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15. And then, Destiny Begins Moving Again

On the day of the performance, the three gathered at the park near the sports gym. Fumi, who was playing the role of a photographer, reviewed the moments while holding her camera.
There were few people early in the morning on a Saturday. Yoichi, putting a poultice on his calf, asked Shiju, who was doing stretches.

「So, I wonder how my moments were. I practiced in the midst of my job as a Director, I might make you models a laughing stock.」

「You’re amazing Yoichi-san, to remember so well while being busy.」

「Fumi too, was quite spartan……」

「Jeez, Uncle! Don’t say that!」

Shiju pacified Fumi who got angry with dyed cheeks, saying “there, there.”

「Thanks to that, it’s more or less perfect. All that’s left is to do our best on stage.」

「The costumes this time we’re provided by the maker. It seems that they want it to be photographed before the performance. With the three of you.」


The two ossans trembled at the Fumi, who suddenly went in work mode.

「Miroku will be fine somehow, but us…… 」

「It’s because you’re all tall, and look good. It is a wish on the maker’s side, Miroku’s work will increase too~?」

「Well, isn’t it good? It’s probably only for this time. They haven’t charged us for the price of the costumes, and if Miroku does his best, it will be nothing but great.」

「I’ll do my best!」

Miroku was nervous. To be accurate he had been nervous since a week ago. And that nervousness was about to reach its peak now.
A small plump hand softly intertwined with Miroku‘s hand that was becoming cold.


When he slowly opened his eyes, a smiling Fumi was there.

「Thank you, Fumi-chan.」

「Please enjoy today. Please showoff a lot of the cool Miroku-san.」

「The one who’s showing off is right here… 」
「Well, isn’t it fine, overlook it for today.」

The figure of the two of them, with their faces turning bright red and them forming a distance between each other in a flustered manner was pleasant, and it was as if the nervousness from just a while ago had disappeared somewhere, so Yoichi and Shiju were relieved.

The venue was the neighbourhood municipal hall, so it was about the size of a somewhat large movie theatre.
This time, it was supposed to hold the members of the kids dance school next to the sports gym, and the recitation and dancing of the people of the old age association at the same time.

(It’s quite spacious……)

Although he could say that he’d gotten accustomed to be seen by people, it was his first time being on such a stage, thus he was anxious. Yoichi, who saw such a Miroku said「The one who’s not fine is not you, but me! I’m the Director!」in a voice as if he were crying and made him laugh.
When he was changing clothes in the waiting room crowded with people, while saying something or the other, Miroku’s younger sister Nina, who had sneaked away from work just for this day, showed her face.
After that, when Miroku comforted Nina, who seemed annoyed by him patting her head, saying he’d return immediately, Nina, who got into in high spirits at that moment, showed her usual brocon manner.
She gave Yoichi Soft Mohican-like hair without using hair clippers, and coached Shiju on the way to trim his beard while making the best use of his naturally curly hair by making it long, and let a little bit of the front bangs hang loose. Because Miroku’s was troublesome, she set it slightly firmly.
His turn was the last.
Because the probability of the members of the sports gym being the final performance was high every time, the three silently waited for their turn.






watashiwasugoidesu.wordpress.com ?
The stage was dark. Beginning from an acoustic guitar solo, in a flash, the three were illuminated by the light.
They put their hands on the felt hats on their heads, and were each wearing a white three piece suit, where each had a shirt with of their own in Red・Yellow・Blue.
They belted out complex steps in a triplet doubled in the uptempo overture.1Once it entered into the song, Miroku looked at the venue.
The audience seating was dark and he practically couldn’t see the expression on the audience’s faces. But when he thought about how his family, the people from his office, and the members of the gym were somewhere in there, a smile naturally came out.
In the job of a model too, you had to be conscious of the other side of the camera. That didn’t change even here.
The fact that people were watching. The fact that there were people that accepted your existence.
When he looked beside him, Yoichi-san showed a warm smile, and on the opposite side, Shiju-san gave a seductive wink.

A shrill voice emanated from the venue. Spellbound at Miroku’s tenor that resounded well and his smile which seemed as if it would melt, the adult oneesamas broke down at Yoichi’s warm yet slightly bashful smile, and the ojousans, while knowing the fact that they were being bewitched with Shiju’s wild chest, were charmed by the former host making full use of his weapons
Each having his own personality, it wouldn’t end as it is.

In the first half, they danced with a slow image, doing one movement every two beats, but a little before the hook of the song, moving wachawacha2, they showed their preparation for the increasing tempo.
Once it entered the hook3 the three assembled in a step, partially incorporating hip-hop, and the complex footwork made the audience direct their eyes at their feet.
Once they thought so, they created a comical mood while shaking their hats like a tambourine and doing line dance-like movements.
They expressed the contents of the lyrics in the interlude and the B section of the song. When Miroku broke into the introduction of the final hook, In the duet of Yoichi and Shiju, the whole venue was engulfed by laughter.
In the final hook, the whole venue erupted in applause, and they somehow managed to do the final triplet quadrupled steps.

They did a finish by throwing their hats into the air.
And the three ossans sank onto the floor.
The venue was engulfed by laughter.

「Oh no! It ended, damn it! 」
「I’m fine now!」
「It was fun! Ahahahahaha! 」

Noticing the applause that didn’t stop ringing, they unsteadily stood up and bowed.
Drenched in sweat and with trembling knees, Shiju lent his shoulder to Yoichi; looking at such a situation, the oneesamas and ojousans let out a passionate sigh.
The girls watched Miroku happy and with a smiling face spellbound, but once he noticed Fumi clapping with all her might, he turned to face her, and sent a flying kiss with a smile that seemed as if it would melt .
At that moment, an earth shattering scream resounded from the group of women. Miroku had the intention of showing off 『The cool Miroku san』 to Fumi, but the person in question, Fumi, was overcome with dizziness and was being supported by Mihachi who was beside her, the seductive natural airhead on the stage was hit at the back of his head by the two ossans and formally retreated from the stage.

Thus, the performance once again began moving Miroku’s destiny.

Author’s Notes –

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T/N –

1. There’s a few music terms here, so here’s what they are
Uptempo – a piece of music played with a fast or increased tempo
Overture – an orchestral piece at the beginning of an opera, play, etc.

2. Some kind of a dance movement

3. High point of a song.

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