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18 – Does Miroku Have the Resolve to Decide or Not

(T/N – Miroku is in kanji in all the titles in the chapters henceforth)

When they returned to the office, Yoichi immediately took Miroku and Fumi to the meeting room. With a slightly stiff face, Yoichi began the conversation as soon as Miroku sat down.

「Does Miroku know of a person called Kamo Onee1 who produces2 idols?」

「Ah, yes. 『Uguisudani Seven』was produced by him, wasn’t it?」

Beginning the concept of Idols who were close, many of the Idols he produced, were now groups that enjoyed popularity all across the nation.
There were sister groups like 『Yoyogiuehara Five』and others, who likewise were popular.
It seemed each group came together and held popularity contests and the like……but, let’s spare a detailed account of it.
Anyhow, for a famous producer to call upon a minor office like Yoichi’s, was an unimaginably big thing.

「It seems that Onee-san had held an interest in Miroku since a long time ago on the matter of the video……It seems that when I told him it would be great if he turned up at the performance a while back, he really came.」

「Eh!? Onee…Onee-san came!? Uwa……It’s kinda embarrassing.」

Despite the air-conditioning inside the office, Miroku felt beads of sweat forming on his forehead. Never did he think that there was a member of the entertainment industry there. Come to think of it, Yoichi and Miroku too, were members of the entertainment industry; but he, who had become a little panicked, succeeded in calming down his quickened heartbeats by drinking the tea that Fumi brought in a single gulp.

「I too, thought that as Miroku has a great amount of talent, it’d be great if you could develop in various things. But never……did I think that a chance would come in so soon……」

「Yoichi-san……Thank you for doing so much for me!」

Miroku knew what Yoichi thought of him. He was not only taking into consideration his time as model, but also of the things much before it. Fumi was also devoted to him, but for even the director Yoichi to care for him, Miroku was deeply moved by it.

「The talents who are affiliated to us are the same as family. Besides, I respect you as a person too. That’s why I want you to think it over properly. Not for the sake of the office or my sake, I want you to decide for your own sake.」


Miroku smiled with moist eyes. Fumi was also relieved that Yoichi wouldn’t force him.

「Besides, we haven’t yet decided if we’re doing anything. Well, that’s why I want you to meet Onee-san after you’ve resolved to make your decision.」

「I understand! Can I give my reply tomorrow?」

「It seems Onee-san will come the next week. It’s fine till then.」

「Thank you very much! Director!」

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In the building behind Yoichi’s office, was a hiding place-like bar.
With interiors of wood based items, the guest seating is only at the counter.
The BGM is of course Jazz, but it’s a familiar tune. The Jazz is arranged in a slow tempo with nothing but the piano.
After listening for a while, it comes to mind. It’s 『When You Wish upon a Star3』.

It seemed someone was playing the piano kept inside. Even while looking from behind, one could know that it was a beautiful woman. Long ash-brown hair in loose waves that softly swayed, matching her movements as she played the piano.

Once she finished playing, she gave a slight bow to the store-master and sat down beside Yoichi at the counter.

「It was such a wonderful piano performance, it’s a pity that the master and I were the only listeners.」

「That’s exactly why I could play without any nervousness」

Casting down her slightly drooping eye-like4 eyes, and taking the cocktail placed on the counter in her hands, looking at Mihachi’s gestures, Yoichi couldn’t help but be fascinated. When they lightly tapped each other’s glasses, the soft and clear sound of glass resounded.

Wearing a suit, and with neatly set hair, Yoichi looked different from when they met at the gym, almost like an intellectual. Although it was a small office, every action of his, the Director, was refined.
Mihachi suddenly wondered how many people knew of that mysterious gap, but she kept it to herself for now.

Yoichi raised the glass he was holding.

「Cheers…… I guess.」

「What’s it for?」

「Your younger brother’s future prospects」

「……Please protect him」

「Of course」

After once again mutually tapping the glasses, Yoichi told Mihachi about the day’s happenings.
And thus the night advanced.

Author’s Notes –

The premonition of a strong character.

Thank you for reading!

T/N –

1. The name doesn’t have a reading for the kanji so I’m slightly unsure.(尾根江加茂). IT DOES NOT MEAN ELDER SISTER. It’s probably a reference to this guy

2. As in grooms idols for their profession.



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