Chapter 25 – Plan (2)


TL: Agni

TLC: Cryarc

Editor: Shirani, Kriz

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Itadakimasu ♪」




From the right, Asakura-san’s 『Wafu Spaghetti』*, class rep’s 『Udon and inari sushi meal set*, and my 『Ankake chahan』*…… (Andou)


「None of us ordered the specials!」

「What of it? Andou-kun…… if you suddenly make a ruckus, you’ll be a bother to everyone in the cafeteria」

「But that’s cause it’s class rep who said something like 『I want to eat the specials so let’s go to the cafeteria together ♪』! And yet, why are you eating udon?!」

「Not really, I only said 『There’s a new specials that’s on sale, let’s go and try it?』 not something like 『I’m going to eat the specials』!」

「Even so!」

「Now, now, Andou-kun, calm down please?」

「Don’t 『Please?』 me! Asakura-san, why did you order spaghetti also instead of the 『specials』!? You came to the cafeteria because of the 『specials』 too, right?」

「T-that is……」


T-this is bad…… I came to the cafeteria not because I wanted to eat the 『specials』, but to eat 『Andou-kun』—— eh, no, no! My purpose was to eat together with 『Andou-kun』…… Besides that, if we were to eat together, with the special menu 『cabbage roll stuffed with spring cabbage & spring cabbage soup meal set』, the broth will smear all over, making me look unsightly, and while my favorite food is hamburg* and curry*, I am reluctant to order it since Andou-kun might find it childish. The dish which seemed most likely to make me look elegant when eating is spaghetti, I definitely won’t say this aloud. (Asakura)


「Andou-kun, please understand how Asakura-san feels」

「Class rep?」

「Hey! C-class rep!」

「Look, over there, Yamada-kun is eating the 『cabbage roll stuffed with spring cabbage & spring cabbage soup meal set』 specials, please take a good look at him」




「Oho—–! Is this the rumoured  『cabbage roll stuffed with spring cabbage & spring cabbage soup meal set』? Itadakima~su! Yup yup…… When I eat the cabbage, the faint flavour of it begins to overflow, till it feels like my entire mouth is being covered by cabbage…… the soup is….. has a diluted cabbage flavour, the taste is like having cabbage with hot water……  I wonder why I ordered this」


Ne? Do you think you would want to eat it after you see that?」

「Then, why did you invite me!?」

「It’s about our previous conversation. Because Andou-kun is a 『Loner』, as the class representative I’m helping Andou-kun to find a suitable 『friend』, am I not?」

「That’s none of your concern…… also, who is this suitable 『friend』you speak of?」

「What are you saying?? Isn’t she already here? It’s Asakura-san」




To be continued


TN Notes:

We’d like to give our gratitude for a kind soul who sent us lots of cookies and coffee ^^ As we were stressed by school and work (*cries internally), it really boosted our motivation up. Thank you very much. Also, we’ll slow down the release as things getting quite hectic at our ends. Thanks for your patience and please continue to support us in the future <3 <3 <3

*Warning: Lots of food’s pictures incoming :9*

1) Wafu Spaghetti or Japanese-style spaghetti

2) Udon

3) Inari Sushi is deep-fried tofu ‘pockets’ filled with sushi rice* (*courtesy from google hoho)

4) Ankake Chahan is basically fried rice which smeared with ankake sauce, which is a soy-sauce-based thickened with starch.

5) Hamburg (Hanbagu or Hamburg Steak), a popular Salisbury steak dish in Japan.

6) And my favorite, Curry \(^^)/

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