Made a mistake with the translation of the Fake Hero/ Holy Knight’s name. It should be Vintor instead of Wintergard.


Chapter 6 – I can make that declaration (part 1)
TL: Januva
Editors: Puissansa & Momielxai
First Published on Ainushi


Freedom City State, Town of Mir

Right after stepping onto the streets of Mir, she was greeted with the sight of people….crowds and crowds of them.

「Incredible. What a lively street…」

Ria muttered in amazement.

The largest city she knew was the capital of Makugaia. To her, the capital was center of the world. But, Mir would give it a run for its money….

「No, the passion, hope and determination of the people here are all things that Makugaia lack… This is where we will be living from now on.」

It was the final destination of Ria’s short but arduous journey, and where she will be spending at least the next 2 decades.

「Un, let’s do our best together, my baby.」

They will meet many people on this street. People who will eventually become the sworn friends of the Holy Mother and the Hero.

Miko Hime Serdiane
Holy Knight Vintor
Wealthy Merchant Cain Bathory
Strategy General Mimosa Winzley

Eventually, the various stars will gather upon this town – the name of which begins with freedom – and create a huge wave, basking the world in its light.

The world is us.
The light is the Hero.

The starting point of Holy Mother Ria’s story begins on this sacred ground….

Having received God’s blessing, Ria’s mission to raise the Hero to save the world begins today.


ASAHYSTERIA Publication, Holy Mother Ria’s Biography, End of Prologue





As the one known as the Far-sighted Strategy General, and feared by all foreign nations, I have 3 loved ones.

My brother, who protected me when I was young, my beloved husband, who’s 9 years younger than me and the one who showered me with love –

My best friend, my beloved elder sister and a motherly figure.


Memoirs of Mimosa Winzley




「I can’t protect you if things continue like that, so I’m going to go on a journey.」

He carried a bag on his shoulder.

He was too shabby-looking, as the son of the chief of Elder Association of Aphaze port city, .

He said that as a man, he needed to set off on a trip on his own, with only the things he had.

「Mimosa, wait for me. I’ll definitely be back in five years. So behave yourself until then, alright..?」

The only other people here to see him off, besides the little girl, were some servants who were close to him.

Even though his son was setting off on a journey, the father was not present.

….By the way, it might seem obvious, but the mother – who only cared about herself – was not around either.

Although they were both busy in their own ways, young girl knew that it was not the only reason why they were not present.

She felt really down about it, but her brother did not seem to mind it at all.

He laughed wahawaha as he tenderly patted her head.

The little girl loved it when her brother patted her like that.

She loved it.

Her beloved brother was leaving.

That was why she thought that even if it was just her alone, she would properly bid him farewell. She waved her small cute hands widely, bye-bye.

「Take care, Onii-sama.」

She did her best to smile as she saw him off.

He seemed glad, from the bottom of his heart, when he saw her smile and grinned brightly.

「See you.」

He departed in high spirits for the carriage headed for Mir.

The carriage set off.

Along with the dreams of the young man….

And leaving behind his little sister, who began crying the moment his eyes left her…




When I first reached Aphaze, I headed for the carriage-stop to take a look at the schedule for the carriage.

I wonder when will the carriage for Mir depart~

I murmured in a soft voice and slowly walked on solid ground for the first time in 3 days.

「The sea~ the sea~ the blue sea~♪

The sunset~ completely red~♪

B~ut the herons gather~ ♪」

Having completely forgotten about how the seabreeze had made me vomit in the past, I hummed a mysterious melody merrily.

Since I’ll be leaving this place soon, I didn’t mind the warm gazes I was receiving from the passer-bys.

Once over the border, one may do anything*!

(TL note: japanese idiom 旅の恥はかき捨て)

After all, if I sing with joy, my baby will roll about with joy too.

I can’t stop. On the contrary, I ought to sing more.

My first mission as a mother.

☆Singing for my child☆

I got engrossed in singing.

