Chapter 4 – Concubine Fria (part 2)
TL: Januva
Editor: Puissansa
First published on Ainushi


「I heard that you found out a week ago? Why didn’t you tell me immediately?」


I didn’t know what to say so I started by wiping away my tears and then trying to deceive him.

Hanging my head down was a right decision.

I felt relieved in my mind.

My heart became strong ever since I found out that I was pregnant.

…Although I was currently crying.

Well, anyway – that’s why – if…..

If I leave the palace, I’ll definitely try living properly this time.

That’s the reason why I’ve gathered all the valuables, though I’ve only just realized my strange actions.

That’s right, I wanted to skillfully escape from the palace, so I was making my preparations – but I ended up forgetting to report it.

That was dumb of me. I need to do this better!

Really, what sort of excuse should I give?

As if trying to protect the child in me, I folded my arms on my stomach that has yet to swell and was in the midst of thinking up an excuse.

「Do you think I’m a pervert who would do a pregnant woman!?」


What is this hopeless lolicon ikemen saying?

Although his stern expression looks dignified, what he said was the lowest of the low.

In the first place, as someone who would happily combine (LOL)* with the 11 year old me, even if you wouldn’t do a pregnant lady, you are still plenty perverted, you know!?

(TL note: author used (笑)here.)

This person is really a regrettable ikemen.

He has soft and silky blond hair, long and thin eyebrows, and his eyes were a little droopy*, but perhaps because of his age, rather than making him look sweet, he seemed like a gentle, dandy middle aged man.

(TL note: It’s considered a desirable trait in japan, called tareme.)

He is the King of Hero Kingdom Makugaia.

His name is…now that I think about it, I actually don’t know.

Either way, compared to how I was like in my previous life….no, just the thought of comparing myself to this incredible middle-aged ikemen made me feel embarrassed.

…what is this feeling, this surging and boiling emotion?

Damn it!

My previous self – who did not have a girlfriend – lost to this pervert who used his authority to do whatever he pleased to a girl like me.

Really, damn it!

「….You don’t even trust me on that? Well, though my Queen will be angry if she hears that you’ve gotten pregnant.」

No, no, the Queen is a relatively nice person, so if I back out of the power struggle and the succession struggle, I’m sure she’ll be nice to me….at least I hope so.

Well, since she’s the legal wife and I’m the concubine, it’s impossible for us to be very close… but she personally came to visit me, who was practically locked up in this room, you know!?

She’s a good person who asked the maids to deliver Tou-sama and Kaa-sama’s letter to me with utmost priority!

….at least that’s what I think! In the first place, I’ve only met her once, so I can’t really say for sure, but I think that she’s more decent than you are.

Well, in any case, instead of being angry at me, I think she’s angry at you.

To make an 11 year old girl – who’s still developing – pregnant, you’re the worst.

「There’s no other choice. Leave the palace before she gets angry. It’s bad for me too. I didn’t think that I had an interest in something heretical, like doing a pregnant lady, but when I imagine Fria being pregnant, I feel like I can do it… wait, is it okay to do it after entering the stable period? I didn’t try it with my Queen, but if it’s Fria…」

Nehaha- he laughed, before shaking his head and muttering 「This is bad, this is bad, my Queen will kill me.」

「Fumu, my Queen is scary after all, so it’s better if you leave the palace immediately.」

…This person really is hopeless. I don’t want to be near him.

I want to leave as soon as possible. I hate perverts. Absolutely hate them.

Somehow or other, on this day, I was driven out of the palace.

When a knight-like ossan asked me who he should contact to come pick me up, I told him that I’m fine and that I would figure things out on my own.

With a big bag stuffed with valuables on my back, I set out alone for the first time in this world.

I’ll live my life properly, this time for sure.

I felt bad for Tou-sama and Kaa-sama, but I lost to this temptation.

I want to live with this child, who taught me that I’m not alone.

