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2-2: I Became a Mother

TL: Krrizis

Editor: Shirani

First published on Ainushi


I poured water from the jug into the wash basin and quickly washed my face. Yup, that feels refreshing. This will probably be too cold for Jill so I’ll prepare some lukewarm water for her later.


After that, I took the hair behind the back of my neck and tied it up into a bun. That was what I felt most comfortable with. Tightening my loosened corset, I put on a blouse and a black skirt, finishing it off with a large white apron. I always wear aprons without the chest portion as I dislike having my movements restricted no matter what.  


I also dislike corsets. Even if it’s said to be an equipment for an adult woman’s modesty, it’s painful and harmful to the intestines so I have it tied loosely. Although that’s the cause of my fat waists.


Well then, it’s about time for me to prepare breakfast.


I quietly left the room so as not to wake Jill up and headed towards the kitchen.


There wasn’t a single item left in the kitchen that hadn’t been washed, even the food scraps had been dealt with.


「Uwaa~ it’s actually tidied up」


I had just availed myself of Sid-san’s offer yesterday, so I should do something to thank him later.


For now, I need to make sure everyone can have breakfast soon. I had missed my chance to ask Leonard-sama what time he gets up but I’ll suppose it’ll be fine since it’s still early in the morning.  


「It’s morning, so shall I make it light…?」


Will vegetable soup, bread and scramble eggs do? For drinks, milk for Jill and tea for the adults. Now, what ingredients shall I use for the vegetable soup? Or rather, what vegetables do we have?


While I was worrying about the menu, a voice suddenly called out from behind me.


「Huh, you’re up early!」

「Ah! Good morning, Sid-san」

「Oh, morning. I wish you would relax more」

「I’ve slept enough and I usually wake up around this time」


   While saying that, I glanced at Sid-san’s hands. He was carrying a large basket filled with an abundance of freshly harvested vegetables.  


「You’re using them, right?」

「Yes, thank you」


Sid-san smiled broadly while he handed me the basket. Oh right! The food in this world is roughly the same as my past life’s. As the name and the taste are the same, I was completely at ease.


Yosh, the ingredients for today’s soup will be carrots, capicum and onions. If I shred them, I can quickly cook them on the fire and there’ll be plenty of vegetables to eat.   


Having settled on the menu, all that’s left is to move my hands.


About thirty minutes later, I had roughly finished cooking the soup and everything would be done after I’ve made the scrambled eggs.  


「Sid-san, what time does Leonard-sama usually get up?」

「It should be anytime now. Even if he hasn’t woken up, I’ll just wake him」

「Oh, then I’ll have to wake Jill up. She’ll surely feel upset if she wasn’t able to have breakfast with us」


With thoughts of waking Jill up and dressing her, I returned to my room quickly, carrying a pot of hot water. Jill had just woken up though. She was rubbing her eyes whilst sitting upright on the bed.


「Morning, Jill」

「Ah… Okaa-san, good morning」


Jill looked at me and smiled with a dreamy face. She’s so cute. I’m being healed from this morning.


「Leonard-sama is going to be waking up soon. Don’t you want to eat breakfast together with him?」

「Yes, I’d like that」


Obediently coming down from the bed, I brushed Jill’s head and poured hot water into the wash basin. After that, I poured water from the jug and made it luke-warm.


「It’s wa~rm」


With a washed face, Jill wore the tunic I made for her yesterday. I brushed her tangled hair till it was pretty, finishing it off with two ponytails to complete this beautiful girl.   


「Now, shall we head off?」



We left the room holding hands. Before we reached the living room, Leonard-sama had walked down the opposite side of the corridor roughly at the same time.


「Good morning, Leonard-sama」

「Good morning, otou-san」

「… Nn. Good morning」


Leonard-sama looked slightly surprised with his eyes wide open, after which, the expression of his eyes softened and he stroked Jill’s head.


「It’s cute」


So as to avoid dishevelling her hair, Leonard-sama stroke Jill’s head reservedly with his hand. Jill laughed with a smile. While gazing at the both of them heartwarmingly, I resumed making breakfast.  


「I’ll bring the breakfast immediately」


「Jill, you sit down too and wait for me, okay?」



And so, I returned to the kitchen. Now, let’s make the scrambled eggs. First, split the eggs. Add a bit of milk, salt and pepper, and mix them up. Drop a large amount of butter into a heated frying pan. Before it’s completely melted, pour the egg mixture in. When you’ve estimated that the sides have started to solidify, scramble them into large chunks and it’s ready. Then arrange the slightly runny, half-cooked scrambled eggs onto each plate.  


Yosh, breakfast is ready!


As I considered bringing it to the living room before I make tea, a hand reached out from the side and grabbed the plates.


「I’ll bring it over」

「Ah, thank you, Sid-san」


   Then, I’ll leave him to carry them and I’ll get the drinks prepared.


After bringing the drinks to the living room, the four of us began to eat breakfast. Suddenly, Jill made a groan much later.




Leonard-sama was a bit flustered at Jill’s teary eyes whereas Sid-san glanced silently from the side.


If I were to describe it, it’s a highly common situation.


「Do you dislike capsicums?」


I spoke gently to Jill who was chewing the food with her mouth while almost crying.




Jill held it in her mouth and nodded repeatedly. Well, there’s a lot of children who don’t like capsicums, so there’s no helping it.  


「You don’t have to eat the rest, but at least try to swallow the bit that’s in your mouth」



Jill nodded her head repeatedly again to my words, bravely swallowing the food in her mouth.


Oh, you did good! Well done, well done.


「It’s bitter~」


「Things that are good for your body taste bitter. There’s a lot of medicine that is bitter too, aren’t there?」


When I said that, Jill thought about it for a bit and lightly nodded her head.


「Medicine is bitter. But I get better when I drink it」

「Yes. Those bitter things are doing their best inside your body」

「I’ll get better at eating capsicums」


As though her switch was turned on by the conversation just now, Jill was somehow fully motivated. That’s the strange thing about children.


I’ll give her something sweet later as a reward for giving it her all.


「Is it that bitter?」


Leonard-sama ate the capsicum in his soup and muttered curiously.


「Kids taste things differently from adults. She’ll surely be fine with it eventually」

「You won’t make her eat them?」

「Yes, it’s natural to dislike certain food. If we’re forceful, she’ll have a needless aversion towards it」


On the other hand, I’ll wholeheartedly praise her when she eats it. I used this method often in my previous life. My younger brother was quite a picky eater.


But when he saw me praising him whenever he ate something bitter, I was surprised to find that he became less picky. Desiring to be praised more, he would eat the stuffs that he disliked and seemed to have grown use to it.  




Having listened to my explanation silently, Leonard-sama suddenly reached out his hand and touched my head.


Why is he stroking my head? Moreover, doing it with such gentle eyes, isn’t that making my heart beat fast?
Leonard-sama’s large hand moved as though consoling me. Though I was confused, I was also troubled that I didn’t dislike it. Yu~p, money and appearances are not the only things that put women in a daze but even kindness like this has an effect.

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