise」


「…Can you explain it a bit more detail?」


「The battle of the whole class, the last one standing is the winner. We’ll be free to cooperate. Naturally, to betray, too. Bringing down the best team with three teams. There’s also an option of crushing the weakest group first. Becoming a spectator and waiting for a chance is also okay. Each and every team can make various choices. There’s no discussions between the team beforehand… But even if there’s discussions between the team in the beginning, it might be interesting too? Promising for cooperation, but suddenly betraying. There’ll be complex strategies in this kind of situation」


「…That’s interesting」


Kamui’s idea is, rather than training to mobilise troops, it’s strategy training. Diefried thought that it’s interesting.


「Ah, but it might be no good. It’s a disadvantage to Hildegard-san」




Hildegard was startled when her name suddenly came out.


「Yes. When using this style, the first who’ll be targeted is Hildegard-san’s team. Though it might become good for training, losing too often would be bad for their morale. There’s also a possibility that it might be taken as training for mere training’s sake」


「…You’re right. It’s probably turn out that way」


「Countermeasures for that… How about giving the right to the defeated class to extract one group from one of the other classes as they wish for the next battle?」


「What does that mean?」


「In the end, number is power.  Moreover, by omitting a competent group from the other class, it might be possible to have a nice battle. For example, if it’s from Hildegard-san class, by removing out Matthias-san’s group」


「My group, huh?」


Matthias seemed satisfied when his name was mentioned by Kamui. That’s because by the flow of the conversation, he knew he was being considered as strong.


「That’s right. From what we’ve seen earlier in Hildegard-san’s class – if we want to remove Hildegard-san’s main force, the best choice is to remove Mathias-san’s group. If they are removed, class A will suffer a substantial blow to their military strength, while the class who got the extracted group will get a boost instead. This would be true for any other class as well, right?」


「If we continue like that… The battle will become a free-for-all」


If the composition of the groups keep changing, the strength between classes will eventually be near equal.


「This is where strategy comes into play. One can’t be careless just because of they are a bit more powerful. If the weak is willing to construct long term strategies, there are a lot of ways to win. Even deliberately losing would also be a strategy」


「Isn’t that a wonderful idea?」


「I only said that in response to Diefried-san. Though I’m the one suggesting this, there’s actually fatal flaw in this kind of training」


「Is that so?」


Diefried felt that the suggestion could be immediately adopted as a lesson.


「It’s about the group that got transferred to another class. They can’t be forced to fight seriously. Matthias-san, even if it’s a training sword, would you turn your sword on Hildegard-san?」




Matthias, who asked by Kamui, was speechless.


「Right? In short, it’s something like this. Though now it seems like I’m giving excuses, by no means did I have any intention to criticize the Academy’s lessons. It’s something that even I can think of; another person might have thought of the same idea  long time ago. Even so, it’s not implemented. That means that there’s another fixed reason」


Diefried and Hildegard unintentionally exchanged glances upon Kamui’s explanation.


If Kamui’s words were malicious, it would feel like he’s criticizing the great nobles for using the noble’s systemization to obstruct any alteration to the lesson. He would certainly be referring to both their houses when he refer to the great nobles.


When they sent a fleeting glance at the teacher, the teachers expressed agreement. The Academy must have their own circumstances. It felt like that the teacher conveyed this to them.


For the two – especially for Hildegard, who has complete faith in her own family’s support of the Empire – this matter produced complicated feelings in her heart.

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