In collaboration with Manic Josei from Hanashi Oba-san (translator of  “The Hero Proposed to Me”), Ainushi Translations brings you “I became the Villainess Brother”.

It’s a one-shot set in the same universe as Tower Girl previously translated by Jaon. Like Tower Girl, the one-shot kickstarted a series that is currently at 51 chapters. We hope that this may spark interest for fans to pick up the series in the future.


I became the Villainess’s Brother

Translator: Manic Josei

TLC: Krrizis

Editors: Momielxai and Puissansa

First published on Ainushi


Onii-sama, please don’t die……!

A girl with pink eyes filled deeply with despair, by the luxurious bed ――Fortuna Jackberry clasped my hand.

Young master, have you awakened?

Sebastian the butler, with tears in his grey eyes, said, I will call the doctor, then bowed and left the room. I, with a painful body, a hazy consciousness, and confusion from the bottom of my heart, stared at him.

……Why have I become a character of an otome game……?

Fortuna, a well-featured girl, is my cute little sister, who was the cause of my fall.

My little sister lost control of her magic during her magic training, and by chance, those powers happened to critically hit me.

I lost consciousness just like that. However, it became like this……

Fortuna’s almost transparent pink eyes were swimming with big tears.

It’s alright, For. Nothing really happened……

I reassured her in a hoarse voice, but my sister grabbed my thick fingers even more anxiously. My fingers seem to be getting thicker whenever my delicate younger sister clasped it.

Such a straightforward and gentle little sister is going to become a villainess in the future……

Previously, whenever I saw my little sister, I felt uneasy.For a long time, I didn’t know what made me feel like that. But I remembered the reason today, while I wandered around the boundary of life and death.

My little sister is the villainess who appeared in the otome game Sparkle like a Jewel.

In other words, this world where I am in now is the world of an otome game.

I am Langlease Jackberry, said to be the most difficult character of Sparkle like a Jewel to capture.


So, I was personally experiencing the so-called reincarnation into another world. However……

More than anything, why must it be Langlease?

I looked at my bulging fat body on the bed. At five years old, I was already overweight. It was to the  degree where if I were to toss and turn in my sleep, the highest grade bed could not endure my weight and collapse, making a creaky and unpleasant noise.

Actually, just a few months ago, the bed could not tolerate my weight and collapsed. The craftsmen who made the bed were almost beheaded.

My kind little sister earnestly requested our strict father, and since I also had thick flesh that served as a cushion, there was no injury; therefore the craftsmen’s head managed to remain intact.

The bed which I am sleeping on presently has a special feature, where the legs are three times thicker than usual, so that they will never collapse again.

This “body shape” is the main reason why I was the most challenging character in Sparkle like a Jewel – aside from everyone’s favorite prince.

In the game, I will meet the heroine at school when I turn sixteen, but I will be even fatter than I am now.

A giant that seems to bulge out from the screen with nasty upward eyes hidden by the flesh, eyes so thin that you can’t tell whether they are open or closed.

It was said that he is the insolent and haughty third son of the duke who loves to bully the weak.

In other words, he’s a fatso with a bad personality.

He is most difficult character, but I didn’t even want to capture him in the first place.

Admin, why did you make such a character?!


However, there was a savage specification. Each capturable character’s hidden CG (computer graphics) events would not be unlocked unless all the characters are captured, and their CG events are acquired.

My mother from my previous life was not willing to capture the detestable and troublesome fat character and pushed the capturing on me, her son.

Although I’m a man,  my mother violently compelled me, so I devoted myself to capturing the character that I didn’t even like. Till I was exhausted to the bone.

Well, thanks to being reborn as the fat Langlease and knowing him well, I also know the setting very well.

If you proceed with the game, you would  get involved with your younger sister who turned into a villainess, and the dukedom of Jackberry would ultimately be ruined.

It is must be  due to luck that I could, at five years old, remember  my previous life.

It is still possible to avoid the destiny of destruction right now.

In order to avoid the destiny of destruction, I will educate my cute little sister to be an ordinary lady rather than a villainess, and evade my unfortunate ruin as well as death.

There are roughly three types of  BAD END routes for the villainess.

  1. Ruin Route

    My little sister, who became a villainess, displeased the prince and was discovered to have tormented the heroine.

