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Cheng Anya’s Warped Education 2 (3rd Edit)

In this lifetime, Ning Ning was her best gift.

He was the apple of her eye, and Cheng Anya wouldn’t let anyone injure a single hair on his head. Even so, the one who injured him the deepest was herself.

She clearly remembered Ning Ning’s gaze had contained a hint of blame when he questioned her.

He was a child genius whose IQ had been above ordinary childrens’ from the beginning. Even so, when he was three years old, he was still too young in the end and was just a bit more sensitive than other children.

Mislead by other children, he believed that his lack of a father was his mother’s fault, so it was hard for him not to blame her in his heart.

At that time, Cheng Anya only told him that his father had died. She even fabricated a melodramatic tale of the separation of a father and mother who loved each other. As the sad melodramatic play went, the groom had been hit by a car and the wife had raised their child alone out of love.

From then on, Ning Ning no longer asked about his father.

Those years that Cheng Anya carried her child alone had been very exhausting. She had studied and worked outside of class in order to make enough money to pay for both her tuition and for Ning Ning’s powdered milk.

The UK was a ruthless place. In London, her expenses were frighteningly large. The hardest time for her was when she had rested for less than 4 hours a day on average for an entire year.

After Ning Ning grew up, he also considerately understood Cheng Anya’s exhaustion. As the years went by, this child’s IQ increased, and his formidable temperament would also make people speechless.

The topic of a single parent and child was no longer able to injure him as both mother and child simply overlooked the absence of a man in their lives by default.

Now, suddenly mentioning the topic of the father that they had overlooked for several years, Cheng Anya felt somewhat awkward. This lie had been too excessive. If she had known earlier, at the time, she would have just told Ning Ning that his father had gone to Mars.

At least then, he could still come back.

Now, she didn’t know if there was still time to say that he had resurrected.

Cheng Anya actually didn’t want Ye Sanshao to know of Ning Ning’s existence, but she also didn’t want to deceive Ning Ning.

Fuck, she didn’t know what to do.

“Yes.” Ning Ning was extremely unperturbed

Cheng Anya was silent as Ning Ning continued, “on TV.”

Pervert Ye, I’ll put off the discussion until the day that you meet my son, since I unexpectedly messed up this question.

“Forget it, I won’t talk about it. Baby, next time, let those female classmates chasing after you know that you like eating chocolate.” Cheng Anya tore the delicate packaging paper and threw the chocolate into her mouth.


The son is filial to the mother as is right and proper.

“Got it, Mommy. I’ll take care of it and hint at what you like to eat without budging.” Ning Ning shook his head with a smile.

He was fond of this kind of Mommy: a miser, two-faced, and sometimes a bit silly.


Ning Ning’s eye twitched, “. . . Mommy, have you ever seen someone confess to a schoolboy with durian?”

“It’s because you should practice! Student Deng Xiaoping once said, actual practice is the sole criterion for judging truth.”

“I see!” With great momentum, Ning Ning wasn’t startled and continued to challenge the terrain, turning to kiss her face and beaming as he said, “Mommy, sometimes you really aren’t an ordinary fool.”

After you made this sort of request, I feel at ease. Since you’re my mommy, I also won’t ignore your superior and refined askant look, Cheng Anya.

* (Author’s Note)

Third edit (^o^)/~

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