For My Dearest
TL: Januva
Editor: Momielxai & Puissansa
First Published on Ainushi


The path leading east from Hero Kingdom Makugaia to Freedom City State’s town of Mir is known as the 『Battle Path of Holy Mother Ria』.

There is a heroic tale behind it; a tale of the fight between humans and their mortal enemies – the demons. It is a tale contrary to the countless other legends of Holy Mother Ria that emphasizes her genial disposition.

The outline of this tale goes as such:

The Holy Mother left the Kingdom of Makugaia that is blessed with Heroes, and was pursued by the demons sent by the Maou – a common saga.

But, this is not merely a story.

The path she struggled on to reach Mir, and the numerous villages and towns she passed by, is filled with countless traces of battle. These places have since been turned into historic sites.

Thus, this tale is not just an entertaining story, but a page out of history as well.

I went to visit a village that had the vestiges of Holy Mother Ria’s battles.

There was a commemoration park there, where a shabby stone monument stood.

『Here lies the brave warriors who fell in the battle to protect our village』

The names of the 7 brave warriors – who are probably resting in peace – were carved below that, along with the name of a female who fought alongside them.

Although the engraved words had gotten hard to read due to the monument’s exposure to wind and rain, the name carved upon it was definitely 【Ria】.

When I asked the village elder, he said that the words were carved by Holy Mother Ria herself.

The final portion on the monument read….

『My heart will always be with you』

I was then told that the brave warriors never held a sword before; they were mere farmers.

The one who had them take up swords and bows and led them in battle was a girl on a journey – Ria.

How could they have allowed an outsider to lead them, an outsider who, judging from her appearance, looked completely ordinary?

….No. She couldn’t have appeared to be just a normal girl.

Her beauty, her air of nobility and above all else, her charisma. She must have charmed the villagers.

Furthermore, she was a noble from the Hero Kingdom of Makugaia, the country with the title of 『Hero』 that takes pride in its military might.

Since she hailed from such a country, it was reasonable for her to be well-versed in weaponry and commanding troops.

In fact, she raised Areido, the hero – who is said to be strongest martial artist in history.

His certain-kill sword skill – Eternal Force Blade – is a transcendent sword skill that no one else could execute.

Legend has it that he created this technique with the Holy Mother Ria’s eternal freezing spell as reference.

Since there are no records of Holy Mother Ria using magic, this claim is still disputed, but I personally believe it.

One of the reasons being that this battle path of Holy Mother Ria contains a wealth of information that substantiates it.

If I have to give another reason, it would be that Areido managed to conquer the continent in the end.

He is the commander who won every battle he fought in his conquest and famed for his invincibility on the battlefield.

As the woman who raised Hero Areido, isn’t it natural for her to be able to use magic…?

Now then, let’s return to the tale.

Holy Mother Ria was in the midst of pregnancy and thus had a swollen belly.

The pregnant, fleeting beauty – Ria.

That fact must have roused the villagers’ chivalrous spirit.

Right now, I am standing in the center of the plaza, where the brave warriors gathered to fight, with their lives on the line, for the sake of Holy Mother Ria.

They fought and died with pride.

Holy Mother Ria faced the remains of the brave warriors who fell in battle and spoke with tears in her eyes.

「Thank you, brave warriors. Your sublime valor has protected the peace of this village.」

Her tears streamed down her cheeks and fell to the earth…

And she announced their victory over the demons.

「Demons, you underestimate us! We might be weak individually, but we won’t lose to the likes of you when we stand together. Come, shout and cheer for our victory!」

At this moment, Holy Mother Ria seemed more like a battle maiden than an affectionate mother.

When I close my eyes, such a scene comes easily to mind.

As I revelled in the splendor of this scene in my mind, the village elder spoke to me proudly.

「This has been passed down in my family for generations.」

As he said so, he presented an ancient-looking sword in scabbard.

「This is…?」

「Yes, this belonged to my ancestor」

「Is he, by any chance, one of the brave warriors whose name is carved on the stone monument?」

「Ha? No! Those brave warriors were all young and single, so they do not have any descendants! And besides, their equipment and belongings should all be buried under the stone monument. More importantly, are you trying to deny the feelings of the brave warriors?」

The village elder said in anger and shut his mouth sullenly.

Aah, I see…

I’m trampling on the feelings of the brave warriors.

They loved someone they could never be together with, entrusted their feelings to the sword and fell in battle. Their genuine feelings…

I faced the stone monument and offered a silent prayer, thanking them from the bottom of my heart.

The village elder accepted my gratitude for the brave warriors with a big nod, and continued speaking as though nothing happened.

He’s going to overlook my foolish words.

I’m honestly really grateful. My face must be completely red with embarrassment after all.

