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1-6: The「Royal Maid」is Dispatched To The Magician’s House

TL: Krrizis

Editor: Me3 & Shirani


「Hmm, let’s see. If I’m only making a nightgown for the time being, it’ll be done in thirty minutes」

「That’s quick!」

「That’s because I’ll be using a simple design」


To create a somewhat wearable sleeveless tunic, I chose two pieces of cloth and made the neckline and armholes. Afterwhich, all I needed to do was sew the front and back together. Fetching the sewing scissors amongst the sewing tools that I always carried with me, I cut the cloth after making sure I had the appropriate measurements. Then after sewing for a short time … Look, it’s done!


「Even so, that’s quick」

「It’s simple. Nevertheless, I wanted Jill to have a change of clothes after it’s bath」



It’s somewhat baffling to have Leonard-sama meekly agreeing to my words.


… I’ve thought about this earlier but is it alright for him to consent to most all my views and demands?


「Erm, Leonard-sama, if there’s anything else you need me to do, you can just tell me, okay?」



Leonard-sama nodded his head in agreement again. … No, I mean, I know you’re a tongue-tied person but if you don’t tell me, I don’t understand what that means.   


「You’ve done everything」



As I was troubled by how to deal with it, Leonard-sama added the words piece by piece.


「All I’ve requested」


… It’s like a riddle. Basically, I’ve already done everything that Leonard-sama has wished for? Eh, how’s that possible?


「Loving her, caring for her and providing her with what she needs. You’ve done enough」

「Ummmm …」


    A–As expected, that was difficult to comprehend.


Even so, Leonard-sama seems satisfied and it’ll be harder to listen to him beyond this. Hmm, I wonder if that’s really enough?


「The bath is over here」

「Ah! Yes …」


While I was pondering over that, Leonard-sama had left the room. In a panic, me and Jill chased after him together, and as soon as we reached the bathroom, he handed something over with a plop.



「Oh, thank you …」


It was so perfectly done that I felt like running away. Furthermore, no matter how I looked at this towel, it was brand new.


「If there’s anything you don’t know, ask Sid. He does the house chores」



Sid-san’s amazing! Can he actually do all the house chores? Oh, but Leonard-sama can cook too?


As I admired them, Leonard-sama held his hand into the bathtub.



「Hot water」


 In the next moment, water gathered in the bath from out of nowhere, making a boiling sound before transforming into hot water. Excuse me, uh. Isn’t using magic breaking the rules? The hardships that an ordinary person has to go through to heated water by burning firewood with all their might … Well, I’ll give my thanks as Jill was able to have a bath immediately because of it.


「Thank you, Leonard-sama」



  I thought the vaguely satisfied Leonard-sama looked somewhat cute. Though it’s imprudent to an employer so I’m repenting.   

   After she had been washed and her hair tidied up, Jill transformed into an extremely adorable girl.


  She had a slightly unusual strawberry blonde hair that was up to her back and large, wide-open blue eyes. Though she had lacked the softness that was a child’s characteristic from weight loss, she was going to be a promising beauty in the future.


By the way, I found out Jill was a girl when she took off her robe earlier. If she had been a boy, I would have sewn a pair of pants.  


「Ah, hey! Your hair’s still wet」


I called Jill to stop as she immediately started running around naked after wiping her body.   




It seems she had gotten used to me as she showed me a happy smile. After thoroughly drying her hair, I dressed her in the nightgown I’d made.


「Does it feel comfortable?」



Carrying Jill who was wearing a huge grin, we returned to the living room where Leonard-sama was in the midst of reading and Sid-san was present.


「You’re back. Welcome home, Sid-san. Um…」

「Oh, I’m home. Both of you must feel exhausted so I’ll make dinner tonight」



Just as I looked at him, Sid-san had finished putting on an apron. I–It was an exceptionally, lovely pink color … It’s no use, I just want to laugh. The cat embroidery on his chest is so fancy that I can’t hold it in any longer.   


「U–um, I’m the maid so I’ll make it. As you had to do the errands for me, I’m really sorry for troubling you」


   Yes, yes. I mustn’t forget. Although the devastating impact of the apron caused me to look the other way, housekeeping was still my duty.


