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2-4: I Became a Mother

TL: Krrizis

Editor: Shirani

First published on Ainushi


Amused, I wanted to keep watching the both of them but there were things to do.


「So for the time being, I’d like to check all the devices that are used for cleaning and learn how to operate them」


When I went back to the conversation, Sid-san scratched his head whilst answering me.


「Ah~ Yeah, yeah. Mm, then let me guide you … By the way, jou-chan, your basics in magic are somewhat …」

「I have none or rather not even a fraction of it. In the first place, I’m unable to release mana」

「I got that, so you don’t have to say it with such a serious face. It’s scary」


Although I had used a serious tone to emphasize the point, he didn’t seem to like it. Sid-san let out a deep sigh.  


「Haa… Mm then, I’ll get Master to make you something afterwards. As a lot of the devices in the house are operated by magic, it’s out of the question if you’re unable to use it. For now, I’ll show you how to operate them」


   Make me something? Like what? Surely there isn’t an item that allows the user to use magic, is there?


Sid-san explained how most of the devices in this house worked to me. In the end, it was established that I was unable to do anything and I needed to ask for Leonard-sama’s favor so that even I could use it. But if possible, I’d like to be able to handle them. The devices I’ve seen so far seem extremely useful.


Oh! As the kitchen’s fire worked simply by operating a type of magic stone that functions as its source of power, even I could use it.


「Now then, all things aside, it’s almost time for lunch but…」

「That’s right. Since we’re heading out, how about we have lunch outside?」

「In that case, we better head out soon. All the good restaurants will be quite packed」


   Quite so! I’m sure if Jill’s hungry, she wouldn’t be able to move around so we should leave soon.

「Then, Jill, let’s head out」



With my apron unfastened, Jill came over and clinged onto me tightly. I’m sorry~ You must have been quite bored whilst I was being taught various things.


「What would you like to have for lunch?」

「Mm~ Anything is good as long as I’m with okaa-san!」


And as Jill answered with a light smile, I got super excited instantly.


Ahhh geez, Jill is seriously so cute! By all means, we have to go to a good restaurant. But before we do…


「Sid-san, you’re coming along with us, aren’t you?」

「Yep, that’s the intention. Why?」

「In that case, can you please keep some of this money?」


I took out the small pouch I received earlier from Leonard-sama. No matter how many times I looked, there was definitely a lot of gold coins inside. Heaving a sigh, I pocketed five gold coins into my purse.    


「Would that be enough?」

「Even so, it’s a lot」


As someone who had lived an impoverish life in their past life, this was more than enough.  A single gold coin is worth 10,000 yen. Five gold coins is an outrageous sum of money. On top of which, the cost of living in this world is inexpensive – the cost of groceries and daily necessities was worth 1/3rd of Japan’s. It’ll be odd if it wasn’t sufficient.


「I see… Jou-chan, you’re good at getting by. You look like you’ll make a good bride」

「Though I don’t seem to have any admirers in the first place. Now then, shall we head off?」


Finished with our preparations, I placed my hand on the handleless door at the entranceway and just like yesterday, a pale light was visible before it quietly opened. Uh huh, it’s unlikely that I’ll  get used to it for awhile.


「Okaa-san, that’s amaz~ing!」

「That’s because Leonard-sama cast magic on me」

「Really? Then, will he cast it on me too?」


  Jill’s eyes shined brightly with anticipation.


「I want otou-san to cast magic on me!」

「Nah, he doesn’t need to. It already lets the little one in」

「Sid-san, what do you mean?」

「There is a barrier surrounding the mansion, the people that Master recognizes… Well, basically only the people that have been recorded can enter. Hence why I am saying, the little one has already been recognized」


When Sid-san said that, Jill looked awfully disappointed.


「I wanted to have the same type of magic casted on me as okaa-san」


At Jill’s despondent murmur, I exchanged glances with Sid-san.


「… Won’t Leonard-sama be teaching Jill magic?」

「I believe so. You’ll surely enjoy it when you can use magic on your own after Master’s taught you」

「Okay. I wonder if Otou-san will teach me?」

「Yeah, he definitely will」


Jill finally smiled with Sid-san’s reply. Yup, if you beg him with that smile, Leonard-sama will definitely teach you.

  Today, the place we were headed to was the downtown area that overflowed with people bustling in and out. It was the closest to the mansion and I was grateful for it from hereon.  


Incidentally, this is the Imperial Capital’s Eastern District. My parents and I lived in the Western District. Even the ojou-sama that I once served was from the Western District so I wasn’t familiar with the East.


The Imperial Capital was wide as is, and there was no errands or purchases that I needed to do in the Eastern District.  


