While there’s no M18 stuff or description, this chapter talks about the feelings of the MC who basically got raped by the King. Although it does not get too dark or depressing, you might not want to read this chapter if you are bad with that kind of stuff. The author uses female pronoun (watashi) and male pronoun (ore). I’ll use “I” in italics for the male pronoun.


Chapter 4 – Concubine Fria (part 1)

TL: Januva
Editor: Puissansa

First published on Ainushi


Holy Mother Ria

Rifirudeidoa Kiaru Madeiredo/ Concubine Fria/ Holy Mother Ria



The mother of Areido; he who became the Hero and the Founding Emperor of Kiaru Empire and who united the various countries on the continent and became the head of the Federal Union.

The title of “Holy Mother” was given to the woman who gave birth to the Hero and received the blessings of God.

Holy Mother Ria was blessed with perpetual youth, and it was said that she departed from this world with her beautiful visage unchanged.

After her passing, she was honoured as the Empress Dowager of Kiaru, and also as the symbol of the Freedom City State.

She is the role model for pregnant mothers and her sad love story with the last King of Hero Kingdom Makugaia is famous.

Her father is a noble of the Makugaia Kingdom – Viscount Alseiz Terell Madeireido.

Her Mother, born of the house of Baron Synarede, is similarly a noble of Makugaia Kingdom – Elleid Red Madeireido.

Her elder brother is Viscount Jastin Terelle Madeireido.

Her elder sister, Ellurend Lege Falnand married Baron Falnand.

Her son is Areido, the Great Hero who defeated the Maou and brought peace to the continent that was constantly wrapped in conflict. He who still held the position of the Head of the Federal Union on this continent, as well as the Founding Emperor of Kiaru Empire.


Concubine Fria Period

When she had her 14th birthday, King Astrandel the Second fell for her at first sight and she entered the inner palace.

Thereafter, she was known as Concubine Fria and held the King’s favour till the day she escaped from the palace at the age of 16.

It was said that Concubine Fria was a role model for the other concubines, having constantly acted in consideration of Queen Anzerith and without inviting animosity from the people around her.

The turning point for her was when Queen Anzerith had her 3rd pregnancy, and the Miko Hime of that time received the oracle of the advent of the Hero.

It was thought that the child Queen Anzerith would bear was the Hero mentioned in the oracle. With the pressure of the “Hero” being born, and due to the reduced affection she received from King Astrandel the Second, her physical condition ended up suffering.

Concubine Fria was worried from the bottom of her heart for Queen Anzerith who would bear the child who would become the Hero and the future King.

Although she wanted Astrandel the Second to stay by the side of the Queen, he who loved only her could not bring himself to stop meeting her.

As the father of the Hero and above all else, as the King of Makugaia, he could only resign himself to only silently love Fria in his heart.

Concubine Fria’s health deteriorated after she lost the King’s affection, but knowing that she was not the King’s official spouse, and that she was just someone who had barged into their relationship and snatched the King’s attention away, she could only suffer in her heart.

It was during this time that she realised she was pregnant, but she thought that Astrandel the Second would only disregard Queen Anzerith even more if he knew of it.

Therefore, she left Hero Kingdom Makugaia, as if she was backing away, and went to Freedom City State.

That action was taken without the knowledge that she was pregnant with the future Hero and ironically, it ended up leading to the conflict with Anzerith’s son, in the Fake Hero incident.


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It happened soon after I was reborn.

Although my gender and even the world itself had changed, I’d be lying if I say that the thought “yay!” didn’t pop up in my mind.

I』 did not have any hopes and dreams after all.

My 29 years of living was in vain; naturally, I did not have a girlfriend.

Marriage? I gave up on something like that when I turned 25.

I was just living a futile life.

Impatience scorched my chest every day.

What can I do to change myself?

What should I do….

My entanglement of thoughts couldn’t give me an answer but cornered me and killed me.

I might have been tired from work as well, but my will to live was weak too.

It’s proof that I didn’t feel like I was actually living.

It was a deadly poison for the notion of living.

