Chapter 27 – Plan (4)


TL: Agni

TLC: Kriz

Editor: Puissansa

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「Here, Andou-kun, say 『Aaaaaan—-』」


How is Asakura-san able to cheerfully feed me with 『Aaa—nn』 when this is nothing more than a batsu game*? Isn’t one supposed to feel repugnant doing this towards opposite sex when there is no feelings involved! Perhaps… Asakura-san likes me…… no no no! I have considered that nonsense several times before, but the more I think about it the more I’m sure that’s 『not』 it! After all, it’s Asakura-san that we’re talking about? For Asakura-san to do this heart-throbbing act like a maiden in love is simply impossible! (Andou)


W-w-w-what should I do! Right now, aren’t my actions towards Andou-kun like… super bold!? With this, won’t my love of Andou-kun end up being exposed…… b-but, I kind of want him to notice my feelings, even just a little……  (Asakura)


「A-Andou-kun? Please……『have a bite?』」


「H-how is it?」

「It’s delicious……」


That, what I’ve just eaten is my favourite Ankake Chahan so of course it would be delicious. But with this, the batsu game should come to a close—- (Andou)


「Then, let’s move on to the second game~」

「Eh, again!? Class rep, I still have to continue this charade!?」

「Because both of you are not yet on good terms with each other, right. We will keep doing it until I can see that the both of you have a relationship like how 『friends』 should have」


No no, this has already gone beyond 『friends』 and become more like a 『lover』…… (Andou)


「A-Andou-kun…… let’s do the second janken game!」

「Why is Asakura-san so eager to play this game!?」


Second game




「I won! Well then, the subject is 『science』!」

「What are your marks?」

「91 points~ 」

「67 points」

「The winner is Asakura-san!」


「Alright, Andou-kun 『Aaa—nn』♪」





Third game




「I won! Well then, the subject is 『English』!」

「What are your marks?」

「92 points~」

「…………..12 points」 *muttering*

「…………..the loser is, Andou-kun」

「Why do you have to say the word “loser”!」


「Andou-kun, cheer up! But you won’t fail your midterm test, will you? Alright 『Aa—–n』♪」

「Ki… kill me already……」




Fourth game




「I won! Well then, the subject is 『Social Studies』」

「What are your marks?」

「98 points~」

「34 points」

「Okay the winner is Asakura-sa~~n」

「Class rep, stop making that 『I knew it』 kind of face」


「Andou-kun, say 『Aaaa—n』♪」

「…………Aaa—n」← eyes of a dead fish*




Fifth game


「Andou-kun……. No matter how I look at it, aren’t you completely bad at jyanken?」

「I, that’s because I’ve never won at playing jankenpon

「No, rather than that, as class rep, I think the problem lies more on Andou-kun’s bad scores…… 」

「T-then! Andou-kun, let’s do the fifth game!」 *happy*

「Hey, class rep, are we still continuing this?」

「You’re right. I’ve had plenty of fun already, so let’s make this the last one?」

「Oi, once more you say!?」


It’s the right time to end. They look like their feelings have gone numb since they’ve gotten accustomed to the act. (Class rep)




「I won! Well then, the last one is 『Mathematics』!」

「What are your marks?」

「96 points~」

「100 points」




Eh (Asakura)


Haah? (Class rep)


「A-Andou-kun…… just now, what did you say?」

「100 points, but……. 」

「Hold on, Andou-kun. Just because you’ve continuously lost, it doesn’t mean that you can tell a blatant lie in front of me, the class rep…… After all, Asakura-san ranked first place in the entire school in the proficiency test, you know!」

「That, is that relevant? I only came first in mathematics…… also, class rep, did you instigate this game considering the fact that Asakura-san ranked first?」


It can’t be true, Andou-kun got 100 points? That Andou-kun got higher score than me!? Eh, aah! Over there is the mathematics teacher! Good timing. I’ll confirm whether Andou-kun truly scored 100—— (Asakura)


「Oh, isn’t it Andou. What a surprise to see you eating at the cafeteria」

「Ah, sensei. Good afternoon」

「This time you 『also』 scored 100 points in the mathematics test eh. Keep it up in the next midterms, kay?」



「…………Eh, it’s true? Also 『this time also』 means」

「Nn, I always score a 100 points in Maths」

「A-Amazing, Andou-kun…… I, I’ve never gotten 100 points before, not even once」

「Eh! But Asakura-san has high grades right!」
「That, I tend to make trivial mistakes, no matter what the subject is, so I can’t get a perfect score…… Besides, with mathematics, the last question is always difficult」

「Is that so…… then, do you want me to help you get 100 points?」




「If it’s alright with Asakura-san, I can teach you mathematics. Didn’t you mess up due to a careless mistake at the last question? Then, I will teach you a bit so that you can earn a 100 points in mathematics…… 」

「Yes, please!」



A-a prompt reply!? Asakura-san, do you want to get a 100 points that much? (Andou)


A study session with Andou-kun!? It can’t be, it’s like a dream! (Asakura)


「Wait wait…… Rather than that, please, Asakura-san, help Andou-kun in his studies too. You, your marks in English are in the red, aren’t they?」

「W-well then! I will teach you other subjects in exchange for teaching me mathematics!」

「Ah, there’s no need for you to——」


「「Don’t refuse!」」


「Ah, okay……」

「Fuuh, then, the rest is for Andou-kun to feed Asakura-san with 『Aa–nn』 before lunch break ends.」




「Err, why are you surprised…… to begin with, the rule states that  the winning side must feed the losing side, right?」


Fufufu…… Andou-kun’s high score in mathematics was unexpected, but in the end that’s what led to this surprising event! (Class rep)


「U-ummm…… class rep? But, we’re almost out of time.」


Don’t tell me, I will be fed with 『Aa—n』 by Andou-kun!? Eh, I’ve experienced feeding from my end, but I’m not mentally prepared yet if I’m being fed by Andou-kun—— (Asakura)


Haa, just like before, the boys around me are emitting waves of killing intent, let’s get this over with quickly. (Andou)


「Alright, Asakura-san. Let’s quickly end this and head back to the classroom」

「Eh, Andou-kun, what’s with the sudden enthusiasm!?」

「Alright, Asakura-san, say 『Aa–n』」

「—I? Eh…… Andou-kun that is」


That! Isn’t that the Chahan Andou-kun ate just a while ago! That’s also the spoon he used! I-Isn’t this an indirect kiss!? How can Andou-kun act so brazenly!  (Asakura)


Why is Asakura-san suddenly silent? Even the class rep is holding in her laughter, for some reason…… Oh, that’s right! She must be embarrassed now that our roles have switched and I’m feeding her instead. (Andou)


「Eh, what’s wrong?」

「No…… Well…」
「Andou-kun, do it」

「Look, Asakura-san, say 『Aa–nn』 and open your mouth? Don’t tell me, even though you’ve fed me like that, you’re can’t be feeling ashamed when it’s your turn, right?」

「B-because…… that is—–」


「Class rep, be quiet! Aa, whatever! I got it!? I just need to eat it right!」




Delicious…… This is Andou-kun’s taste, Andou-kun’s chahan, and also, my first k-kiss—–……. Eeeh!? (Asakura)



「A-Asakura-san, your face is turning really really red, are you okay……?」


H-huh? Isn’t she getting a bit too shaken up by that? (Andou)


「The winner is Andou-kun」


TN Notes:

(1) Eyes of dead fish, the eyes of a person who had given up of anything lol

(2) Batsu game, punishment game or penalty game in which the loser experience punishment as a result of losing.

(3) Asakura.exe crashed and stop working! The final winner is Andou-kun!


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