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Cheng Anya’s Warped Education (Second Edit)

Ning Ning divided the fruits, vegetables, and meat into neat rows. Washing a pot and plugging in the rice cooker, he smiled gracefully and winked as he earnestly said, “Who said I picked up some money? Our school’s female students gave me these.”

“What did you do to get others to give you so much stuff?”

*faints* Son, are you copying your father? Geez, you’ve already completely mastered this trait of being fickle in love! Don’t tell me that this can also be hereditary?

Still, wasn’t it said that flashy and enticing people were raised like that from childhood?

“I don’t get it either!” Ning Ning said extremely innocently, “They all said my smile was very charming and brought me things to show their desire to pursue me.”

Kids these days, isn’t this first awakening to love too early?

“Didn’t I tell you not to smile so carelessly? I’m waiting for the day when we can’t make a living anymore. I was going to use your smile to rake in some profit.”

Ning Ning: “. . . .”

“Moreover, your smile is only worth this much. Isn’t that too cheap?” Cheng Anya tilted her head as she thought. Suddenly, her eyes brightened, “It’s only worth it if you get a blank check, got it?”

“And if the check bounced?”

“Wouldn’t you figure out the details first?”

Ning Ning tilted his head and seriously reflected on it before nodding, “Makes sense, next time, I will practice.”

“Such a good child!” Cheng Anya calmly and collectedly stroked his head, unaware that she was destroying the country’s flowers.

(Author’s Note: I must say that this mother and child pair really are too twisted.)

“Ning Ning, Mommy wants to ask you a question. That. . . .” Cheng Anya’s face warmed up a bit as she approached her son and hugged her son’s tiny body as she asked, “Aren’t you even a little curious about your father?”

Ning Ning’s beautiful face was all smiles, “Mommy, didn’t you say my daddy died? You even said that the grass on the burial mound was even taller than I was.”

On a faraway hilltop villa, the coldly and detachedly eating Ye Sanshao suddenly sneezed.

Cheng Anya: “. . . .”

Ever since Ning Ning began to understand things, he had only asked about his lack of a father once.

At the time, Ning Ning had been three years old and was attending preschool in the UK. In the class, there was one kid who lived next door and frequently cursed Ning Ning in school, saying he was a feral child without a father.

One time he and Ning Ning fought and Ning Ning lost. With a large bruise on his arm, he had run home crying to ask Cheng Anya, “Why doesn’t Ning Ning have a father?”

That time, Cheng Anya felt as if a knife was being twisted in her heart.


Today there will still be a third edit, (*^__^*) heehee. . . .

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