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Chapter 14 – Secret plan for the performance

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Editor: Puissansa
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Yoichi-san was in charge of preparing the clothes, and the props to be used seemed to be hats.

As they exchanged information here and there on the SNS group talk, he was delighted at the feeling of building something little by little together with them.

(Probably because I didn’t participate in the cultural festival…)

While practising at the Karaoke store, Miroku felt warm and fluffy inside.

Even though Shiju, whom Miroku was recently acquainted with, had said that it was troublesome, he still more or less participated in the dance curriculum and also taught Miroku professional dancing methods. With just some short advice from Shiju, Miroku could dance without stumbling right after. The actual ability of a former professional dancer seems fairly high.

Yoichi and Shiju both had stamina unthinkable for someone in their 40s (although it might just be that Miroku’s stamina is way too lacking). In order to keep up with them, Miroku went to the Karaoke to sing the song they were going to perform while dancing at the same time. He did his independent training earnestly, in his attempt to keep his breathing level while seamlessly doing both.



「Miroku-san, good morning!」

「Huh? Fumi-chan?」

Fumi bowed to Miroku the instant he stepped out of the Karaoke store. Her light-brown shoulder-length soft hair swayed as she did so, giving off the usual feeling of a small pet.

「Uncle….the Director told me that you were practising here so I came to pick you up!」

「I feel a little guilty, but I’m grateful, thanks.」

Miroku ended up singing to the last minute due to his excitement.

「Ufufu, I’ve heard about it. Shiju-san is going to perform with the two of you. I’m going to go watch.」

「Fumi-chan, you know Shiju-san?」

「Yes, it’s just on the level of acquaintances though, I met him when I went to see the Director at the gym. 」

Miroku felt a sense of relief somehow. Fumi did not notice the slight fluctuation in his emotions.

「I heard he’s going to be helping out with various odd jobs at the agency starting today. I haven’t seen him in a long time, but he gave off the feeling of a 『wild beast』. With his unshaven beard and all.」

Miroku subconsciously stroked his chin when he heard that. He admires masculinity because his own body’s hair is sparse. Timidly, he asked Fumi.

「Fumi-chan, is someone like Shiju-san your type?」

「Heh!? Erm, this, wh-why!?」

「Ah- sorry. It’s a popular topic after all. I was thinking about whether a “wild” feeling is good…Ah- it’s for work! I’m just using it as reference!!」

Turning red as he watched Fumi, Miroku noticed his slip of tongue. Even his excuse was strange in various ways. Fumi suddenly noticed his current state.

「Did you go to the tanning salon by any chance!?」


「That’s why I told you not to! It’s fine if you just bring out your natural characteristics!」

「Ah- yes, sorry.」

Fumi, having completely misunderstood the situation, lectured Miroku for the rest of the roughly one hour long journey.



「Yes, an animation of the choreography. I got a friend of mine to do it for me. Use the password and check it on the website. The red T-shirt is Miroku, blue is Yoichi the ossan and I’m the yellow one.」

「Eh!? Everyone’s moves are different!?」

「Calm down ossan, they are basically the same but because of our different positions, they need to be modified, right? And then, we need to sing the chorus too.」

「Eh- ehhhh!?」

「It’ll be fine, I’ll be the one singing the falsetto.」

「Shiju-san….you really are amazing…」

「This is normal. Hosts have other weapons besides their singing.」

Shiju grinned broadly. Just as Miroku was thinking that this person still had other weapons despite all the skills he had already displayed, he heard the instructor calling them.

「Ah- that’s right, there’s work after this!」

「All the best-」

「Can you help me tell Fumi that she can head home directly?」

「Understood. Itekimasu!」

Miroku ran off with a smile that seemed to sparkle. The 2 ossans sent him off while smiling wryly, 「that’s definitely necessary for the performance, right?」



「Shiju, sorry for pushing the troublesome work to you.」

「Don’t apologise. I’m jobless and working part-time for your agency after all.」

「But, you didn’t have go so far as to help me with this…」

「Don’t be stupid, if it was hard for me, who was a hikikomori for just one month, not to mention that guy’s been one for close to 10 years right? It’s a miracle for him to even be able to speak to us like that. I understand that you want to develop his talents beyond modelling, but if you let him appear in public alone all of a sudden, the hurdle is too high.」

「Shiju…you’re actually kind at heart, huh?}

「No- That guy is just too honest. I didn’t do anything special. Anyway, you have to stand firm, I’ll continue the special training, so do your best.」

「Got it. Thanks.」

「By the way, Miroku’s Nee-san or something? What’s with that person? My skin is now unbelievably smooth and elastic.」

「I don’t know either, but what I do know is to never get on her bad side. My skin became smooth and elastic because of her too.」

「…..that’s kind of incredible」

Despite initially having a nice conversation flowing, the talk about Mihachi unexpectedly caused the 2 ossans to receive damage.

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