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2-3: I Became a Mother

TL: Krrizis

Editor: Shirani

First published on Ainushi


「What is it?」


When he saw me staring at him, Leonard-sama looked puzzled.


「Er, I was just thinking about the reasons why you’re popular with women」


Eh? Why is he frowning like that?


「… I’m not good with women」


If I recall, he doesn’t trust women because they kept trying to seduce him … Huh?


「Then, why are you okay with me…Oh, right! I don’t look at you with those eyes. I’m sorry for making you feel uncomfortable」


Leonard-sama was silent for a while, pondering over it for a bit before he replied to me.


「… I’m fine if it’s you」

「I see」


There shouldn’t be any deeper meaning to Leonard-sama’s words. Feeling almost rattled, I kept a lid on it and merely agreed with him.    


After breakfast, Leonard-sama returned to his room on the second floor to change into his work clothes. When she saw him descending the stairs, Jill’s eyes lit up.


「Otou-san, you look cool!」

「Do I?」


   Yup, he certainly looks cool. Leonard-sama was only wearing a simple black robe with gold stripes on it but it looked sharp depending on the person who wears it. As expected, he seems like the type a lot of girls would want to date … No, no! Let’s not think about this anymore!



「I got it, Master. You want me to look after the both of them, right?」

「Mm. Lily」



When I drew closer after he called out to me, he plopped a small pouch into my palm. … What the— this is heavy though! I check the contents and found nothing but gold coins stuffed in it. This seems like it can easily be the living expenses for several months.


「To buy Jill’s clothes」

「… I don’t think this much is necessary」

「There’s also one month’s worth of living expenses」

「No, as I said there’s way too much!」


As I shook my head continuously refusing to accept that large sum of money, Sid-san smiled wryly whilst saying,


「Now, now. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of extra money」

「Having this much is dangerous … I’ll give half of it to Sid-san then」

「Mm. Do as you please」


While nodding his head, Leonard-sama stretch out his hand to the top of my head. Like I said, why are you stroking me? You’ve been acting strange since a while ago— Wait a minute!





  Leonard-sama wraps his arms around my body. That’s right. As soon as Leonard-sama lifted his hand from my head, he hugged me. Even Sid-san looked surprised. So, um, why are you hugging me!?



「It’s not “Mm~”!」


If he didn’t quickly move away from me, I was going to sock him when he suddenly released me.


Leonard-sama turned towards Jill.



「Otou-san, see you later!」


Jill was hugged tightly too. Yeah, I understand if it’s Jill. But then, why me too?


「Master, jou-chan’s eyes are popping out. Though even I’m a bit surprised by that」



No, I’m the one who wants to look puzzled! Ah~ My pounding heart hasn’t calmed down yet.




「Checking what I’m protecting」


Huh? What? In other words, Leonard-sama’s hug was to check the family members that he needs to protect? I’m honestly glad that he considers me as part of the family. I’m glad but…


「You can’t suddenly hug me」


「Yes. It gave me a fright」



  Leonard-sama nodded his head obediently so I let out a sigh of relief. However, his next words made my face instinctively stiffen.


「Next time, I’ll tell you before I do it」

「No, no. You shouldn’t be hugging me in the first place. I’m not your wife or lover. So you shouldn’t do that」



   Uwahhh! He looks like he really doesn’t understand. Eh, do I really have to explain this?


「Lily is the same as Jill. You’re my important family」

「Even so, you can’t. I’m glad that you said that though」

「Why not?」


Oh boy~ even when I tell it to him directly, he still doesn’t get it. Uuu… It’s no use,  I’ll have to do something rather unexpected to him. I really don’t want to do it though as I’m not cute at all.    


Resolving myself, I took a deep breath and inclined my head slightly as I looked up at Leonard-sama.


「You–You really scared me and made my heart beat fast, so please don’t?」


   Uwah~! That’s embarrassing! Saying that with pleading eyes, I want to bury myself in a hole! But I have to do this or he won’t understand!


「… Okay」


   Leonard-sama was in a daze, with his eyes wide open for a second before he followed up after with a smile,


「You’re cute, Lily」


… Somehow, I feel like I’ve lost. In order to dodge this awkwardness, I frantically gloss over it and said my goodbyes to him.   


「Ha–Have a safe trip, Leonard-sama」

「Mm. See you later」


Satisfied, Leonard-sama nodded his head and left the mansion.


I felt somewhat tired just seeing him off … Ugh.


「Oh, you did well …」


Sid-san stroke my head as I was feeling beaten down. Jill copied him, patting around my lower back that I couldn’t help feeling healed.


「Seriously, what is it with Leonard-sama?」

「Ah~ … That’s cause Master’s ignorant to other people’s feelings. Well, please ignore it」

「No, I can’t do that! It will cause a lot of misunderstanding when Leonard-sama eventually gets a lover」

「No… Well, yeah. Good luck」

「Are you abandoning me!?」


   As I brooded over it, Sid-san cheerfully encouraged me. It’s no use. If I can’t rely on Sid-san, then I’ll do something about it … I guess.


「Leaving that aside, you’ll be working on the house chores, right?」

「Ah, that’s right. I’ve planned my itinerary for today」


It seems I’d forgotten my duties as a maid because of that excessive shock. That’s bad!


「I’ll check all the various ways to do the house chores in the house in the morning and I’ll go out shopping in the afternoon. In other words, please guide me, Sid-san」

「Eh, why are you asking for my help?」

「Eh, but Leonard-sama told me that you’ve been doing the house chores」

「… No no. Look, I can make the meals but I don’t do the general house chores」

「If you can dust and do the laundry, then general house chores is fine」



Forgive me but his figure with his head held in his arms, pleading to be excused was slightly adorable. If I pointed out that the tips of his ears were red, wouldn’t that be pitiful?


「Isn’t it fine? A man who can do house chores」

「No, that wouldn’t suit me at all」

「A man who can do house chores is cool, ya know?」

「Yes, yes. That’s usually what attracts them— …」


While lifting his head as he said those words, Sid-san’s cheeks were faintly blushing and drawn to it, my face burned up too. But I wasn’t lying. I mean, it’s fine, even Leonard-sama said he can cook.  


Comparing how Sid-san was and me, Jill came and scolded me to stop.


「Okaa-san, you shouldn’t bully Sid-san~」

「Oh my, I’m not bulling him」


Yep, Leonard-sama’s the one at fault. I’m not to be blamed for.


「Sid-san, cheer up!」


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