Chapter 2 takes place between Ch 3 and Ch 5 of the manga chapters. Please expect longer parts from this as I make my way through this chapter.

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2-1: I Became a Mother

TL: Krrizis

Editor: Shirani

First published on Ainushi


After hugging and indulging her for a while — I did some needlework as I watched Jill, a slight distance away from me, chatting with Sid-san on a sofa.  





Starting to rub her eyes, I called out to Jill as I put down my needle. It’s already considerably late at night, so she must be drowsy.  


「Shall we go up to your room, Jill?」



Ara ara, as soon as I thought she was coming up to me looking peevish, she gave me a hug. Coupled by her drowsy look, doesn’t this make me feel like mollycoddling her for a bit?

When I gently stroke her soft hair, she pressed her head against me like a spoilt child.


「What’s wrong?」

「I wanna be with okaa-san~」


What should I do? I still have a bit of chores left to do.


If possible, I prefer to prioritize Jill over the chores. However, I’m also a maid. I wonder what Leonard-sama makes of this.


I looked towards Leonard-sama who was reading on the sofa and he gave a small nod.


「If it’s just tidying up, Sid can do it」

「Me!? … Nah, I can do it 」


Oh, he’ll do it. He’s a really good person, isn’t he? Sid-san. Whilst I looked at him with those thoughts, Sid-san shrugged his shoulders and waved his hands.


「Jou-chan, you’ll be sleeping together with the little one, won’t you?」

「Yes. Would it be alright for her to be in my room?」


When I asked Leonard-sama again whilst looking at him, he nodded his head again like earlier.



「Understood. Then, let’s sleep together. Bring your pillow along, Jill」



   With a face sparkling with enthusiasm, Jill jumped up and ran off to the second floor.


「Then, my apologies Sid-san, but I’ll leave the rest to you」

「Yeah, leave it to me!」


When I bowed my head, Jill came running back with her pillow held tightly in both arms. Her big eyes were glistening brightly.  


Ah seriously, she’s so cute! It’s just the first day but she’s completely won me over.


「Now, let’s say goodnight to otou-san and Sid-san」



  Jill first wished Sid-san goodnight whilst hugging his leg. After that, she trotted over to Leonard-sama and like a one-man show, he tilted his head in confusion.


「Otou-san, hug me?」


Being pleaded like that, Leonard-sama looked at her fondly, and tenderly held Jill in his arms.


「Goodnight, otou-san!」

「Nn. Goodnight」

「I’ll be excusing myself as well. Goodnight」



  After he brushed her head gently before letting her down, Jill ran back to me and taking her by the hand, we left the room. However, the instant we entered my room, I thought, Ah! I’ve made a blunder.


It’s because I’d left my trunk aside and hadn’t unpacked my luggage yet. I hadn’t aired out the room either.



「I’m sorry, Jill. I need to put some things away so will you be fine with the noise?」

「Yes, I’d like to help!」


Having seen the contents in my spread out trunk, Jill’s curiosity completely woke her up from her drowsiness. At any rate, if I leave the luggage unpacked on the side, I probably wouldn’t have been able to relax and fall asleep and would have hurriedly tidied it up.  


「Jill, can you open the closet for me?」



Because I hadn’t brought along too many clothes with me, we were able to quickly store them away. After I’ve stowed my clothes and underwear in the closet drawers, all that’s left are the miscellaneous things.  


A small mirror, a brush, and several volumes of books. A notebook with recipes written down. My writing tools and sewing kit. Lastly, a small toiletry set and ornaments. These were all that I had brought along in my luggage.


「It’s shiny~」

「Do you like these kinds of things?」



The object that Jill had curiously pointed out to was a silver necklace and earring that was given to by my mother on my sixteenth birthday – the year in which I was considered of marriageable age in this world. It was modelled after the Lily flower that I was named after. While it certainly doesn’t cost a lot, it was my most cherished prized possession that was given to me as proof that I had became an adult woman.


「I wanna have these too one day」

「Fufu … Then, how about we make a promise?」

「A promise?」

「That’s right. When Jill has grown up and become a fine lady, I’ll give you a similar accessory」


When I declared that, Jill stared blankly at me in confusion. And then, she asked, ‘Why?’, with shining eyes.


「On their sixteenth birthday, girls receive an ornament from their mothers. It is done that way as it is said to bring them happiness」


「Yes. And since I’m your mother, I’ll give you a present when that times comes」

「… Okay!」


Jill was cute, with a face bursting with happiness that I ended up smiling as well.


Oh, that reminds me. Since I’ve become her mother, I should also make a veil for Jill.


In this world, when a girl turns sixteen, not only is she given an ornament for the day when she’s married off, it is customary for mothers to knit a veil for her.


Truthfully, it is laboriously made from the day their daughter is born but our mother and daughter relationship only began today.  


After that, I’ll have to keep something new, something old, something borrowed and something blue in time for the wedding ceremony. It’s called a wedding vow, a good luck charm to wish the bride happiness. Though it’s a custom in my previous world, the custom in this world is different. Even though it’s a good luck charm, it has to be bought and prepared in advance.


I want to do whatever I can as her mother.

That night, after I’d cleared up and aired out the room, I hugged Jill as we slept together. As it felt pleasantly warm, I fell fast asleep.


Why does a child’s body temperature feel so good?




In the morning, I got up and smiled a bit at Jill’s somewhat cute sleep-talking before quietly slipping out of the bed.  


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