「Oh~~ such dedication. Yosh, then I shall especially lend a hand and assist you」


   Sid-san smiled broadly as he offered his assistance however, it was likely that he had some favor to ask besides cooking.  


「Then, can you look after Jill while you dry her hair?」


「She’ll probably catch a cold if her hair’s half-dried and if Jill comes near me while I’m using a knife, it’ll be dangerous」


As I was in the middle of requesting Sid-san, I heard Jill’s merry voice. Turning around, I saw Jill sitting on top of Leonard-sama’s lap with her hair lightly spreading out in the air.


「It’s wa–rm!」

「Whoa, whoa! Aren’t you enveloping her hair with warm air? That’s surprisingly gentle of you, Master」

「Quick dry」


  Leonard-sama responded to Sid-san’s astonished voice with a one-liner. It was a charming scene but I couldn’t help remembering my past life.   


Hmm, a warm air that dries hair, a hair dryer? Unconsciously I was taken aback but I need to start cooking right away. Deciding as such, I moved towards the kitchen.  


Although in saying that, the menu that I was going to cook up today was really easy. I’ll be making pot-au-feu – there’ll be plenty of vegetables to satisfy her tummy and it’s a dish that’s easy on the stomach.


If it was Japan, I’ll have made congee with some added condiments or udon but there’s neither rice nor udon in this world. Most of all, there wasn’t any soy sauce or miso either. Well, I’ve gotten used to it so it’s fine.


Since Sid-san bought a whole plump chicken, I’ll use the thigh meat for cooking. First, I’ll cut it to a suitable portion, then I’ll rub it with some salt to get rid of the smell and leave it aside to sit.


Meanwhile, I’ll cut the carrots and onions into large chunks … I wonder what else I should make?


「Woah, you’re fast at your job, ojou-chan!」



Before I had realized, Sid-san has been standing next to me, watching me work.


As there was a bit of beef in the bundle that Sid-san had bought, I turned all of it into mince meat. After that, I finely chopped the onions, skinned and thinly sliced some potatoes before I began boiling it.  


「Sid-san, is there any food that you dislike?」

「Ah~ Well it’s not like I need to eat in the first place but if you’re asking for my preference, I love sweets」


Ohh, so it’s not necessary for familiars to eat? They’re animals so I thought they had to eat … Well, whatever.  


   While I salt and peppered the minced beef and thinly sliced onions for the stir-fry, the potato were soft enough for a fork to pierce through. Moving them from the sieve to a bowl, I added salt, pepper, butter and a bit of milk and properly smash them together. In a large gratin dish, I added the stir-fried mix to the bottom and layered the top completely with mashed potatoes, putting it aside until it was ready.   


Meanwhile, I rinsed off the moisture that came out of chicken meat and began boiling it over low heat in another pot. Scoop the scum that appears then add the onions and carrots. Afterwards, continuously skim the scum on the broth as the pot-au-feu boils until it’s ready to be served.


As it’s boiling, there’s still one more bit of work. On top of the mashed potatoes earlier, I sprinkled shaved cheese all over. I intend to place this in the oven and bake it till it turns brown and well-done, making something similar to shepherd’s pie. If I add some bread later, this should be enough.   


「… Seriously, you’re pretty skilled. It looks delicious」


Sid-san spoke to me earnestly as I was taking a breather after I had finished preparing the pie.


「Is that so? I wonder if it’s because I’m accustomed to it」


Indeed, whether it was in my present or past life, I had plenty of opportunities to cook. Because my mother in this world was running a small restaurant, I’ve been standing in the kitchen assisting her since I was seven.


Now, it’s almost time to put the pie into the oven.


Ah~ the smell of baked cheese and the sound of the pot-au-feu as it simmers. Cooking really calms me down~ … And for helping me wash up nonchalantly, thank you Sid-san. I’m sorry for leaving you to clean up my mess for me.


「Yosh, it’s ready!」

「Oh~ it looks delicious!! 」

「I also made a portion for Sid-san, if it’s alright, please eat it」
After I dished out the plates, Sid-san carried them out one by one. I feel somewhat apologetic but I wonder if it’s alright of me to make use of my employer’s familiar.



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