「The ones who fought against the demons were not just the brave warriors. My ancestor and the other men of the village joined the brave warriors in battle under the leadership of Holy Mother Ria. This is just an iron sword left behind by my ancestor, but it is of important sentimental value, and is a treasured heirloom of my family.」

I received the sword he held out.

Gripping the hilt that betrayed its age, I slowly unsheathed the sword.

The carefully maintained blade reflected the sun rays clearly.

…But, it truly is just an iron sword.

With neither academic nor artistic value, it was just a plain iron sword.

Yet, basking in the sun’s rays that reflected off its surface, it made me shake.

The weight of the feelings behind this sword shook my body, and above all else, my heart.

While feeling the flood of emotions, I exhaled deeply and returned the sword to its sheathe.

「Thanks for showing me this treasure.」

Aah, that truly was a treasure.

I bowed deeply towards the village elder before turning to the stone monument and bowing once more.

「I’m glad I came here for my coverage.」

I murmured softly and checked the train schedule for my next location – Freedom City State’s town of Mir.

「…Not good, the next train comes in 15 minutes! I won’t make it unless I run!!」

I quickly picked up my luggage and headed towards the train platform in a panic.

At this moment, I heard the chuckles of young men.

Perhaps the ancient brave warriors were laughing at my pathetic display.

While thinking so, I desperately ran onwards.


Excerpt from ASAHYSTERIA news column, written by a certain author.




I’ve stayed in this port city of Soyuze – the entrance of Makugaia – for a month now; yet I’m still staying at the kind Obaa-chan’s place.

I would have liked to leave this town that reeks of the sea as soon as possible. However, it is especially dangerous right now as someone who lacks the necessary knowledge concerning pregnancy.

It seems like there is a high risk of miscarriage during the early stages of pregnancy, when the morning sickness is at its worst.

「You can relax at my place until you enter your stable period…」

I accepted her kind offer.

Of course, that’s not the only reason.

From Soyuze, I can head to my destination – Freedom City State’s central town Mir – by carriage, or I can head to Holy Kingdom Carina by taking a ferry across the inland sea Eludy.

Hero kingdom Makugaia and Holy Kingdom Carina have close ties, and it would not be a stretch to call their relationship one of parent and child. Makugaia’s Kings are decided by the Miko Hime of Holy Kingdom Carina after all.

The use of the oracle to determine the next King of Makugaia or Hero was something decided by the Ancestor Hero.

Isn’t it hilarious? They use this method to choose the King, the one who practically controls the fate of the country. From the perspective of my previous life, as a citizen of a country with a constitutional government and where country leaders are hypocrites, it’s on a level where I’ll laugh scornfully and look down on it.

Even the system of succession, where the eldest son inherits, is many times more logical than this.

Really, just how much happens behind the scenes, of bribery and the like?

Miko Hime-sama or should it be Hime Miko-sama?

This makes me want to laugh so badly. LMAO*.

(TL note: バロス barosu in the raws; the internet slang for burst of laughter/laughing really hard.)

In the first place, when it comes to God, Hero or Oracles, I find them stupid. Believers? beyond redemption.

If God really exists, I’d like to see him save all the unfortunate people right now.

Just how many have died while praying for your help!?

This incredibly dubious Miko Hime-sama seemed to have received an oracle, and the whole country was celebrating as a result.

I heard that the next King of Hero Kingdom Makugaia has been conceived, or something?

And he’s also the first hero, after the Ancestor Hero, at that.

This is really stupid.

It’s all because of this!

The emissary sent by the great Miko Hime-sama will be passing through Soyuze on the way to the capital, so the alert status has been raised, and it will be harder to cross the border.


….Damn it!

Well, from the perspective of Makugaia, Carina Holy Kingdom is like their suzerain.

Our Kings are decided by that country, right?

That’s why the emissary has to be well-treated so we won’t offend them.

Thanks to that, and since there is a search request for me, I can’t leave this town.

Emissary-sama, please don’t leisurely stay in this country for a month.

Ria-chan wants you to return to Carina as soon as you can, you know?

Well, it’s fine.

I managed to obtain the necessary items for a pregnant woman because of it.

Though most of it was either bought by obaa-chan at low prices or given by her because she didn’t need them anymore.

As obaa-chan said, after I entered my 5th month of pregnancy, my morning sickness was more or less gone.

My body felt much better, and the meals tasted so delicious ☆

My stomach was significantly swollen, but unexpectedly, I don’t find it heavy.

I would even go as far as to say that it’s no different from before I got pregnant.

While caressing my stomach, naderi naderi, I jumped up.


…Obaa-chan got angry, but it’s nothing unusual.

According to Obaa-chan, my child will soon be able to move?

I’m kinda looking forward to it.

