My luck is an utter mess.

I thought I had to deal with my health alone but this weekend, I was involved in an awful incident that left me fearing for my own safety and privacy. It’s so hard to find solace when I know it’s hard to catch this perpetrator. Plus, what has happened only proves two things to me:

  1. It’ll cost me tons of money to control the situation. (God knows how I’m gonna pull myself together. The good news is it doesn’t impact this site… much. But does affect what I’m capable of doing for the time being).
  2. I’ll be dealing with the aftermath for a long while. This incident is like a nasty ex-boyfriend that leaves a nasty aftertaste. Heh >.>


2-5: I Became a Mother

TL: Krrizis

Editor: Shirani

First published on Ainushi


  After lunch was finished, groceries bought and we were back home, I fell to my knees, prostrating myself on the dining table from exhaustion.


「I’m tired…」


Well, that’s because after that, we were asked the same question again and again at every store,「Is that Sid-san’s wife and daughter?」.


「Er, sorry」


Beside me, Sid-san apologized with a meek face.


「Seriously, just how many girls have you strung along?」

「Hey, that makes me sound irrespectable!」


After all, the girls that came asking this question, with the exception of the lady from the『Black Rabbit』, were mostly young girls that were openly behaving like maidens in love. They were openly probing me with the jealous look in their eyes.  


「At least, they stopped being openly jealous in front of a child…」


Because that would be bad for Jill’s education. That would seriously be bad!


Oh, speaking of which, I had to clear up the misunderstanding every time they came asking. However, those girls that were madly in love were terrifying…


「Ah~ …I’m never going shopping with Sid-san again」

「That’s impossible. I’m your guard」

「I almost died because of my guard. No thanks」



No, it’s impossible. It’s seriously unreasonable. They’ll soon be giving me piercing looks behind my back.   


「Ahh seriously, I should ask Leonard-sama to go shopping with me next time」

「And then, they’ll be asking if you are Master’s wife」

「I rather prefer that」

「… That really hurts」


I mean, look. Though they’re not bound by blood, Leonard-sama is Jill’s father whereas I have become Jill’s mother.   


This being the case, it can’t be help that there’ll be misunderstandings so we might as well embrace it. Right, with a partner as handsome as him that’s so awe-inspiring, I feel like prostrating myself though.  


「Oh, but wouldn’t it be bad if Leonard-sama is troubled by the misunderstandings?」


「Obviously about us being a married couple…」


Mm? Huh? That wasn’t Sid-san’s voice just now?


Nervously, I turned around and … KYAH~ it’s Leonard-sama himself! I stood up energetically and flusteredly bowed my head.


「W–Welcome home, Leonard-sama! I apologize for not greeting you at the entrance!」

「I flew back and entered from the second floor. I’m home, Lily」


He flew… A magician can do anything, huh. I know, I’m just escaping from reality. But I have got to pull myself together right now.




Determining that it would be faster to hear it from Sid-san, Leonard-sama summoned him.


「Well…When we were out shopping, some stuff happened because of me. She wanted to go shopping with you next time…」


「… But then, she was worried that Master might be troubled if they misunderstood that you were both a couple」


Sid-san, you idiot! Why are you explaining it to him? Don’t say those things honestly.


「I won’t be troubled」


Quite like Leonard-sama, he looked at me with those eyes as if to ask “Why are you bothered by it?”. Please stop that~! It’s difficult for me to respond.


「… But if you were to ever have a lover later on ―――」

「There isn’t any」

「No, I’m talking about in the future」


After all, you’ll get married one day. You’re popular. Not every woman out there is going to suddenly try to seduce you. Look, there are women who are quiet, reserved and sweet too… Eh, what should I do? I have a feeling that woman won’t be able to hold a conversation with Leonard-sama.  


「Will it trouble you, Lily?」



Leonard-sama stared directly at me causing me to ponder. If we were to be mistaken for a couple … Yeah, it might create all sorts of problems.


「It will. Probably, a lot」

「Then, we’ll explain and correct them」

「Oh! Well, okay」


Of course we can, but. Ah, well. Though I was somewhat unsatisfied with his reasoning, I’ll cooperate with Leonard-sama for the time being.  


