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1-7: The「Royal Maid」is Dispatched To The Magician’s House

TL: Krrizis

Editors: Shirani & Me3

First Published on Ainushi


「It’s ready~」




Ah, well, hearing Sid-san’s delighted voice from the living room, it should be fine. If it wasn’t, I’m sure Leonard-sama would inform me about it.


And so, when I was carrying my share of it out, I saw Jill sitting on a chair meant for children that wasn’t there before.


「Where did this chair come from?」


Surprised, I asked and Leonard-sama responded with slight elation.


「I made it」

「Er, um, I made some easy to eat dishes for Jill」


I see, so Jill didn’t come by the kitchen because Leonard-sama had made a chair and given it to her.


Jill was comparatively more relaxed than she was earlier with him. It looks like their relationship has greatly improved, even Leonard-sama seemed overjoyed when he saw Jill was pleased.


Oh well, I’m going to thoroughly lecture Leonard-sama after this though. We have yet to settle the incident where he had tied her up and confined her.


「Let’s eat before it cools down~」



   After Sid-san spoke, everyone gathered around the dining table and started eating dinner together. I wondered if a maid should be seated on the same table as her employer but Leonard-sama wanted me to be Jill’s mother.


If we’re a family, then naturally, we should eat together.


「It’s delicious~!」


Jill looked really pleased as she ate her dinner heartily. Although Leonard-sama ate in silence, he ate it with much vigor.


Because I had made a fairly good amount, I had expected leftovers but contrary to my expectations, everything was devoured. It was worth cooking up a storm for them.


Once I was done putting away the washed dishes, I brewed not a pot of coffee but a pot of black tea which smelled heavenly. Personally I like coffee but it was an expensive import in this country and hard to obtain.  


As I was worried that she wouldn’t be able to sleep, I poured Jill a cup of warm milk with some honey drizzled into it.




Jill laughed happily after she drank the milk. Seeing her childish, innocent smiling face, I ended up smiling too.


「Are you full?」


「Then, I’ll be lecturing Leonard-sama now. If I’m scary, please cling onto Sid-san」


Yup, I’m doing this again but we can’t just leave things up in the air. Until now, the only topic he hasn’t been lectured about is making Jill his priority. Moreover, I’ll make him explain why he did those things and apologize to Jill.  




「Leonard-sama, it’s time for your lecture」

「… nn」


Leonard-sama placed the cup of black tea that he had been drinking down, listening attentively. That was surprisingly obedient of him, wasn’t it? This fellow. Though usually, it’s not normal for a maid to scold her employer.  


Well, even I’m reflecting on it.


「I’ll start first. I don’t know how Jill was brought up or the details of how Leonard-sama came to pick her up」


「For that reason, I will only lecture you on the things I’ve witnessed so far. Is that fine?」

「I understand」


As I deliberately spoke in a scolding manner, Leonard-sama nodded his head without taking any offense to it. However without relaxing my authority, I continued speaking.  


「I don’t have any knowledge about magic, so I don’t know the reason as to why you don’t want Jill to escape from the magic circle. Even if it’s natural for a magic user to conduct themselves in that manner, I can’t understand it」

「… nn」

「Therefore, I will lecture Leonard-sama about the actions you did towards this child alone」


 When we were in the basement, I saw Jill in a terrified state. While recalling that, I sternly pointed my finger at him.


「Child confinement is an undeniable offense」


After all, there was no way for me to describe that situation in any other way.


「Do you understand? First of all, it’s wrong of you to lock a young child in a gloomy basement alone. What would you do if Jill was traumatized by it?」

「… nn」

「In addition to that, you gagged her and tied her up? I felt nothing else other than malice!」


When I said that, Leonard-sama hung his head dejected. However, he didn’t deny it or make any excuses.


I knew it, even he thought he was at fault. Yup, he was completely the villain just by looking at the situation.


「Moreover, why wasn’t it explained to Jill if it was that necessary? Why did you take such selfish actions?」

「… I’m sorry」

「I’m not the one you should be apologizing to」


  When I prompted him, Leonard-sama turned to face Jill who had been tightly clinging onto Sid-san.


「I’m sorry. I wanted to protect your power」


   Hearing the word ‘power’, Jill’s expression stiffen. But I continued watching without intervening.