But, the clothes I’ve been wearing all this while have started to feel tight.

I’ll probably need maternity wear soon?

Aah- I’ll need money for this too. It completely slipped my mind.

My self-awareness as a woman in this aspect is somewhat lacking, or should I say it can’t be helped since this is my first pregnancy (although it’s not like I’ll have a second child) ….

By the way, did you know?

The normal gestation period of 10 months and 10 days, counts 28 days as a single month.

I didn’t know that until obaa-chan told me.

From this, I realized that….or should I say, I started to notice….

This world has the same calendar as Earth.

The Sun and Moon seem to be the same as well.

As for the stars…well, I honestly don’t know.

Isn’t the star they call Kami-Mi-Boshi the star known as Polaris on Earth?

Incidentally, I have no idea which star is the Kami-Mi-Boshi.

But well, I didn’t know which star was the Polaris back on Earth too, so finding out now wouldn’t do me any good either.

That’s why it doesn’t matter!

Un, as such, the investigation of the connection between Earth and this world came to an end.

If I’m asked why I started thinking about this…

Frankly speaking, it’s just to escape from reality.

I wet myself and cried because of the shock, and now I’m really embarrassed….

「Alright, it’s done. Ria-chan, don’t mind it, okay?」


I wiped my tears with the hard part of my palms and nodded.

Obaa-chan tossed my dirty underwear into the laundry basket.

「Come on, enter the bath and refresh yourself.」

She said and led me by hand.

Her hand was coarse.

But, it was extremely warm and kind.

With my face red, I hung my head down in shame.

The body is the vessel for the soul.

I think that’s why I’ve turned into a crybaby.

While feeling embarrassed, I made this excuse in my heart and walked beside Obaa-chan.



It all started from my flat chest.

Well, I’m an 11 year old, so being flat is normal.

Besides, I used to be a guy so I didn’t particularly mind it.

And isn’t it tough to have it big?

Ah- but, if it was big, the perverted King might not have fallen for me, and I would be living peacefully…that wouldn’t happen, would it?

If that perverted loli pedo King didn’t fall for me, I might have been married to a chubby old man.

I wouldn’t have gotten this child in that case.

If I look at things from this angle, I might be able to forgive that hopeless ikemen…

….Oh well.

In any case, my flat chest has been tingling lately, and my pink nipples have been turning darker it seems?

Am I turning into a bitch*!? I am right…?

(TL note: Japanese generally use this term for sluts.)

I felt uneasy and rubbed them…

Then, I suddenly realized.

My breasts have gotten bigger!?

Ma- maybe I’m growing~? I massaged them even further and abruptly felt a sharp pain….


As I cried out, a yellow liquid came out, pyuu!


I felt my panties getting warm as well, as a hot liquid flowed down my butt.

I was so shocked that I wet myself…


At that instant, before my mind could react, I let out a scream more shrill than the one before and burst into tears.

Obaa-chan and Ojii-chan came running in astonishment when they heard me crying, and saw me with my upper body naked and lower body wet.

Obaa-chan kicked Ojii-chan, who was beside her, out of the room in 0.002 seconds and started consoling me.



Aah…how pathetic.

If I think about things carefully, the liquid that flew out with a pyuu was probably milk and the yellow colour was likely because it’s the first secretion.

I’ll ask Obaa-chan later to confirm, but it should be correct.

I only realised this after becoming a girl, but my bladder control is weaker than when I was a guy.

Un, it’s by no means an excuse, okay?

Really! It’s weaker!!

My tears overflowed.

This is the sweat of youth.

It’s not tears of sorrow…



These fun-filled days seemed to be a daily occurrence.

This could be considered as the first time I felt so happy since I was born in this world.

I might as well let myself be adopted?

I thought about it countless times….

But, there’s no way I can do that.

『The advent of the Hero』

The Miko Hime of the Carina Church declared the conception of the Hero.

Not long after this declaration, the first Prince died, the second Prince’s status was dropped to that of a subject’s, and the pregnancy of the Queen was announced.

Even a child birthed by the Queen was consigned to oblivion when judged that he was not the Hero.

Let alone a child from a concubine like me. I myself might be killed as well.

Well, about 15 years down the road, I learned that all of it was just needless worrying due to my complete misunderstanding though….

But, at that time, I didn’t know.

I thought that I would be killed if I didn’t escape from Makugaia, and that I would drag Obaa-chan and Ojii-chan into it, the two I was indebted to.

This is no joke.

There’s no way….I would allow something like that to happen!

That’s why I….




Obaa-chan called out to me with a sad voice.

「Did something happen?」

I asked while wondering what’s wrong.

「I heard that Miko Hime-sama’s emissary has returned to Carina.」

「Is…that so…?」

It’s time for me to set out on my journey again.