That’s why I died.

Alone, in solitude, I got a fever from my cold and in the midst of a nightmare, I passed away.

And I became 『I』*.

(TL note: female pronoun – watashi)

Rifirudeidoa Kiaru Madeiredo

Daughter of nobility, with a charming appearance capable of turning everyone’s head.

White and clear skin. Deep blue irises. Silver hair.

I was secretly proud of my loli moe figurine-like appearance that otakus love.

That’s probably why.

Although I didn’t want to marry a bald and chubby old man, it would still be way better compared to my previous life, that was lived in vain.

That’s how I thought.

On my 11th birthday, King-sama fell for me at first sight.

Things took an abrupt turn.

Tou-sama, Kaa-sama and Nii-sama were in joy….

Nee-sama smiled to the King and said it was my honour, enviously.

Why was I taken to the palace on that very day?

I was locked up in a room and from then on, I was embraced every day and every night.

Although my pride as a former male showed up from time to time, I resigned myself to accept being female when I had my first period. I did not think it was particularly tough.

….I tried not to think that it was tough.

It’s just….well….it sounds bad no matter how I say it, when I think about it, it feels like I was a homo. It made me sob loudly.

It’d be good if our positions were reversed.

I’d feel down just thinking about it.

Even so, it’s better than….I do need someone every now and then after all, so I thought it was still way way better than my previous life.

That’s right, until that day….


It was a regular health check up.

On that day, I was told I was pregnant.

My mind turned pure white.

But, it was probably natural for it to happen, since I’m raped day and night.

In a world where the word “contraception” didn’t even exist, it was just a matter of course.

Maybe because I used to be male?

I never once imagined that I could be pregnant.

That’s why I was dumbfounded, yeah, dumbfounded….


Gather all the valuables in the room!


Why did I do that?

How did it start?

I only understand it now but at that time, it was all done unconsciously.

Something compact and portable, if possible. The more money it could be exchanged for, the better.

While working on that, I gently caressed my stomach from time to time.

I couldn’t believe that there was a child inside.

But, certainly, there was one.

I was not alone. I was no longer alone….

This child will be super adorable!

It can’t be helped that I’m looking forward to the birth of this child!

Aah- like this, I ended up hoping for the birth of this child.

Because I was close to my parents in my previous life, and because I was close to my parents in this life, I thought….

Quickly, stronger, mightier, gatsun*!

(TL note: sound of heavy impact.)

The feeling struck me.


Was 『I』 truly alone?

In my previous life, there was my father, and my mother who gave birth to me.

I had friends and I wasn’t on bad terms with my colleagues either.

Although my boss did scold me, when I was really in a spot, I was lent a hand.

Aah- how- how blessed 『I』 was…

My eyes were brimming with tears.

「I’m sorry, I’m sorry….」

Somehow I couldn’t stop apologising to the people that I now realise were important to me in my previous life.

My tears streamed down my cheeks and landed on the bedsheet drop by drop, potsu potsu, wetting it.

Suddenly I realised.

「What’s wrong, Fria? Did the Queen do something mean to you? Recently, that woman looks at me as though I’m a pest. Did she look at you the same way too?」

Loli-pedo King was consoling me.

….Just when did he?

That said, I don’t recall Queen-sama ever being mean to me, you know?

In the first place, I’ve only met her once.

After all, I barely leave this room thanks to you, you know?

Having someone around to be mean to me is a thing of the past.

So, I shake my head.

「No, not at all, your Majesty. That’s not it…」

I replied.

Besides, I’ve thought about it.

If my husband was to enter the room of an 11 year old every day and every night for sexual relations, I would also glare at him as though he was a cockroach.

After I spat that out in my heart, my mood lifted.

Aah- I feel better.

This is me. This is how I’m like.

It’d be bad if my thoughts were exposed, so I cast my head down and hid my expression.

I wonder what he thought I was doing as he patted me.

「Is it? That’s good then. Anyway, I’ve heard about it. Fria, You’re pregnant?」

He asked softly.


I meekly replied.

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