16. Miroku(Maitreya) Seems Cool

(Small Note here, Miroku is always written in katakana, whereas in the title , it’s written in kanji that means Maitreya(a Bodhisatva))

Edit : Did a few changes here and there in the TL.


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It’s. Daily?

「Good Morning!」

When Miroku entered the office, endeavouring in a 『Cheerful Greeting』, Yoichi, who was wrapped in a minty fragrance, listlessly raised his hand on the desk. It seemed that the muscle pains from the week before were still persisting.

「Morning, Miroku-kun, sorry for not coming to pick you up today.」

「No, it’s fine. Because Shiju-san told me to move about as much as possible. I can move around more in a train as compared to a car.」

While the two were talking, a few other models entered the office, so Miroku exchanged greetings with them.
At first, Miroku was anxious whether they would accept it, but thanks to that video, they were not worried about the contents of the conversation. Thanks to Miroku being featured on the cover page that time when he was a substitute model, the number of job requests to the office increased, and they were also rapidly getting exposure.
To begin with, he was a talented person that suited Yoichi’s judgement, if they had only a chance to sell him, the rest would be quick. They were very grateful to Miroku.
Miroku, who had learnt the know-how of Model・Talent from them, was blessed with (a year younger) Senpais, and was growing day after day.

「It’s strange for Fumi to be absent, did she catch a cold?」

「No, she’s in the midst of training. She has gone to a company that conducts business with us.」

「I see…… 」

After the performance got over the other day, the people and staff of the sports gym got together and decided to do a closing party, but Fumi wasn’t present. He felt curious and asked, but Yoichi answered, saying 「She had matters to attend to, so she went home」.
To Miroku, who was relieved on coming to know of the fact that it was training, thinking “if she’s healthy, then it’s all good”, Yoichi timidly asked a question.

「By the way, Miroku-kun, that thing in the end……in that performance……was it some kind of service1?」

「That thing in the end? You say?」

「Didn’t you do it? Something like facing the audience and giving a flying kiss.」

「That was……Once it got over, the audience seats became bright, and I could see Fumi-chan’s figure……」


「And then I remembered Fumi-chan who told me to 『Showoff the cool Miroku-san』.」


「I don’t understand what you mean by cool, but in the job of a model, one is requested to give a flying kiss, and if you get carried away and do it, you’ll be popular so……」

「By that place from that time, are you taking about the time when we reached home quite late?」

「Aah, that’s right. It’s about that time when by chance there was an audience member, when that person had a nosebleed.」

「Miroku-kun, you’re banned from giving flying kisses.」

「Ehhhh!? 」

The other models who were watching the exchange with Yoichi, said various things like 「The flirtatious sidelong glance too!」 「The surprise attack smile too! 」. Miroku complained, saying he didn’t do such things. It was natural for Miroku to feel dissatisfied. He was only giving a glance and smiling. It was impolite to say so.

「Oi!! Yoichi the ossan!! 」

「Shiju, I told you to call me Director here…… 」

「Where can I not call you that! What does this mean!?」

In the hands of Shiju, who came in rushing and was short of breath, a men’s magazine called GAINA could be seen. In that were three men wearing suits…….

「That’s right. They were saying that compared to the photo of Miroku alone, this was better. I was embarrassed though, so my face is also slightly concealed, so I was wondering if it was all right」

「Wasn’t my photo taken as it is! Because I didn’t know it, I spit out the coffee in the cafe there!! The coffee that’s worth 700 yen a cup!! What a waste!! 」

「Well, there it is.」

「Wow, it turned out to be the cover page! Sugoi! The both of you look cool!」

「It turned out to be a good memory.」

Shiju glared reproachfully at the two who were conversing pleasantly. It couldn’t be helped now that it was published, but he wondered why they hadn’t been informed beforehand.

「I told you. On phone though.」

「Eh? Did you?」

「Because it was decided so abruptly, I gave you call, but it seemed as if you were having a hard time over a hangover, so I sent a mail just in case though.」

「Ah, I haven’t seen the mail.」

「Even though Shiju-san is so particular about trivial things, you’re quite lackadaisical about these matters.」

Miroku, who nodded as if in admiration, looked at the schedule chart that Shiju made, and once again nodded saying uh-huh.
Miroku, who was shooting for a magazine, left behind an office that was still noisy with chatter. Miroku liked the office that had a cozy atmosphere. There was a time when he was a shut-in too, but Miroku who thought he was truly lucky to live this full and enriching daily life, as if to regain that lost part, turned and walked towards the station with light steps.




「So, have you calmed down?」

「…………Yes, I’m sorry.」

「Do you intend to stay away from him for a long time?」

「I’m fine. I can do my job!」

「I see.」

Fumi, who was crouching under Yoichi’s desk as if to hide, was firing herself up. He was surprised by Fumi who hid as if she’d disappeared the moment Miroku came, but they had heard from Mihachi about the situation at the performance the other day, so he was aware of the circumstances. The difference between Miroku, who did not seem to notice Fumi, and her, who said she couldn’t face him because it was too embarrassing was something clearly noticeable, but well, there was no choice but to take it slowly.

「A natural airhead seducer……Well, it seems as if he’s slightly self-aware, but there’s still a long way to go.」

Yoichi took a long and deep breath, and with a nervous look, gave a call somewhere. Whether it went well or not, he had no choice other than this, but he believed that it would work out.
In the midst of firing himself up, the song playing from the computer was the anime song that Miroku has sung, was Yoichi, who felt that the song was slightly sloppy.

1. As in fanservice.

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