Thereupon, Leonard-sama gently touched Jill’s cheek—


「It must have been difficult for you … 」


   — spilling those words.


I didn’t understand what he was referring to when he said ‘difficult’. But it seems Jill understood, drops of tears spilling from her large eyes.  


「… Uu, waaaaaaaa!」


Stretching out his hands to embrace that small body, Leonard-sama hugged her tightly.


Gently, he stroked Jill’s back as she was sobbing, whispering that everything was going to be alright. Despite looking at Jill gently, even he looked like he could burst into tears at any time.


Surely, both of them were carrying sentiments that they probably couldn’t share with me. That made me feel just a little bit lonely.

At least as her mother, I’ll have to consider it after she’s done crying. I’ll make a warm cup of lemonade and give her a hug too.  


With those thoughts, I headed towards the kitchen to work on it and for some reason, Sid-san ran after me.


「What’s the matter?」

「I thought she would be thirsty if she was crying that much」

「I see」


Sid-san watched me for a while as I mixed the squeezed lemon juice and honey together into a thickened paste, before slowly speaking.


「… If a child is unable to control their magic powers well, there’s a risk that everything around them will be destroyed due to it running out of control. To prevent that, master sealed the kid’s powers with the magic circle in the basement」

「Well, I guessed it the moment I saw the situation」

「… But you still were mad?」



By dissolving a spoonful of the thickened paste with hot water, the lemonade was ready. Probably by the time Jill has stopped crying, it’ll be at the right temperature.


Sid-san marvelled as I didn’t stop working whilst replying him.


「Aren’t you afraid of the kid? She might lose control」


 Not understanding what Sid-san had said, I tilted my head in confusion.   


「What do you mean by afraid?」

「If that kid loses control, people’s lives could be easily taken away and you’ll be the closest one beside her」

「… And what is so scary about that?」


Placing four portions of lemonade on top of the tray, I tried to carry it when Sid-san snatched it from the side.


「Thank you very much」

「No worries… 」

「Continuing our previous conversation, I would be afraid if someone personally intended to harm me. But that’s not the same for Jill. The person who is truly frightened is her. So there isn’t a need for me to be afraid」


I mean, even I am aware of the tragedy that comes from cases of magic running rampant. It’s not surprising that children who possess powerful magic are feared.


But in my previous life, I had the experience of being regarded as a pitiful child in a motherless home so I don’t want to hold any prejudices, at least towards Jill.


Oh, yes! I have no intentions of telling anyone that I have the memories from my past life. I’ve been brought up lovingly in this world by my parents and my elder brother.


*prick* I held my hand against my aching heart. The throbbing in my palms is surely proof that I exist here nevertheless, my heart keeps briefly turning towards the past.


『―――, I love you』


  Suddenly, I recalled that dear voice. That soft gentle voice that lovingly called out my name as I quietly breath my last.


Even so, I can’t answer him. The existence he’s calling for no longer exists. Because I’m now Lily.


「Jou-chan … ?」


I could only smile a little at the curious expression that Sid-san had.


「It’s nothing. Come, let’s take the lemonade out before it cools」

「Oh, Okay」


When I urged him cheerfully, Sid-san began to carry the tray out whilst looking confused.




When I returned to the living room, Jill who had stopped crying and was completely held up in Leonard-sama’s arms, gave a small cry when she saw me. I smiled at the state of Jill who seemed shy whilst looking relieved.


「You must be thirsty? That’s why I made some lemonade」

「Ah, Thank you … 」


Despite saying thanks, Jill did not take the lemonade, looking at me intently.


「What’s wrong?」

「Uh, um, I heard from Leonard Otou-san…」


When did she start calling him that?


As I opened my eyes wide in surprise, Jill hesitated to speak for a while but eventually resolving herself, she continued her words.


「C-can I call you Okaa-san?」


Jill closed her eyes tightly and her face was bright red. Unexpectedly meeting his gaze, Leonard-sama had lowered Jill and nodded his head in agreement. If that’s the case, my answer was decided.  


「Of course, I’ll be delighted」

「uu, Okaa-san!」


That small figure jumped, clinging on to me, and when I tightly returned her embrace, Jill gave a happy laugh.  

Yes, if this tiny, complicated existence wishes for me this much, then I definitely won’t regret becoming her mother.  


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