Chapter 2 – Bye-bye (part 2)

TL: Januva

Editor: Puissansa


「Ria-chan, are you alright?」


Tears, runny nose and cold sweat.

I became sloppy in various ways as I started vomiting with no end in sight.

Just how much am I going to vomit?

….I definitely don’t want to know.

I’m confident that I will vomit again if I saw it.

Even so, it’s really tough being at this port city.

If I wasn’t unwell,

「This is the sea….how beautiful… the smell of the sea and the roar of sea waves feels so relaxing….s – e – a, I love the sea!」

It’s probably a very ojou-sama-like (?) thing to say, but in this situation, the only thing in my mind was the fishy smell.

….Un, let’s get out of this fishy street immediately!

While thinking that, the kind obaa-san who joined the carriage in the vicinity of the royal capital held out some water and I extended my hand out to receive it without reservations.

Where did she get the water in this wooden cup?

It’s really cold and refreshing.

At the very least, it’s not water from the water skins that we’ve been drinking from this past few days.

Although that water was colder than you’d expect, the hide was extremely smelly and there were times when I felt nauseous just from tasting the water.

But, this water is really delicious….

Swallowing it, the cold and refreshing water went down my throat that was in discomfort.

As it went down and past my chest, it cooled my body that had warmed up from the inside, giving off a pleasant feeling.

It’s really comfortable….

I drained the water in the cup in one go.

「Drink it slowly next, okay?」

The middle-aged sister-san said so while holding out a second cup of water. I did as I was told and drank it slowly.

The cold water that leaked out from my lips ran down my chin and dripped down onto the floor. At this moment, I finally felt a sense of relief. Hafuu – I leaked out a sigh.

「Thank you very much.」

I returned the now empty cups and thanked them. As I did so, the obaa-san who was always kind was currently looking at me with a worried look and said.

「Are you alright?」

Hearing that, I replied with a smile.

「Yes, thank you…」

The cold sweat that came out when I was vomiting felt unpleasant on my skin, and the hair that clung to my skin as a result made it worse.

But, thanks to the cold water, I felt much better now.

「Truthfully, cold water isn’t good, you know? From now on you have to make do with wa~rm water, alright?」

Sister-san said.

「Yes, I’ll be mindful of that.」

I returned my gaze to the sea and stared at it in a daze.

Aah, I wish I had gone to a emerald sea in my previous life…

…But well, the me of my past life was just a poor boy.

Even if I went to that wonderful beach that made it seem possible to pick up girls, I surely would have been unpopular.

While weeping in my heart at how unpopular I was in my previous life, I read the schedule for the carriage.

It seems like the carriage heading for Freedom City State would only depart 4 days from now.

Un, there’s more time than I expected. What should I do…?

That said, I didn’t actually need to think about it, as it had already been decided.

I’ll be selling this long and troublesome hair*!

(TL note: The earlier part of this chapter – where she supposedly cut her hair – is the biography. She has yet to cut it at this point.)

I won’t be able to groom it from now on anyway, so I might as well sell it while it’s still in good condition and earn some money!

Or so I had been advised by the kind obaa-san.

But, thinking about it, that’s true, isn’t it?

Selling it brings me money and above all else, it saves me the trouble of grooming it.

「Well then, Ria-chan, shall I guide you?」

「Un. Thank you, obaa-chan」

「Don’t worry, it’s my pleasure. Aah- that reminds me, I forgot to tell you. Why don’t you stay at my place until the next carriage comes? 」

「Eto, won’t I be a bother…?」

「What are you talking about? Of course not. If you are fine with it, I even want you to become my granddaughter!」

She truly is a kind obaa-san.

Or perhaps I should say, the fellow passengers on the carriage, the driver, everyone – everyone was kind.

I gave a small nod… tatata and jogged several steps forward.

Taking enough distance so that everyone that has helped me thus far was in my field of vision,

「Everyone, thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me.」

I thanked them from the bottom of my heart, with a wide smile on my face.

Hmm now then, I can probably sleep in a bed for the first time in a long while~ Ya~fu~!

Not only that, there’s also free lodging and meals. Kyahho-!

Without concealing my cheerfulness, I smiled brightly and waved bye bye to them.

「Bye-bye, Ria-chan.」

「See you, Ria.」

「Give birth to a healthy kid!」

「Yes, everyone, bye-bye. I’ll give birth to a healthy child.」


Bye-bye, kind people.


Over the past month, the girl seemed to constantly end up encountering troublesome matters. She parted ways with the granny who was always dragged into it and entered the bustling port city.

Amidst the scene, and with a feeling of loneliness, he* opened his mouth.

(TL note: author actually used male pronoun here.)

「Hmm, what should I do?」

It was a rude question that omitted the topic.

But, there probably wasn’t anyone around to not understand it.

There was a poster put up at the station, with the portrait of a girl and her profile described.


Viscount Madeireido’s daughter
Rifirudeidoa Kiaru Madeireido
Nickname: Fria

Height: 134

Clear, white skin

Waist-length silver hair

Irises are a gem-like blue

Small lips and clear voice like canaries

There’s no mistaking it. It’s the girl I know.

That’s why I asked.

What should I do?

Reporting my whereabouts will give a huge reward.

At any rate, the ones searching for me is not just Viscount Madeireido.

The King is searching for me as well.

That’s why.

They would have no choice but to report me.


「What are you talking about?」


「We don’t know any daughter of nobility called Rifu- something. The one we know is….」

「Kawaii Ria-chan. The poor girl who got swept away by a noble from somewhere, impregnated, and chased away, right?」

「…..That’s right~?」

Ahaha, ufufu, they burst out in laughter.

Nevertheless, I have such a conspicuous appearance.

Even if I’m not discovered now, it wouldn’t be long before I am discovered.

However, it should be fine now.

That granny will somehow deal with that conspicuous, beautiful silver hair.

That’s why, I’m sure it’ll be fine.

As for what happened later, she did not know. The girl… Ria got what she wished for. She left the country to seize her own happiness.



「But you know, I’m disappointed~」


「After seeing this poster and seeing how that child got pregnant…」

「Don’t say it!」

「….but, really, aren’t you disappointed?」

「Hero Kingdom….is it really? Aren’t the royalty there a clan of heroes?」

「That’s why I told you not to say it!」

On this day, once they started doubting, slowly, gradually, they would begin to take risks against the country….

20 years later, the one that would incite them to take action would be the son of the young girl.


The Hero, Areido.

The child within the young girl that they rode the carriage with until this day.

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