    My father’s dishonesty will also be exposed, and he will be deprived of his rank and expelled from the country.

  2. Suicide RouteMy younger sister, who really fell in love with the prince, was told that their engagement was cancelled by the prince at the engagement announcement party; a route where she killed herself due to shock.In this route, only my sister died, while my family and I were not condemned.
  3. Jewel RouteThe end that can be said to be the special feature of 『Sparkle like a Jewel』.My younger sister, who displeased the prince, was sentenced to become a jewel through magic.

    She is magically transformed into a gemstone with the same color as her eyes.

    My younger sister has extremely beautiful pink tourmaline-colored eyes.

    Changed into a jewel, she shattered in front of everyone and died, pink jewels falling as if dancing throughout it all, and the CG where the prince and heroine smiled was beautiful.

But it was my younger sister’s life that was smashed into pieces.

I will never allow such a future for my sister.

Currently, my younger sister, perhaps because she is young, does not bear the slightest resemblance to the personality template of the domineering and ill-mannered villainess in the game.

She is kind and caring to the point where the employees also loved her wholeheartedly.

Naturally, I  treasure my little sister as well.

I want to avoid all the BAD ENDs. I want to avoid the second and third route where my sister dies, at least. Even if we fall into ruin, I can learn a trade for our livelihood.

So that I am able to feed my little sister and my family.

While stroking my sister’s head, who was squeezing my hand and was crying, I came to a decision.


Father, I would like to practice my swordsmanship with Father today

I took a fighting stance with my sword, as taut as I can with this obese body.

My father facing me was also obese, like me.


Is it hereditary, I wonder?

However, even though it is heredity, I mustn’t abandon hope.

Regardless of everything, I have to get my father to lose weight.

Your defenses are weak, Langlease! Why are you being so absent-minded?
…… I surrender

When Father thrust his sword at my throat, I knelt.

Sebastian’s information was not wrong.  His swordsmanship was his forte.

Father, who was obese since a long time ago, used his position as a Duke to force Mother, who was a daughter of an earl, to become his wife. He’s been living with a complex because of his unsightly appearance.

Without being loved by my mother who he forced to marry, Father will become meaner and will stain his hands in the future.

However, even if it is difficult to become handsome, he should be able to lose weight.

Although I cannot say that he will lose his complex immediately after becoming slimmer, it is much better than standing around and doing nothing.

Father dislikes exercise, like most fat people, but Father’s visage while handling the sword was brighter and livelier than I had ever seen before.


That’s enough, Credil-sensei. No, maybe I should call you Diltier Rondor

Huh, you’re Langlease! How do you know that name―?!

I investigated it. I wonder who you really are

I thrust my magic wand at Diltier, who was fabricating fraud in my father’s study.

Yes, I’ve doubted his existence for some time now.

Although his name did not appear in the game, he was going to have an affair with Mother.

In reality however, my mother fell in love with my father who slimmed down and developed muscles. We are expecting a younger brother or sister to be born next year.


Father, who has Mother’s love,  lost his complex as well as his weight long ago.

There will be no fraud or infidelity.

Diltier is my younger sister’s magic teacher.

That day, I remembered my previous life.

The truth is, that was also the day my younger sister’s personality became warped.

In front of me, this magic teacher cursed my sister into becoming a domineering, ruthless and haughty villainess.

But now I feel lucky to have passed by, making  my sister lose her concentration and causing her magic to go out of control.


Because of that, the curse and her magic powers intertwined and hit me. The curse did not activate  properly and I was able to remember my previous life.

In the first place, it was strange that her powers went out of control in the presence of a magic teacher.

No matter how strong the powers possessed by the Dukedom of Jackberry, my four-year old little sister would not have had enough magic power for it to go out of control.

The loss of control was due to the excess magic from the curse that was poured into my little sister.

……So you know everything?

Yes. You schemed to make the Dukedom of Jackberry hated, tried to curse my sister as a magic teacher, tried to seduce my mother, and now, you’re also trying to frame my father for corruption. Although it will all end in failure

Diltier is the second son of Viscount Rondor.

When Father was a student, he fell in love with Mother, who was a daughter of an earl.

But there was another man who also desired Mother.

It was Diltier.

He hated Father for snatching Mother away, hated Mother for not choosing him, changed his appearance using magic and infiltrated the Jackberry house.