Afterwards, I’ll need to start from scratch and build my relationships up with all the shops here. At times like this, I’m glad to have a companion with me.   


While gazing at Sid-san’s back as he guided us, I asked him a question.


「Which stores are you familiar with, Sid-san?」

「Let’s see, I’m generally well known by the shops around here. So, would you like me to go together with you to introduce you?」

「Yes, that would be perfect」


Naturally, my goal today was to introduce myself besides shopping.


They may behave nastily, treat me poorly and forcefully sell me inferior goods if they found out I was a maid from Leonard-sama’s mansion. The court magician is a high standing position. Besides it’ll be effortless with Sid-san – Leonard-sama’s familiar – coming along and introducing me.


Well, to start off, I should get some clothes for Jill. I’ll leave groceries last. Since the chicken yesterday was of good quality, I would like to get to know the butcher by all means.


「… Okaa-san」

「What’s the matter?」

She had suddenly tugged my sleeves morosely so I turned towards her and saw Jill slightly red with embarrassment looking up at me. As I was about to ask her if something had happened, her stomach let out a sweet rumble.


「Ah um… Okaa-san, I’m sorry」


Jill held her stomach, her ears had turned bright red. In fact, I should have been the one apologizing.


「I’m sorry, Jill. I didn’t realize you were hungry. Sid-san, let’s get something to eat」

「Sure, the closest around here that’s good is the 『Black Rabbit』. How about we head over there?」


The restaurant that Sid-san recommended was really nearby. We were led to a table that seated four and requested to try their lunch special. It was exquisite. Grilled thin sliced pork sprinkled with salt and pepper which was served on top with a refreshing herb-tomato sauce. The fried mushrooms that served as a garnish felt crispy when I bit into it, the flavor of the rich butter paired incredibly well with the pork.  


「Master likes this shop as well」

「I can see why. It’s delicious!」


As I nodded my head whilst cutting Jill’s portion into bite size morsels, I heard a voice saying, “I’m glad to hear that”. When I faced towards it, I saw a middle aged female waitress smiling nearby.


「Our shop is small but we’re unrivalled when it comes to our flavors. The other shops can’t compare to how tasty ours are」

「However, it hasn’t come up with a new menu recently. It seems like the restaurant’s fallen into a slump」

「Hey, Sid-san! It’s not as simple as you say」


Her pleasant, high-pitched laugh was similar in some respects to my mother. All the more, since mother also ran a small restaurant. I wonder if she’s doing alright? It’s been half a year since I last contacted her. If I were to contact her now, it was likely that she would reprimand me for not sending her a letter at most.    


「Still, there’s more to you than meets the eye, Sid-san」


「After all, you have a beautiful wife and a sweet daughter. Those kids who are in love with you will be crying」


As I was in a daze, I heard an inexcusable remark for some reason. Eh, wife? You mean me?


I raised my head sharply and … Hold it! Why does Sid-san looked surprised? Though his mouth was kept wide open.


「Okaa-san, what’s the matter with Sid-san?」

「Ah, it’s nothing」


When Jill who had been in a food coma made a curious face, the lady thinking that she had made some kind of mistake looked puzzled. It was a huge misunderstanding. For now, come back, Sid-san~~!


「Um, I’m sorry to disappoint you but Sid-san and I are colleagues」

「Oh, my! Colleagues?」


   Yup, well, that isn’t wrong. I am Leonard-sama’s maid. Sid-san is Leonard-sama’s familiar. Therefore, we’re colleagues, colleagues!


「Sid-san was just guiding me around this area. I’m from the Western District so I’m not familiar with the Eastern District at all」

「Oh, is that so? But isn’t this child your daughter?」

「Yes, while we’re not related by blood, she’s my precious daughter」


 The lady seemed amused when I said my true feelings whilst smiling.


「Okaa-san, did you call for me?」

「Mm? I was just talking about how much I love my cute daughter」

「I love okaa-san too!」


I smiled broadly at her bright smile whilst gently wiping the spattered sauce off her cheeks.


When I did, Jill felt a little embarrassed although she thanked me wholeheartedly before resuming her meal. The sight of her eating with all her might was charming that I just couldn’t stop myself from gazing at her. When the lady saw my actions, she muttered, “I see”.      


「Though you’re very young, you’re a proper『mother』, aren’t you?」


「Fufu. You look really happy just now. Sid-san, is she really not your wife? That’s no good. A person like her is hard to come by. You’ve got to quickly catch a hold of her」

「No no no no!」


  Extremely flustered, Sid-san continued to deny it as I looked at him slightly doubtful. Why is he so flustered?


  This was probably lip service. I wonder if Sid-san was actually pure hearted given his reaction.

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