It’s not like I don’t mind being married to a chubby old man.

It’s not like I no longer care about how I was locked up in a room and raped, day after day.

Despite how I look, I do have a 『splendid』 29 years of experience from my previous life.

That’s right, I don’t want to live a life where I just depend on others.

I’m sure that this life would be the same as my previous life; it will end without me falling in love.

However, since I’ve reincarnated, there’s a chance that I’ll live one more life as well.

It might be like this time, I might retain my memories again.

If that’s the case, I’ll leave romance to my next life, and focus on loving this child in this life.

I’ll pour onto this child all the feelings I could not return to my friends and family in my previous life.

Eh? What about this life’s Tou-sama and Kaa-sama?

Like I said earlier, I feel bad about it. Nonetheless it can’t be helped.

Thinking back, couldn’t they have protected me a little?

Even if the opponent is the King, I am 11, you know!?

It was painful!

It was agonising!

It was tough….

…I really hated it. I don’t want to be the King’s concubine.

At the very least, just a little, say to him that I’m just a child…

At this point, I realized.

….Aah, I see.

Although I don’t hate them, I no longer trust my parents.

They were up against the strongest authority in this country.

I know their hands were tied, but I still wished that they had at least said something.

They only said it was an honour, and how they envied me.

I wanted someone in my family to apologise….

If they did, I might have done my best and happily accept becoming the King’s concubine.

But, it’s no longer possible.

I’m no longer concubine Fria. I’m just a mother who will live on with her child.

That’s why, Tou-sama, Kaa-sama, Nii-sama, Nee-sama….

Bye-bye, see you ☆

I nodded with a smile and stretched my hands up towards the unreacheable heavens.

The sky was clear blue.

It looked like it was blessing my journey. My grin widened.



Her footsteps were light.

Facing forward and only forward, Fria set off alone.

….No, she set off together with her child.



「I’ll be troubled if you think this is cheap just because I’m a child. This dress belongs to me, the Viscount’s daughter. How can it be so cheap? What? Do have an issue with that? I won’t be intimidated, even if you step out, you know?」

「Now then, I shouldn’t keep all my money in one place. A quarter of it in my purse, a quarter of it in my bag, a little in my clothes, a little in my socks, a little in my underwear….」

「Now it’ll be fine even if I lose my purse. It might be strange, but if I was robbed, I would only lose a portion of my money like that. Lastly…etto…」



She took a forceful step forward.

She was certainly not going with the flow, but living her own life.



「….the shee…wadeer and presurf fooood must….riiight…?」

The contents aside, the cute mispronounced words in her sleep-talk made the granny who lived in this house soften her expression.

「She’s alright, isn’t she?」

Her husband asked behind her.

「Yeah, she’s sleeping soundly.」

The granny replied softly and quietly closed the room’s door.

Morning sickness seemed to have taken a toll on Ria’s body, but it seems like she’s fine now.

「Alright, shall we go sleep as well? I want to let Ria-chan eat something nice tomorrow.」

The granny said so and urged her husband to enter their bedroom. She looked at the door of Ria’s room once more and said.

「Oyasuminasai, Ria-chan.」

——–Faii, oyashuminashai

She did not expect a reply, but thought that she heard one, causing her to smile once more.






Ria (11)

「Eh? God? That can’t possibly exist ☆ The royalty are the descendents of the Hero? Don’t make light of us modern Japanese hahaha」


Ria (20)

「My son has reached my height. If this goes on, I’ll end up getting treated as a younger sister hahahaha.」


Ria (25)

「Like I said, I’m his mother! Eh? Don’t put my Onii-chan in a spot? Wait, you- hahaha.」


Ria (27)

「Areido is the hero? God blessed me with eternal youth? Are you for real? What’s that supposed to mean? Hahaha

Haha…ha…what’s the point of my hard work all this time? Damn God! ☆

It’s not funny….orz 」

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