The real Credil-sensei was living quietly in a remote town. His daughter who was cursed by Diltier.

Right about now, that daughter’s curse should have been dispelled by the healer that I had arranged.

Failed? You still missed something

Diltier burst into laughter.

It seems that it wasn’t only because of changing his appearance with magic that made him look older than his age.

Did you think that I did not do anything to you? Ten years. Ten years! You will also thoroughly taste my curse…… Come out and answer me, serpent of darkness!

With a snap, Diltier sneered as he pointed his wand at me.

However, nothing happened.

Nothing should happen.

Wh-Why did it not activate?! You have been cursed a long time ago

Before the agitated Diltier, Riley, who is hiding behind the scenes, appeared with a parchment in one hand.

Diltier turned pale at the sight of the pattern of the magic circle and snake drawn on the parchment.

The curse you’re referring to is this, right? You have a nice hobby of putting it in a child’s bed, old man

Aren’t you the Earl of Weimar?! Why are you here?

Obviously, I was summoned. Are you stupid?

Riley, you sound agitated

It’s fine if I do it here, right? I’ll just replace his official spot without fail

H–H–Hey! I’ll just eliminate the both of you!

Enraged, a surge of lightning surge out from Diltier’s cane.

I instantly erected a barrier.

Lightning that was produced from the magic circle coming out of the cane seemed to separate Riley and myself, encircling us. The flashes of lightning were flying everywhere.  

Although he was sending lightning again and again against my barrier, Riley hit Diltier’s weak spot with magic and froze him on the spot.

It’s useless, Diltier. I have already reported you to my father. Even if you get rid of us, the evidence will not disappear. It’s the end for you

While pointing my cane at him, Diltier collapsed to his knees.


As I hoped, my younger sister grew up into a very lovely lady.

She was a nice person if she had not received the curse in the first place.

Except for just a little, I mean, a considerable brother complex, she would have been perfect.


And I, together with Father, had a succeeded admirably in losing weight, and I grew up to be a proper youth.

Instead of the upward contoured eyes that are nastily buried in my flesh, my eyes can now be described as almond shaped.

Everyone, please take a look properly. Our Jackberry family’s flower gems

Holding the jewel in my right hand and the fresh flowers in my left hand, I smiled at the ladies.

The jewel gently floated up into the air, melded with my magical powers, turned into a liquid, and enveloped the fresh flowers.

When I pour a bit more magic into it, with a hard plink sound, the jewel wrapped around the fresh flowers, converting them into flower gems.

When a light flickered around the jewel and the petals that didn’t wither continued to flutter about, sighs of admiration came out from of the mouths of the ladies.

Forced to help my mother to make handmade resin jewelry in my previous life, I was now an instant celebrity.

Having an abundance of magic like my family, I infused magic into the jewelry today too, and sealed the living flowers within the jewel.

When I was thinking about learning a trade, what I came up with was resin jewelry.

However, there is no resin in this world.

But there are similar materials.

This is the blue rock that was harvested from the mines owned by the Jackberry household.

It turns into a liquid when a Jackberry pours their magic into it. I asked the craftsman to pour the magically produced liquid into the pedestal.

This flower jewel that can only be made by me is strongly popular among the female aristocrats.he other day, I was asked to make a gift for a young princess.

Although my sister insisted on marrying me, recently I learned that she is attracted to the second son of the Earl of Weimar, Riley Weimar, who is on good terms with me.

Riley is an old friend of mine who cooperated with me to catch Diltier the other day, and I felt that if it’s him, I can entrust my sister to him.

However, Riley did not seem to be interested in a love affair, so he is unlikely to realize my sister’s love for a while.

I am happy as a brother, but there is a subtle feeling of sadness as I wish my little sister happiness.

The heroine of Sparkle like a Jewel also appeared, of course.

However, for some reason, she did not end up with the prince.

It’s strange, since my sister who is not engaged to anyone, was not going to get in her way.

I guess the game and reality are different.

Speaking of differences, I’ve often heard that the prince likes my sister since a long time ago.

Since my little sister was strung along and earned his displeasure in the game, I do not want her to have anything to do with the Prince as much as possible, so I’ve been manipulating the situation accordingly.

I hope my little sister and my family will be happy.

Perhaps I have avoided the worst BAD END.

While thinking so, I continued to make flower jewelry today too.

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