Chapter 26 – Plan (3)


TL: Agni

TLC: Kriz

Editor: Puissansa

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「Come to think of it, Momoi-san called Asakura-san 『Sakura』, but your first name is not 『Sakura』, right?」

「Yes, that is my nickname. I call her Momo, which comes from 『Momoi』 but without the 『i』. Momo calls me 『Sakura』 by leaving out the 『a』 from my surname  『Asakura』.」

「Heh~, S-so it’s like that」

「Yes…… 」




「It’s no use. The both of you are too pure. Do it again.」


「Why! Am I not 『being in an intimate conversation, like how a friend would』 with Asakura-san, like you’ve said?!」


Why did class rep abruptly say things like 『in order to get along with Asakura-san, start by having an intimate conversation with her, like how a friend would』? (Andou)


「C-class rep! As I thought, more than this, I too…… 」


This is bad! I can’t bring out the topic on light novels in front of class rep, and I can’t speak properly in the first place out of embarrassment at being seen by Andou-kun while eating! (Asakura)


「What are you saying?  Both of you so frequently talk to each other these days that I had to ask 『Are you both friends?』. Then when you both replied 『Eh, I’m not sure……』, didn’t I say, 『Well, start talking to each other from now on and become friends!』」


「Err, that’s why…… to begin with, when did I become friends with Asakura-san?」

「I dare say the opposite though, Andou-kun. From my point of view, you and Asakura-san are already close enough to be called 『friends』?」




「Why are both of you so surprised…… From my point of view, it’s a mystery to me why the both of you are mutually denying that you’re 『friends』 after all this time.」

「Uu……. 」

「Muu…… 」


Well, after all, Asakura-san’s position as the most beautiful girl in school is in an entirely different league from a loner like me…… or to be more precise, for someone like me to dare say that Asakura-san is my 『friend』 is— (Andou)


But, that’s because! Andou-kun regards me as nothing but a beautiful classmate…… However, I-I look at Andou-kun as the opposite sex. As someone with ulterior motives like that, to call Andou-kun my 『friend』 is— (Asakura)


A-Absurd…… (Andou & Asakura)


「…… A-Ahahaha」

「…… E-Ehehehe」


Err, no matter how I look at the both of you…… Aren’t both of you totally well-matched for each other? (Class Rep)


「Haa, this is why…… 」


But, this is the very reason why I have to set them up! What this couple needs is….. Ah! That’s it! (Class Rep)


「Say, how about the both of you play a game for a bit to deepen your relationship with each other?」


What?! Game…… is it? (Andou)


…… Game? (Asakura)


「Fufufu, are you challenging a loner to a game? ……Class rep, aren’t you aware that games are a loner’s forte, since they spend so much time by themselves? Fine, bring it on! I’ll clear it in one go, no matter what kind of game it is!」

「Class rep, what kind of game is it?」

「We’ve just finished our midterm tests, right? Both of you will play janken*. The winning side will have the right to choose whichever subject they want, and the one who has the higher score will be the winner. By the way, the person who loses will be fed with 『Aa~n』 by the winner.」

「Wait, wait wait!」

「Why? Didn’t you say you will clear the game in one go?」

「No no no! That is not even a game to begin with! How should I put it, it feels like a batsu game* whether I win or lose! Also, there is no way that Asakura-san will play a game like that in the first place—」

「Let’s do it」



Why is Asakura-san getting so motivated?! (Andou)


Feeding Andou-kun with 『Aa~n』…… Feeding Andou-kun with 『Aa~n』…… Feeding Andou-kun with 『Aa~n』…… Feeding Andou-kun with 『Aa~n』…… Feeding Andou-kun with 『Aa~n』…… Feeding Andou-kun with 『Aa~n』…… (Asakura)


Uooo! A-Asakura-san seems to be more than willing to do it……Though Andou-kun looks like he really hates it, but a punishment game, in which the losing side will be fed with 『Aa~n』 by a beautiful girl is not particularly bad, right? (Class Rep)


「By the way, if you refuse to do this, I’ll reject all of your light novel wish lists that you’ve submitted for library’s new line of books recently, Andou-kun」

「Guh! Using that as a hostage…… you’re the Devil! No, Satan! Or rather, you’re Satanachia*!」

「Haa…… I’ll take it as compliment. Look, Asakura-san’s eager to get started right away!」

「Y-yes! Thank you, class rep!」

「Asakura-san, why are you thanking her?!」

「A-Andou-kun, here I go!」




「Yes! It’s my win…… the subject is 『Japanese』!」

「『Japanese』, is it? Then, Andou-kun and Asakura-san, what are your marks?」


「96 points!」

「…… 46 points」

「The winner is Asakura-san!」


「Eh, A-Andou-kun…… are you bad at Japanese?」

「Nope…… My marks in Japanese is relatively 『average』」

「A-『average』……?  It’s only 『average』, even though you read light novels?」

「I’m good with sentences but kanji and classical literature is simply impossible…… 」

「Alright, since Andou-kun lost, you have to be fed with 『A~n』 by Asakura-san」

「Hey! C-class rep? Why are you holding my back?! I can’t escape like this!」

「That’s why I’m holding onto your back! Okay, Asakura-san, don’t mind me and just feed Andou-kun at once!」


C-class rep! You are helping me to that extent…… ! (Asakura)


Now, Asakura-san! I’ve set you up this far so make it an established fact! Just smash down the walls that make you just 『friends』, and make him fall madly in love with you! And then, release me from this post as your love counselor! (Class Rep)


「Here, Andou-kun, say 『A~n』?」


「Look, forcing Asakura-san to coax you, a loner, to eat like this…. Why don’t you give in already?」


Right now, I’m subjected to the murderous gazes filled with killing intent emitted by lots of boys at the cafeteria…… class rep is pressing me from behind, and Asakura-san is feeding me with 『A~n』……

Why have things have turned out like this? (Andou)


「Here…… Andou-kun, 『Aa——n』」

「S-stop iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!」


To be continued


TN Notes:

(1) Rock-paper-scissors game.

(2) Batsu game means punishment game or penalty game. You can refer to wikipedia.

(3) Satanachia, commander of Satan’s army.

(4) Rock-paper-scissors!


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