Speaking of, Jill didn’t come over even though Leonard-sama was back. Looking around the room, I saw Jill sleeping peacefully on the sofa, hidden amongst the packages. She must have tired herself out from walking around alot.


Having noticed her, Leonard-sama drew nearer to the sofa, fixing his eyes on Jill’s sleeping face. I didn’t make a peep but he looked a tiny bit adorable.


「… She’s sleeping」

「Leonard-sama, just let her sleep」



Being mindful of my words, Leonard-sama gently brushed Jill’s head. His eyes were really gentle, it made me feel pleasant when I saw them too.  


As I thought, Leonard-sama really cares for Jill. Though he’s reserved, his feelings are carried across to Jill through the look in his eyes.


I was watching and thinking that when Leonard-sama suddenly asked me.


「… What’s for dinner?」

「I got my hands on some nice salmon so I’ll cook it à la meunière



Once again, he nodded his head, quietly moving away from Jill so as not to awaken her and headed towards me.


「I look forward to it」


His face. Though it was slight, he was certainly smiling.   


It’s strange. The impressions I have of Leonard-sama has changed significantly compared to when we first met.


「What’s wrong?」

「Eh? Ah! I was just surprised to see Leonard-sama smiling…」


— Hey, why am I replying to him truthfully. Won’t that make Leonard-sama feel awful… not.


What just happened? Instead of being angry, he looked somewhat surprised and touched his own face.





Leonard-sama tried to feel all around his face, staring at me with a somewhat nervous expression.  


「I smiled?」

「… Yes. You did」


Though it was faint, he had perfectly smiled. It was a really natural, gentle smile.


When I obediently confirmed it, he suddenly hugged me tightly for some reason.



「Lily, Lily」


He hugged me tightly but the hands that held me were slightly shaking. His voice that called for me over and over was frail like it was going to vanish. What should I do? I can’t push Leonard-sama’s hands away.   


A maid shouldn’t actually be doing things like this with her employer but … But there doesn’t seem to be any weird significance behind this.


「What’s the matter, Leonard-sama?」


When I patted his back lightly to soothe him, the strength in his arms loosened up a little. Leonard-sama was looking down at me like he was about to cry.  


「I’m really happy」

「What for?」

「That I smiled」


He’s happy that he smiled?


 I didn’t get what he meant and contemplated it. With a joyous look reflected in his eyes, Leonard-sama opened his mouth to speak.


「Thank you, Lily」

「… I don’t remember doing anything to be thanked for」


Yep. I did nothing. Honestly! I don’t remember doing anything that would have caused him to be grateful to me with such a delighted expression.


However, Leonard-sama gently shook his head.


「You’ve returned something precious to me」


He looked me straight in the eyes. That was Leonard-sama conveying his true feelings to me.


Though I didn’t quite understand but I’m sure this was something extremely important to Leonard-sama.


「…For now, Leonard-sama」


「Didn’t I tell you this morning that you shouldn’t hug me?」


Yup, I won’t concede to that … Holding onto those thoughts, I warned him when Leonard-sama looked up at me like a deserted puppy. Um, even if you make that kind of face, err…


「I can’t?」

「…… You can’t」


I held out! Well done for not being moved by him, that was close!  


Dejected as he was, Leonard-sama probably didn’t think it through. But if other people had seen that situation—


「Oh? So jou-chan and master really are a thing」


This sort of misunderstanding will occur… Or rather, he wouldn’t cut into a conversation so suddenly, would he? Sid-san. As I was lost for words, Jill woke up, rubbing her sleepy eyes.


It was after Jill let out a small yawn that she noticed Leonard-sama. Blinking her eyes in surprise, she languidly laughed sweetly.


「It’s otou-san! Welcome home」

「I’m home, Jill」


The expression that showed on Leonard-sama’s face as he lightly hugged Jill was a faint smile like before. It was a heartwarming spectacle but Sid-san’s words 「are a thing」was still on my mind. I muttered to myself alone, not letting anyone hear my words.


「I will probably never fall in love throughout my entire life」


As long as I can hear the voice of the one I love from my previous life calling out『my』name, I won’t fall in love. I can’t.


Because I don’t have the right to be happy with someone else…

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