「Hanyo- ☆ hanyo- ☆ hanya~n ♪」

It’s definitely not because I enjoy singing shamelessly in a way befitting my age.

Even though I’m also swinging my luggage in high spirits, it’s definitely all for the sake of my baby.

Pokon pokon guruguru gororo

See, my baby is in high spirits as well.




When I reached the 4th improvised song, I finally arrived at the carriage-stop that’s about 10 minutes walk away from the harbour.

I immediately looked for the time of departure of the carriage for Mir, but….

Isn’t it about to leave!?

The next carriage would only come on the next day, so if I want to save on the lodging fees here, I’ll have to catch this carriage.

I began running towards the carriage, with my high spirits earlier all but gone.

But since I’m pregnant, it’s hard.

Instead of running, it was more like brisk walking?

Even so, I did my best to get onto the carriage as quickly as I could.

「Hafu-, fuha-, hiha-」

Out of breath and desperate.

Singing Hanyo-☆ Hanyo-☆ earlier seemed like a lie.

When I finally reached the stop and thought I could make it in time…. The carriage had already left.

The carriage moved off before my eyes, pulled by a monitor lizard-san that is referred to as an Earth Dragon.

A little girl – probably an ojou-san of a rich family – of around 8~9 years old was watching the carriage depart, with tears in her eyes.

I assumed that she was an ojou-san because there were adults around her who seemed to be her servants, and they were dressed in pretty expensive-looking western clothes.

Above all else, her chestnut-coloured hair was well maintained and styled in an adorable 『ojou-sama cut』.

Well, she’s probably not from a family of nobility like me, but the daughter of a merchant….or something like that.

In any case, it had nothing to do with me.

That’s why I should head back and look for place to stay for the night….

Or so I thought, but for some reason, I started moving towards the girl.


Hiikku- hiikku-, as she cried, she called out for her onii-sama….

Aah- it can’t be helped.

Maybe it’s because I’m pregnant, but I’m troubled that somehow my maternal instincts was strengthened.

….or should I say, my paternal instincts?

Well, whatever it is, I would still prefer not to be involved in anything troublesome, though.

That somehow sounded like something a tsundere would say.

I pushed my way through the crowd of adults around the girl and stood before her.

She raised her head, exposing her face that was sloppy with tears.


While continuing to cry, she looked at me with a face of bewilderment.

「What’s wrong? Why are you crying?」

「Onii-sama, left….」

Onii-『sama』 huh…

Seems like my guess was slightly off the mark. She wasn’t just any merchant’s daughter, she’s most likely the Ojou-sama of an influential merchant group.

When it comes to Freedom City State, influential merchants are like mayors.

Putting it in terms used by other countries like Makugaia, they are like feudal lords…. Or rather, nobles.

The most influential merchant of the Elder Association – a gathering of influential merchants – would be the representative of the particular town.

This little girl’s family is probably a part of the Elder Association, at the very least.

It’s not normal to use “-sama” on your siblings after all.

Although I do it too, but that’s because I’m a member of nobility.

「I actually didn’t want him to go….」

「So that’s why you’re crying?」


She nodded vigorously and sniffed loudly. Biting down on her lips, she grimaced as she desperately tried to stop crying.

The sight of this praiseworthy little girl doing her best made my heart go kyun.

I was so moved that I unconsciously stretched out my hand and tenderly patted her head.

「Good girl, good girl, good girl…」

She gradually stopped crying, and perhaps because the patting was comfortable, she looked up at me absentmindedly.

That said, her face was still moist with tears, so I stopped patting her and retrieved my handkerchief from my pocket to wipe her tears.

She started pouting when I did, and tried to get me to continue patting her without verbally expressing it.

I suppressed the urge to make a wry smile and smiled kindly instead, returning my handkerchief to my pocket and started patting her once more.

「Un, Mimosa, is a good girl…」

So she’s Mimosa-chan, huh.

Isn’t that the name of a flower?

It’s so much better than my hard-to-pronounce name which has an unclear origin!

Shit -☆

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