Chapter 3 – New Year’s Special: Conversation Practice ☆

TL: Januva
Editors: Puissansa

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What’s written after this is the ≪omake≫, which deviates a little from the atmosphere of the main story.

It does not particularly conflict with the main story nor supplement it, it is just an ☆ambiguous☆ conversation practise.

If there is any issue with grammar or the like, do leave a small comment.




1. Hero-sama (8) and Holy Mother (20)


「Kaa-san, look! This is my secret technique!!」

「Yes, yes, I’m watching, I’m watching.」

「Here I go! Super Ultra Dangerous Areido Attack!! Everything that gets hit, dies!」

「Eter☆l For☆ B☆zzard. The enemy freezes together with the surrounding air and dies…. I remembered something weird. My emotional scars are hurting…」

「E☆nal ☆rce Bliz☆rd? What’s that? It’s so cool!! I will defeat the Maou with that!」

「Eh? What- don’t….well, it’s fine. You won’t remember it for long. Anyway, Areido, what do you want for dinner?」


「Okay. Stir-fried vegetables, right?」

「Eh? No! I hate veggies! Meat…」

「Bell peppers, chinese cabbages, greater burdocks, shiitake mushrooms, onions, shallots and spring onions-onions-oni-ons-」

「I told you I hate spring onions. Kaa-san is mean!」

「….That’s right, Kaa-san is evil, you know? Today’s dinner is-」

「Dinner is-?」

「Stir-fried spring onions!」


(Author’s Comment: Holy Mother-sama and Hero-sama have yet to find out that Areido will become the hero☆)



Eternal Force Blade.

The finishing blow that Hero Areido used to defeat the Maou.

In order to use this move, he seemed like he needed to pay a certain price.

His dominant arm was convulsing, his left eye was in pain etc. – Carina Church Miko Hime’s diary.

He said that he based this exceedingly dangerous move on an eternal freezing spell the Holy Mother taught him when he was young, but there are no records of the Holy Mother being able to use magic, and current research denies the validity of this claim.




2. Hero-sama (18) and Miko Hime-sama (23)


「M- my right hand….」

「Areido-sama!? Are you okay?」

「Fu- Someone who can’t use the Eternal Force Blade won’t understand….」

「An-anyway, let me heal it…」

「Don’t bother. Healing won’t work…」


「Don’t mind it. This is my fate…. More importantly, it’s time to use return magic to see Kaa-san! She promised to make meatballs for dinner tonight!」

「….He’s completely fine, isn’t he? Haa- this guy is hopeless. He needs to be looked after…」



(Author’s comments: Miko Hime-sama, the damens walker* who liked younger guys.」

(TL note: Females who can’t help falling for no-good guys ☆)



Carina Church Miko Hime.

The pious maiden loved by God and appointed to her position by the last oracle of the preceding Miko Hime, 『The one who hears God’s voice』.

They can only hold the position when they are around 15~25 years old, and cannot be in contact with any men during that period.

Since they are constantly watched by God, if there were to be such an incident, lightning will strike….or so people say.

Incidentally, what became of the first Miko Hime and her decision about the hero is currently unknown.




3. King (31) and Queen (27)


「Ah- I don’t wanna do it with an old hag…My Big-san has no vigour like that…」

「Big-san you say, that pork bits*…. No, before that, how am I an old hag….nevermind. If you don’t like it, why don’t you go to Fria-dono’s bedroom.」

(TL note: a brand of mini sausages in Japan.)

「….You, if I go to Fria’s, won’t you look at me with scorn, as though I was a trash worm?」

「Isn’t that obvious?」

「….Are you jealous?」

「You idiot. It’s just disdain of your pedophilia, from the bottom of my heart. There’s not an ounce of jealousy.」

「You- just how are you treating the king and your husband….whatever. In any case, Fria isn’t around.」

「What did you do?」

「I had her return to her family since she got pregnant. Until she gives birth and returns, I’ll be coming here.」

「….Haa? When did that happen!?」

「Fumu….about a month ago I think?」

「Yesterday, Viscount Madeireido asked me about how his daughter was doing though!?」

「What? What’s that supposed to mean?」

「That’s not the question here! In the first place, why did you tell her to return!?」

「….The Queen is scary so she should leave the palace….」

「Qu-ququ-qu-qu-quickly, we have to protect her! An 11 year old innocent girl, and pregnant with a child of royalty… someone! Someone come quick!!」



(Author’s comment: The Queen was much more reasonable in comparison to the King. By the way, the 3rd child was conceived on this day☆)




Hero Kingdom Makugaia’s King

The only other person who became King by receiving the oracle of 『Hero』 from the Carina Holy Church Miko Hime, was the 『Ancestor of Heroes』 who received the same oracle.

This is an absolute law in Hero Kingdom Makugaia, and ever since the Kingdom was founded by the First King, Hero Makugaia, there has been only a single battle for succession.

The sole succession battle happened during the reign of the last King of Makugaia, when Holy Knight Vintor – who later became the Hero Areido’s partner – underwent his crowning ceremony due to a misunderstanding.

When Vintor and Areido were 15, the Miko Hime corrected the misunderstanding. Fake Hero Vintor then dueled Areido, and was later converted by Holy Mother Ria to awaken as a Holy Knight.


(Author’s afterword: Conversation-only text is difficult, isn’t it?)

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