「Say, Ria-chan.」

「Yes? What is it?」

「You’re planning to travel along the coast to the Freedom City State by carriage, right?」

「That’s right, because it’s cheaper than travelling by ferry.」

「About that, somehow there seems to be a lot of demon sightings recently.」


I widened my eyes in shock.

I first learned of them while studying back in my parent’s estate, they are clusters of malice created by the Maou.

Un, fantasy. It sounds so suspicious!

I think that they are just carnivorous beasts or reptiles, like lion-san or crocodile-san, at most…

By the way, the carriage is supposed to be pulled by a “dragon”, but it is actually just a huge lizard.

It’s obviously a dinosaur ☆ Gao~

Un, they are reared as though it’s normal to do so in this world. It’s pretty amazing, isn’t it?

「That’s why I think it’s better to travel to Mir by ship, even if it’s more expensive.」

U~n….I do have money, since I sold my hair, should I do that…?

While I was still in the midst of my thoughts, I was suddenly hugged by Obaa-chan.

「I think it’s best that you stay here as my daughter though….I’m being unreasonable, aren’t I…?」

I felt my vision blurring with tears when I heard Obaa-chan said so sadly.

The one who is nicest to me in this world is you.

In this past month, I thought of you as my real parent.

That’s why I actually wanted to stay here forever.

Even if I would be a bother to you.

But, I…

「No, you don’t have to reply. I understand…」

She tightened her hug.

In response, I put my arms around her back and returned her hug.

Compared to the time when I parted with Otou-sama and Okaa-sama, this is way, way more painful.

I was unable to hold back my tears and started sobbing.



Several days later, I boarded the ferry headed for Freedom City State.

Aboard the vessel that gradually parted from the shore, I waved with all my might to Obaa-chan, Ojii-chan and various other people in neighbourhood that I’m indebted to.

「Take care of yourself, alright?」

「Be well!」

「Write to us after you’ve settled down over there, okay…?」

「Obaa-chan, thank you.」

「Yes, Ojii-chan as well, stay healthy.」

「I’ll definitely write a letter!」

I replied to each and every one of them carefully.

Gradually, Obaa-chan got smaller and smaller.

I continued staring in her direction until she could no longer be seen.

I thought I’ve become strong.

But, right now I still felt extremely lonely.

Sun, I sniffed.

I can’t be weak.

I am a…mother after all.


I felt something moving in my belly.

「….Eh? That just now….」


「My baby? My baby moved…」

I placed my hand on my stomach.

Gorogoro, gorogoro, moving in my stomach is my child…

「Come to think of it, she did say it was about time for my child to move. That’s why she told me to speak to my child more.」

My tears that should have stopped, started flowing again.

I am no longer alone.

I truly felt so as I said it this time….

I took in a deep breath.

I composed a poem containing my feelings.

Towards my dearest.

Just one person, my family….



Anata ga ireba kitto watashi wa waratte irareru

Kakimushiru you na boukyou mo urei kanashimu koto wa nai

Dakara itoshigo yo

Hayaku hayaku okikunaare

Dare yori mo dare yori mo itooshii anata

Ude wo ippai ni hirogete dakishimeru kurunde agetai


Anata ga watashi wo hitsuyou to shinakunaru sono hi made

Watashi ga anata wo mamorukara….

(TL note: translation at bottom)



3 days later, I didn’t get seasick and was healthy, and gained a poem creation ability of grade one.

「We’ve arrived!!」

At Mir… not, I arrived at Aphaze port city, the stop before Mir.





Ria-chan’s super status

Strength: E (Can’t carry anything heavier than a backpack and her suitcase.)
Magic: S (Cheat-level, but she herself doesn’t know she can use it, so it’s the same as not having it.)
Stamina: E (Muscles ache from running 100m)
Intelligence: C (Can be boosted with her knowledge from the previous world)
Agility: E (Due to her being pregnant)
Luck: A (Received a bonus for escaping from the loli pedo King)

Battle strength: E (Loses to a cat)
Magic battle strength: –
Battle command: E
Strategy: E
Diplomacy: E
Cooking: C
Cleaning: C
Washing: C
Child-raising: D
Embroidery: A
Fake smile: S
Bed Technique: D
Negotiation skills: B (salaryman)
Job-hunting: E (appearance of a young girl)



S: Incredible
A: Good
B: Not bad
C: Average
D: Bad
E: Shit


Ria-chan nickname chart:

Former chuunibyou
Used goods



(Poem TL:

I’m sure I can smile if you are here

I won’t feel homesick, grief or regret

That’s why, dear child

Quickly, swiftly grow up

I love you more than anyone else

Open your arms, let me embrace you and love you

Until the day you no longer need me

I’ll protect you…)

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